Top Ten Worst Object Shows


The Top Ten

1 Shape World
2 Object Terror

When I put this item on the list, I only meant the first two versions. The new one is alright but the characters could use some improvement.

What's wrong with Object Terror? - LegoboynjAnimations


3 Battle for Isle Sleep
4 The Object Show of Doom
5 Battle for GoAnimate Island

I mean, it's GoAnimate. Nothing good comes out of that crud. - CloudInvasion

Goanimate! isn't for usage of animating objects - HunterBoy

6 World of the Objects
7 Object Planet
8 Gamer World
9 The Object Show (Goanimate)
10 Battle for a Wish

The Contenders

11 Object Oppose

That host from episodes 1-5 was HORRIFYING.
Also, stole body assets from BFDI and II and slightly changed them.

12 Objects at War
13 Battle for Object Kingdom
14 Random Object Battle Royale
15 Thingy War

What kind of name for an Object Show is that?

16 Object Universe

I actually found this series to be deeply confusing and kind of boring. Not the worst, but there's been way better. - CloudInvasion


17 Shape Battle
18 Inanimations
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1. Battle for GoAnimate Island
2. Shape World
3. The Object Show of Doom
1. Shape World
2. Object Terror
3. Battle for Isle Sleep


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