Top 10 Worst Officiated Games In NBA History

A single terrible call or a sequence of terrible calls would have changed who won the Finals, who would have went to the finals etc.

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1 Lakers vs Kings 2002 Western Conference Finals Game 6

Lakers should give back their banner for this one. Cheats!

This game proved to me that certain teams are not allowed to win the Championship and it has completely soured me to the NBA! I used to be a huge fan and I would watch every game I could, with, evidently, false hope that my team could actually win it all. This game proved that the NBA is rigged and it totally turned me off to watching or caring about it. I do think it is a CRIME to allow fans to pay outrageous prices for tickets when, in fact, their team will not be allowed to win! Just knock me over and grab my purse in a dark is no different! Legal theft and false hope!

An absolutely disgusting show and travesty that completely killed the kings chances at a title and they haven't been the same since, the reason I don't watch the NBA anymore. This game proves the NBA is rigged. 48 minutes of complete bias and the kings still almost won.

I gave up my season tickets and have not watched the NBA since. The sport is as relevant as professional wrestling.

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2 Heat vs Mavericks 2006 NBA Finals Game 5

Dwyane Wade shot 97 free throws in the first six games of the finals. In game 5 he shot 25 tying the whole Dallas team. Was the NBA trying to "create" a star? - Bronson

Probably had worse calls than Game 6 of the 2002 WCF

3 Pistons vs Lakers 1988 NBA Finals Game 7

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar missed a skyhook in the final moments of the game. However, Bill Laimbeer fouled him. How can you foul a skyhook? - Bronson

4 Bulls vs Jazz 1998 NBA Finals Game 6

People usually mention the "push off". I'm one of the best jazz fans ever and it definitely was, but what people don't look at is the calls leading up to that. Anyway, these days the Jazz are still the most un-cared about team in the league and get so many missed calls. I should also mention the Suns, nuggets and magic. Who really never get calls

Yeah he pushed Russell that should have been a offensive foul - 2storm

Michael Jordan made the winning basket, but in order to do that, he had to push Bryon Russell out of the way. - Bronson

The Bulls ran zone throughout this series. Totally illegal in the 90s. They destroyed Utah's spacing with this tactic, with the officials allowed them to get away with.

Also, game 4 of this series is a real beaut. In the last quarter the Bulls got 24 FTs -- more than Utah received the entire game.

5 Lakers vs Trail Blazers 2000 Western Conference Finals Game 7

The Lakers had a 37-16 free throw advantage in that game. (That isn't so bad) What was bad was the fact that Scottie Pippen and Arvydas Sabonis fouled out. They were guarding Shaq and Kobe. Besides Pippen averages 2 fouls a game. - Bronson

6 Celtics vs Lakers 2010 NBA Finals Game 7

That was trash reffing. We got no calls while la got everything. The gasol travel was wacky and that was just the tip of the iceberg l!

Kobe Bryant went to the free throw line 15 times. (the Celtics team went to the free throw line 17 times in all). Kobe was 6 for 24 on the court, and he got the MVP?!?! - Bronson

7 Heat vs Knicks 2012 Eastern Conference First Round Game 1

The Heat probably would have won anyways but it is true that this game had terrible officiating. However, the Heat still won by 33 points, which shows that even if the officiating in the game was fair, the Heat were still the better team.

In the first half the Heat had a 28-5 free throw advantage. That was about the number of times that LeBron James flopped in that half... - Bronson

Heat would have won anyways

8 Celtics vs Lakers 2008 NBA Finals Game 2

The Lakers shot 10 free throws, while the Celtics shot 38. Doesn't that seem a little one-sided? - Bronson

9 Pacers vs Knicks 1999 Eastern Conference Finals Game 3

There was no way Larry Johnson of the New York Knicks was fouled when he made the three. He scored the free throw to win. - Bronson

10 Suns vs Spurs Game 4 2007 WCSF

Suns always get ripped off anyways

Horrid officiating

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11 Bulls vs Knicks 1993 Eastern Conference Finals Game 5

Charles Smith of the New York Knicks was blocked four times in the last minute... or was he fouled four times. - Bronson

12 Cavaliers vs. Warriors Game 7 2016 NBA Finals

This is stupid. The officiating in game 7 was fine. The officiating in game 6 was a little bad, but, while Stephen Curry fouled out, the Warriors got away with a lot of fouls on the Cavs as well. Also, Curry fouled out because of his horrible decision making. Draymond should've been suspended. He punched Lebron in the nuts and also flopped to make it look like Lebron shoved him.

I don't know if this game was rigged or not. I think that suspending Draymond Green was rigged. - Bronson

13 Pacers vs. Knicks 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 1

Miller fouled on that inbounds play - 2storm

14 Bucks vs. 76ers 2001 Eastern Conference Finals Game 6

They wanted Iverson in the finals.

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