Top Ten Worst and Most Offensive Things that Pokemon Anime Shippers Have Said

I've been seeing some pretty bad comments about shipping lately. I figured that listing some quotes could help explain why I despise certain shipping fandoms.

DISCLAIMER: Please take note that I am not bashing the shippings themselves, I'm just expressing my distaste for some of the more rabid shippers in the Pokemon Anime community. This is definitely not meant to be an offensive list, and I actually like quite a few of the shippings that are included on this list. Also, please take note that I am not bashing EVERYBODY who is a part of these shipping fandoms. I perfectly understand that not EVERYBODY in these fandoms are very bad, rabid shippers. I myself am a part of quite a few of these shipping fandoms, and I am not trying to insult people merely for being a part of these ships. I'm just expressing my personal distaste for a few quotes. Even though I despise certain shipping fandoms, I don't despise EVERYBODY in those fandoms, just the ones who I personally believe to be rude.

PS: If you have a quote that you believe deserves to be here, please add it to this list. But please understand that this list is NOT meant to be offensive towards all people who ship pokemon characters. Hopefully, this can help out in spreading awareness of rabid shipping wars that need to stop.

The Top Ten

1 "People who ship Negaishipping have down syndrome" -Amourshippers

Also this is the most offensive quote on this list. Disability should not be used as an insult, ever. Being disabled doesn't make you a horrible person. - Rue

Yup amourshippers on youtube were saying people who like negaishipping had to be retarded because it isn't canon. But honestly, canon doesn't mean anything. Shipping mean you like the IDEA of two people getting together. And let's be honest, Ash and Iris had way better chemistry than Serena and Ash who treated each other awkwardly. The creators were trying hard to make the moments super shippy and sparkly, but without proper friendship it seemed very unnatural and awkward to watch. Plus we all know amourshipping is added to bait more people into watching the anime. More people watching = more money. I don'y care though. I still prefer negai over amour and canon can't change that.

At least Negaishipping has believable substance and isn't forced like Amourshipping. - Rue

Who exactly said that? - phantomblock

2 "Anybody who doesn't support Pokeshipping deserves to be shot" -Pokeshippers

Somebody said this as a comment on an Advanceshipping Fanfiction. - HeavyDonkeyKong

3 "Screw Dawn she's ugly." -Pokeshippers

And these are coming from fans who thought Misty's skimpy outfit was a great idea. - Mehguy2000

Let's take a look at a list of "ugly" characters, that people love.

Jabba The Hut

Darth Vader



Donkey Kong

King Kong

Godzilla - HeavyDonkeyKong

4 "The Pokemon Anime went down after Misty left." -Pokeshipping

I rewatched the older seasons and honestly they aren't as good as people make them out to be and Misty sure as hell didn't redeem it. (No offense but I'm glad she's not in the 20th movie) - Rue

No it got better. - Mehguy2000

But they're right

Well its true. - egnomac

5 "If Amourshipping becomes Canon, we can finally get people to stop supporting the other ships. Because it makes no sense to ship people with a married man." -Amourshippers

These people clearly don't even know what shipping even means. Shipping means to JUST LIKE THE IDEA of two people being together. Would you people be saying the same thing if Ash and Iris, the most overly hated shipping of all time, got together and became canon? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Ash is 10 how can he be married? - Rue

6 "May can't be with Ash because she is dating Drew." -Contestshippers

AshXDrew confirmed.
Besides May went with Harley.

First of all, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not think that this was ever confirmed before. Second of all, once again, shipping is liking the idea of two characters being together. If May really is dating Drew, I'm not saying that the fact that I love Advanceshipping a lot means that I want her to cheat on Drew with Ash. I'm just saying that I would prefer for her to be with Ash. - HeavyDonkeyKong

It's heavily implied that Contestshipping is 2 sided but there wasn't a clear confirmation that it's canon. - Rue

7 "Ash is dating Serena." -Amourshippers

They went on one little "date" and that was it. This is also not the first time that Ash has been alone with a girl, and he's had interactions with other girls that were much more date-like. Such as dancing with Misty. In other words, this is just more even lies and bait from the more rabid Amourshippers who are trying to make Amourshipping seem far more canon than it actually is. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Also Iris had more of a date than Serena. Ash didn't ditch Iris. - Rue

Just because of Serena's one sided romantic feelings for Ash is a thing doesn't mean they are dating. - Rue

8 "OMG Serena is blushing! AMOURSHIPPING!!" -Amourshippers

Me when I was 12 - phantomblock

Is this supposed to be news or something? It happens all the time. You don't have to freak out with joy every time Serena blushes around him. We all know that she has a crush on Ash, so her blushing isn't really confirming anything. All that it really confirms is that the crush didn't just randomly go away. - HeavyDonkeyKong

She's always blushing at the smallest things Ash does. To the point it's kinda annoying. - Rue

9 "ASH KISSED SERENA!!" -Amourshippers

Pfff, he was clearly backing away from Serena when she forced herself onto him. Serena kissed him, he didn't kiss back. - Rue

SERENA KISSED ASH. Big difference. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Ash never kissed her back. - egnomac

10 "Ash saved May so he should be with May" --Advanceshippers

Ash saves a lot of people.
A lot of people saved Ash.
May saved Drew from drowning, Drew saved May from team rocket in the SAME episode. He also saved May's friends from Harley and team-rocket trap. Protects her from Harely.

Misty saved Ash from drowning.
Ash saved Serena from a cliff.

A lot of characters save one another in the anime.

Your point?

Also I fail to see the claim of Ash with May for saving her because May never saved Ash's life like some other people did. So your argument is kinda one sided and flawed.

So by this logic Ash should be with Misty ONLY because she has saved her life twice. Not May.
On a second note, both Ash and Drew aren't romantically interested in May. They have better goals in mind than romancing a wimp, who always needs someone to save her ass.
May goes well with Harley.

A lot of characters save other characters but they don't end up.
Ash is not romantically interested in anyone. But the same can't be said about other children because not everyone is a dummy like Ash.

Also isn't Ash himself got saved by a lot of people. Why aren't these mentioned. Why it's only Ash who gets the praise for saving someone when he himself is saved by others. But those 'others' never got the mentioned.

Yes I have seen this Overrated quote overused by advanceshippers all the time and me as a advanceshipper also annoyed by it. I have better reasons to ship what I ship and not because of this quote

The Contenders

11 "Pearlshipping sucks" - Armourshippers

Actually most of the Amourshippers are also or used to be Pearlshippers. - phantomblock

12 "Pikachu will never date Togedemaru because she's fat." - Lagomorphshippers

Pikachu is fat as well, at least 20 years ago. - phantomblock

Why would someone be mean to the cute little round electric rodent - Rue

Togedemaru is not fat! - HeavyDonkeyKong

13 "Whoever put this #1 is an idiot because ash has showed affection towards her more than any other pokegirl and even asked her to come with him at beginning of anime and before she left for hoenn" - Amourshippers

Ash is actually oblivious towards Serena. - phantomblock

1. Iris was the first companion to be asked by Ash to join him, not Serena. 2. Serena has the weakest relationship with Ash as she didn't interact with him as much as the other companions. Ash even ditched her on their so called "date". He also ditched her during her poke video when she dressed up as Fenniken. It's hard for Ash to show affection to her if they don't interact and every so called "hint" that Amourshipping would be canon is cherry picking at best. (Seriously, amourshippers think Ash and Serena fist bumping was romantic.) - Rue

14 "Haters...Watch episode 47 of xyz... they canonized it. SERENA KISSES HIM ON THE LIPS." - Amourshippers

Getting kissed doesn't mean a ship is canon like what logic is that? If someone came up to you, invaded your personal space to the point of sexual assault (Not saying Serena sexual assaulted Ash) to kiss you, do you date them? NO. Please stop being so obnoxious. - Rue

15 Ash and Dawn are the only true couple. All the other girls are just trash - Pearlshippers

This is why I don't watch Pokémon.

16 "Misty will twerk IN ASH'S FACE!" - Pokeshippers
17 Pearlshipping TV sucks. - Armourshippers and Pokeshippers
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