Worst Numbers from 0 to 1000

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1 666

Nah this is the best number - bobbythebrony

The 666 Joke is Not Funny - ChroniclerMan5

This lust is just obscure - Cheese567

''The number of the beast! '' - htoutlaws2012

2 542
3 544
4 pi

Technically it is below 1000 because it's 3 with an infinite amount of decimal - AnonymousChick

In other words 3.14 the infamous Pi Day number. - htoutlaws2012

Most unique no. One of my friend can recite upto 38 places after the decimal place digit. It's so cool. - LordofL

5 418
6 880
7 911

When someone breaks into your home and you live america

The most disturbing number ever.

''His limp wang ain't got any pulse, call 911! '' - htoutlaws2012

8 13

A prime number, and leads to curses of some kind who knows you may have one now. (Friday the 13th) - htoutlaws2012

This is one of the worst numbers to deal with in solving for prime numbers!

Don't you think that an unlucky makes you unhappy please agree

9 999
10 12

It's the number of the DOOM rather than the 'number of perfection'. This number gets me something really bad.

I really hate this number. 12 is the biggest thing that will happen something really horrible things on the entire world and this number always treated me something worse. In my opinion, 12 is the most evil, cruel, and unluckiest number that destroys something than any other number.

I do not get the 12 hate, I really don't. - htoutlaws2012

My birthday is August 12TH. - TheRedstoneWiz

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11 333
12 444
13 99
14 66
15 133
16 0

This isn't in between 1 & 1000. - PianoQueen

''Zero the Hero! Just like that.'' - htoutlaws2012

0,is how every starts
But it's not in 1000~1 - SamuiNeko

Zero...the origin of everything. Everything in world was originated from zero. How can anyone hate this no. and the significance it carries. - LordofL

17 719

Although this prime number isn't boring, it is never a number I would base my measurements in.

A prime measurement boring indeed. - htoutlaws2012

18 69

An attractive irresistible number not to ignore, need proof. ''69 hahaaha! '' - Billy Madison. - htoutlaws2012


It's the cancer sign! Of course,if you read it in another way,hehe. - SamuiNeko

19 701
20 990
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