Top 10 Worst Object Overload Contestants

For those who do NOT know what that is, it is an object show made by YouTuber, xanyleaves, with thirty-one contestants competing for a million dollars with Gamey as the host. There are five episodes existing and three contestants have been eliminated. Unfortunately, it might get canceled.

The Top Ten

1 Lighter

Lighter Crayon and Candy are very MEAN! Lighter deserves 1 for being worse than Crayon and Candy, Crayon deserves 2 for being worse than Candy, Plus Candy is supposed TO BE HIGHER! Like number 3.

My #1 least favorite object show character of all time in all object shows, with my #2 with the Lighter from Object Havoc.

Lighter is the meanest contestant I ever have seen. He treats everyone like garbage and couldn't careless about anybody

Lighter is not as bad as gun, not even close. - TASMSpasm

2 Crayon

First: Mean To Melony
Second: Gossipy
Third: Still Doesn’t have a personality after the Reboot
Fourth: But Soccer Ball Does.

What how.. I-I can’t e-e-explain w-why crayon is the best

She should've been eliminated in Episode 4 not Top Hat - FanOfTheOilers

Crayon sucks he's mean to everyone

3 Cherries (Object Overload)

Each cherry fights with the other. No where near the best.

4 Tissue

A lonely person who lost his friends for an unknown reason.

5 Pearly

Very boring I can't stand her all she does is lazy around

She a girl girls have cooties

Very underdeveloped; not even visually pleasing.

Girls don t have cooties so shut up

6 Locky

She was the reason why they lost episode 3, and yet everyone votes off top hat.

Let me get this strait. Actually I hate locky in general! Kinda creepy too and a worse artist that top hat! Funny but I vote this

Locky is stupid and she thinks she is so cool

Locky is generally a weird contestant.

7 Toothy

He likes to think he's the coolest, strongest, smartest, etc. What a showoff.

8 Soccer Ball

He's Always Scared Of Boxing Glove!

I like soccer ball please put him in 1st place

9 Candy

Why is Candy, not number 1? Or in the top 3? She is the worst! Lighter COULD be enjoyable, and sometimes he can. But Candy is absolutely atrocious, awful and all around bad.

Candy is way to mean to globe that is why she should come of the show.

Candy has been insulting Globe ever since he never noticed the change in her stripes.

Candy is the numbskull, not globe

10 Clock

He is such a crybaby and he is mean

He is such a Whiny Meanie Baby

A very smart loudmouth.

The Contenders

11 Dusty

A dim witted contestant. Can easily be killed.

Dusty's hygiene is stupid but he is a good character

I hate his and flyswats new voices

12 Ping Pong Ball

He isn't the most useful contestant.

13 Tiki
14 Kite

What an "useful" Mary sue.

15 Disc

Deserved to be eliminated over Boxing Glove

16 Top Hat

Top Hat is way too formal for the competition.

Top Hat is awesome.

17 Picture

She can't talk, but still one of my favorite silent contestants, to be honest.

She's gotten less screen-time than MARBLE AND PEARLY!

Picture is mute plus not enough development

Picture is very good for a silent character.Plus,she defeated Lighter!

18 Boxing Glove

Boxing glove is a nice guy who was just trying to win.

BG is awesome!

19 Pumpkin

He's in the new episode of OO

20 Gamey

I think this one sounds cool

Sounds awesome


21 Boombox
22 Marble
23 Television

He was mean to dusty in episode 6

24 Iron

Eh its ok but it dosnt matter

He's undestructeble
and not armless
and he's a boy he's has a girlfriend named kim litzy

25 Casey
26 Melony
27 Popcorn

Popcorns are useful insantaficant loser

28 Basketball
29 Snowglobe
30 Coney
31 Paper Airplane
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