Top 10 Worst Non Disney Animated Movies of the 90s


The Top Ten

1 The Magic Voyage

A horrible movie made by Germans that barely has anything to do with Christopher Columbus just watch Nostalgia Critic's review on it. - egnomac

This looks like a ripoff of Peter Pan...
...with one of the most generic titles. - mattstat716

2 Bebe's Kids

A painfully unfunny movie when not even the trailer is unable to convince you its good you know its bad, "Its animation! " and that it. - egnomac

You know how boxart and a title can tell you EVERYTHING about a movie most of the time?

Yeah, I can clearly see this is a terrible movie... - mattstat716

3 A Troll in Central Park
4 Quest for Camelot

Nothing memorable about this movie. - egnomac

Wow, I guess egnomac was right; I don't remember ANYTHING about this movie... I know I watched it, though. - mattstat716

5 The Secret of NIMH 2 - Timmy to the Rescue

A horrible sequel to an amazing movie a movie sequel so bad not even Don Bluth did not support this movie, the entire movie is centered on Timmy the kid who sick in the first movie and sadly his mother Mrs. Brisby's accomplishments are completely ignored in this one and nearly all the musical numbers are insufferable about the only good moment is when Timmy's brother Martin is revealed to be a villain who has taken over NIMH and he's voiced by Eric Idle. - egnomac

6 Once Upon A Forest

This movie sucks my stupid teacher put this on at class why can't we watch the Jimmy neutron movie or zootopia

7 We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

Boring and bland and way too short the only really good part is the scenes with Dr. Screweye. - egnomac

8 Cool World

I personally liked this movie but even I have to admit that the entire movie felt like nothing but filler and the animation and live action looks really terrible and to think if the executives hadn't decided to get involved and just let Ralph Bakshi do the movie in his vision then we might have had a better movie. - egnomac

9 Tom and Jerry: The Movie

How do you ruin Tom and Jerry by making them work together and help an orphan girl escape her greedy guardian and worst of all have them talk with voice actors that just don't match their characters. - egnomac

10 Jetsons: The Movie

Pretty meh in my opinion. - egnomac

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