Worst Non-SNES and GBA Mario Kart Tracks

When talking about the worst Mario Kart tracks Super Mario Kart and Super Circuit’s tracks first come to mind. While they aren’t the best there’s a few bad tracks in the other games as well. here’s the worst tracks from the rest of the series. Keep in mind that some of these stages aren’t that bad but could’ve been better

The Top Ten

1 DS Figure 8 Circuit

I have to say I don't think it's that bad, as bland as it is, the blandness makes this track a bit unique as it's the only race track that can be found in real life, and you have an chance here to practise your snaking - darthvadern

Underrated alpha male track, puts tryhard garbage like Peach Gardens and DK Pass to shame - Puga

Ugh this stage has to be the worst in the series! It’s just a figure 8 with no boosts or enemies or anything. Just a normal figure 8 as if that’s not already in other racing games - Randomator

2 DS Yoshi Falls

It's a nice track in my opinion, not amazing, but not bad - darthvadern

Man this stage sucks! It’s short and there’s not much to it aside from a few boosts and the waterfalls making it pretty bland. - Randomator

3 Wii Luigi Circuit

Has got to be one of the worst tracks of all time, at least DS Figure-8 Circuit has one unique thing about it; it's the only race track to gbe found in real life, what does this track have? - darthvadern

*yawn* this stage really doesn’t have anything outside of a few boost pads near the end. What a boring way to start Mario Kart Wii. At least the visuals are okay - Randomator

4 N64 Sherbert Land

First the ice is not fun to race on and this stage has 80-90% ice. Second those damn Penguins are so obnoxious. And if you fall expect to drop way behind in the race. This was easily my least favorite track in the game - Randomator

The original, is so annoying, barely anything stands out, at least the Wii remake is the first track I ever played on, but the original is not that good. At least the music is among the best in the game - darthvadern

5 DS Desert Hills

I have to dissagree, the musicwas really peaceful and the track itself is nice, yes it's a bit bland but the angry sun in the background gives somewhat of a challenge - darthvadern

This stage is a lot like Yoshi Falls in that the stage is short and pretty bland. While it’s better than Yoshi falls it’s still not great. The only things it has are wigglers fireballs and a few curves near the end. But it’s just not enough - Randomator

6 GCN Sherbert Land

This stage is another one that has annoying ice physics that kinda ruin the stage. Thankfully the Mario Kart 8 remake was way better - Randomator

Worst track in Mario Kart: Double Dash! - darthvadern

7 3DS Toad Circuit

*yawn* Another boring starter stage. Next - Randomator

It's decent, at least the glider section is pretty cool - darthvadern

Everything in MK7 sucks

8 Mario Kart Stadium

Mario Kart 8 has some pretty crazy tracks but this is still your average starter course. It should have shown off the anti gravity more - Randomator

Eh no, this was an amazing track, but I respect your opinion - darthvadern

9 GCN Mario Circuit

That bump section at the end - darthvadern

It’s your average Mario Circuit but what earns it a spot on this list is the end section where you have a bunch of bumps. That section is so annoying - Randomator

10 DS Mario Circuit

I think it's the second best Mario Circuit (3DS Mario Circuit is my favourite) - darthvadern

While it’s mediocre it could have been better. There’s really nothing going on - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Rosalina's Ice World

Everyone hated this crappy map based on a terrible character

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