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1 Caillou gets assaulted for being grounded

This video is terrible. It's about Caillou getting assaulted just for knowing that he's grounded! Like, what?! His punishments include getting poop put in his mouth and his dad eats his teeth. - izackak

2 Caillou's 2nd Punnishment Day

This video starts with Caillou getting sent to the oddce for answering the math question RIGHT. That doesn't even make sense! Then, Caillou goes to the principal's office only to see his mom as the principal! (Yeah, this doesn't make sense.) Next, his mom expels him foe suff he did in the past(which is double jeopardy.) So then she assaults him and sends him to jail. All this just for knowing the square root of 64. - izackak

3 Little Bill gets assaulted

Just for making a grounded video out of OfficerPoop247, Little Bill gets hie eye cut out, his teeth pulled out, and sent to space, where he dies. - izackak

4 Paul rants on grounded videos and gets grounded

I don't even need to explain myself - izackak

5 Caillou stops an atom bomb/grounded

Are you kidding me?! Caillou saves his WHOLE CITY from an atom bomb, and guess what happens? His parents throw a wasp's nest at him! - izackak

6 Caillou smashes Rosie/grounded

This video starts with Caillou mad that Rosie stole his PS Vita because she always wanted to play video games. First off, Caillou's only four years old. Most PS Vita games are for teenagers. Second, Rosie's only two years old. What two year old dreams of playing video games? Caillou decides to get revenge by "smashing her to the ground" instead of just taking it back. Caillou goes to Rosie's room where sh'es playing with dolls(instead of you know, with the stolen PS Vita) picks her up and drops her two feet off the ground, which causes her to slightly chip her skull. Rosie starts screaming and calls over Boris. Right after Boris shows up, she tells him that Caillou broke her skull(somehow a two year old knows what her skull is), and DIES. Does OfficerPoop/GoThug even know how the human body works? Breaking your skull won't kill you unless it came with severe brain damage! And that won't happen from slightly chipping your skull. Her head will just bleed for a while. Then Boris punishes ...more - izackak

7 Caillou fakes sick and gets grounded

Basically what happens is Caillou gets grounded for faking sick, even though his temperature was only 70 degrees(which means hypothermia). - izackak

8 Caillou goes to Japan

The story here is Caillou asking his mom if he can go to Japan. She says no because he has school(leaving out all the other reasons he can't go such it costs over $1000 for a ticket and a few hundred dollars for a hotel.) On the bus to school, he somehow already bought tickets and decides to skip school by lying that he's going to the nurse's office. When he gets to Japan(somehow he got through immigration), he sees his dad their for some reason, and as a result, he gets taken home and grounded for seven years. Yet, he's been grounded longer for going to Chuck E Cheese's. - izackak

9 Caillou bites Rosie and gets grounded

Thus video is infuriating to watch. Caillou's dad buys Caillou a 3DS and Rosie wants to play it(I really don't understand why Rosie is desperate for video games in these videos.) Caillou tells her no, and she throws a tantrum and DESTROYS HIS 3DS! No kid would do this! So then Caillou bites Rosie as a punishment and he gets all of the punishment. what. - izackak

10 Caillou takes a shower/grounded

This one has Boris looking at his security camera and watching Caillou take a bath. Then, he gets grounded. - izackak

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1. Caillou gets assaulted for being grounded
2. Caillou's 2nd Punnishment Day
3. Little Bill gets assaulted



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