Worst NPCS In Skyrim

These are the NPCs that are most hated and least wanted in Skyrim. These also include the most annoying NPCs.

The Top Ten

1 Cicero
2 Heimskr Heimskr

Cicero is awesome! Heimskr, Nazeem and Grelod the Kind are the worst!

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3 Grelod the Kind

Glad you get to kill her in the first DBH quest

4 Braith

" Why are you looking at?! " That is the words of a very spoiled and hated daughter of Nazeem. Actually when I killed Nazeem she sent hired thugs after me!

5 Galmar Stone-Fist
6 Ancano
7 Thalmor Ambassador
8 Nepos the Nose
9 Imperial Legion Soldier at Helgen

This is the one who sentences you to your execution. - aldwych94

10 Nazeem Nazeem

Do you want kill nazeem very often oh what am I saying of course you do

Him and his daughter Braith are horrible!

"Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't."

The Contenders

11 Ulfric Stormcloak

I'm the true high King. No, your not. Ulfric is the worst because if he wins/won the war, skyrim would be slaughtered by the thalmor. The empire actually said you can worship talos Secretly. They are also gaining power to GET RID OF THE THALMOR. "we want our nord way of life back! " what the hell are you talking about? Literally nothing changed! He is also racist. VERY Racist. So any true sons and daughters of skyrim, tell them to not join ulfric as he is wrong.

12 Skald the Elder
13 Jaree-Ra

Why is he essential

14 Astrid
15 Olfina Gray-Mane
16 General Tullius
17 Maven Black-Briar
18 Tolfdir
19 Lydia

uh, excuse me? I'm giving you DAEDRIC Armour, and your talking like that? Fine, die for all I care.

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