Worst Object Contestants of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Trophy - II

Here's a question, if blackmailing and other crap are bad and leads to bad stuff THEN WHY THE HECK DO PEOPLE STILL DO IT!?

2 Puffball - Battle for Dream Island Again

Good object gone bad

She was good until 5e happend - MinusTop10

3 Woody - Battle for Dream Island
4 Pear - Brawl of the Objects
5 Marshmallow - II

She cheats. Can I say more honestly?

She is so overrated!

6 Donut - Battle for Dream Island Again
7 Flower - Battle for Dream Island

Shes is selfish. What else

So self centered, inconsiderate, SHE IS THE WORST OBJECT OF ALL TIME!

8 Scissor - Brawl of the Objects
9 Jigsaw - Object Mayhem

Jigsaw is one of the best, not worst.

Meh, I like him but yet I think he's a bit annoying and trying to hog attension.

10 Toast - Object Mayhem


The Contenders

11 Match - Battle for Dream Island

Flower is a nice character and was very developed near the end of BFDI. Match? She was just rude and very very selfish.

12 Paintbrush - Inanimate Insanity
13 Tune - Object Mayhem
14 Gun - Object Mayhem

Pretty much the dumbest object ever. I you want revenge so badly, then why don't you shoot them yourself. YOUR A GUN AREN'T YOU!?

I love to shoot my friend burito

15 Dora - Battle for Dream Island Again
16 Burrito - Object Mayhem

Bigass jerk

17 Lighter - Object Overload
18 Candy Cane - Challenge to Win
19 Candy - Object Overload
20 Toilet Paper - The Strive For The Million
21 Pencil - Battle for BFDI
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