Community Debating Discussions #34 12' Replacement Refs, 18' Official Crew, or Eliminate Order

With another NFL season in the books time to do one of these I haven't done in a while. What's the issue you ask? Well it has to do with officiating. While 2018 was exciting season to watch there's no ignoring the fact there have been two years this decade that have had some horrible repercussions results let's compare the two and decide what would you rather have.

12' ''Sub Refs'' - in the summer of 2012 the refs and the NFL came to a meeting where they didn't agree with payment options, and therefore for the first time we see not your ordinary referees take control of an NFL game. During the season there were ten games with big blatant errors made let's go through each game that resulted in these effects.

week 1 - the new season has begun Seattle takes on rival Arizona the game was tight to the end, but during the final few minutes Doug Baldwin got hurt and had to get off the field what makes this unusual is normally when an injured player is seen down on the field a timeout is automatically used so why is it not here? Cardinals still won the game despite the weirdness towards the end, but that was a sign of bad thing to come. A tight game between Philly, and Cleveland goes down Michael Vick fumbles the football only for a absurd six minute wait to resume the Browns attempt to throw the red challenge flag, and after looking at it they rule not reviewing insert faceplam this led to Eagles coming out with the win.

Week 2 - Before the Saints and Panthers would square off we would of had sketchy officiating if it weren't for the referee for the game (Brian Stropolo) not using Facebook as an obvious bias for New Orleans than what is good eye by NFL to scout something that could of been screwy for Carolina. Denver Vs Atlanta was replay insanity in the 1st quarter chaos emerged on the scene with yes three reviews, and this led to Ray Edwards hitting a sub ref, Denver Head Coach John Fox, and Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio were fined an almost equal amount by these refs for ''verbal warning'' they have right to be angry because you guys flat out suck at calling what was right in that game.

Week 3 - This is where things got very bad half of the games had bad spots here, and a memorable moment that sadly will never be forgotten as time goes on. In the San Fran Vs Minnesota game 49ers were given two replay timeouts which makes no sense Jim Harbaugh uses both of them one went in his favor while the other had not, but regardless they lost the game luckily. In the Detroit Vs Tennessee game another tight game ruined by horrid calls, and it went for a double whammy for the Lions as both a personal foul, and a momentum switch where the Titans had enough for a Rob Bironas field goal seemed bad enough with a 15 to 27 yard gain I mean wow that's not how that should work. in the Tampa Vs Dallas game Tony Romo tried to go to Kevin Olgetree, and his one foot had apparently landed on a official's hat no seriously, and they reviewed that he stepped out of bounds despite the try Dallas manage to win by a touchdown. Well like the no pass interference call we witnessed not to long ago do you remember the blow hit Darrius Heyward Bey took to the head that was a no call I'm not kidding the sub refs are so blind not to call that? NFL knew of the deadly hit and fined Safety Ryan Mundy rather than suspension as punishment. Oakland pulled off the upset and won something Pittsburgh has struggled with one of the few teams to lose to. Now we get into the night contests Patriots take on the Ravens in what looked like a great game on paper, but going into it you had keep in mind these refs were gonna screw it up right? Well they did just that Ravens got a ridiculous amount of penalties for suppose ''unsportsmanlike conduct'' calls even John Harbaugh got penalized of all things. The crowd in Baltimore let themselves know what's up with the officiating ''BS'' chant as Al Michaels said ''never heard anything loud like that in M&T Bank Stadium'' ever that night. We get to the end of the game where Belichick wanted like a timeout called for the icing of the kicker he doesn't get his way and the Ravens end up winning in which probably wouldn't of made a difference anyway, but the repercussions was Belichick getting fined for putting his hands on that official something very uncharacteristic to do. Oh and we can't forget the infamous Monday night game everyone knows to this day Green Bay Vs Seattle the most ridiculous one of them all by far. I will give credit for Seattle defense showing up that night, but not how they won the game with a hail mary attempt to Russell Wilson throws it up, and the game is over right? Well from how I saw it It came down to Golden Tate Vs M.D. Jennings and if you ask me the corner in my eyes one that as time expires, but of course this is sub refs so in their final statement made they award the Seahawks a rather dumb ruling of touchdown... just unbelievable what I saw be that so absurd. Eventually the two sides would agree and the veterans were back to work and the season was luckily saved.

18' Veteran Officials - Skip over 6 seasons later and we have a compromise with our very own officials in 2018 i'm not kidding one bit just when you fought we could finally stray away the previous season there some calls where they weren't ruled touchdowns like Jessie James's supposed incomplete pass, and they decided to change the rules, and instead of giving the automatic touchdowns what were in for is Roughing calls, and controversy towards the end so let's take a look at the most infamous moments. You had Claw Matthews having to be ineffective since for the first few weeks he was always the one getting called on for roughing penalties this led to a change. In the Cleveland vs Oakland game, Browns had a chance to win made sure the Raiders get their first win in sketchy fashion for Jon Gruden in overtime this was just of things to come. Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh there were several moment Bucs had a chance to beat Pittsburgh, but the refs made sure Tampa would lose thanks to plenty of calls going against them, and after many attempts the defense makes a stand (whatever). Speaking Of Pittsburgh late in the season when the season is on the line there are in must win situation with New Orleans, and Both calls were against top corner Joe Haden these lead to costly touchdowns and ended the Steelers season. Philly Vs Dallas the rematch Eagles would of split the rivalry if it wasn't for a call that pushed them back Dallas Goedert could of been the hero that game, but no Cowboys end of sweeping the Eagles in Controversy, and speaking of that the game against New Orleans ironically enough had biased officiating Saints just couldn't do much with tons of calls going against them, and not to say Cowboys did earn their way to beating them somewhat although at times odd from the refs.

19' Playoffs - Skip over to the post season and there are the infamous two games that need no further to talk about the championship games both are good games, but one of which was ruined severely Let's start with Chiefs and Patriots Dee Ford jumping off sides was actually the right call that was a huge mistake, but what I fought was totally absurd was the roughing the quarterback call on Tom Brady when it was just simply a hand not that hard tap. Now onto the other championship game in all honesty Saints should have won this with 2:00 minutes to go got absolutely screwed no doubt about it. What should been called pass interference would of ended the game, but instead the refs were so blind they didn't apologize for it until the next week when the game had already concluded congratulation your super bowl is gonna have low rating because of this controversy the Rams literally needed overtime to beat the Saints and they actually did it only to put up 3 freaking points its clear they didn't deserves to be in that game after what had happened.

My take on this is sure the officiating was bad, but try experiencing not actual officials and see that turmoil go down that was horrid, and frankly I hope we don't get anything to the first three weeks of 2012 ever again. Now what do I say they should do about overtime? You know what I'd like after seeing it more and more do like what the NCAA Football does, and that's let the two teams score without even using a coin toss that's how I feel about it. That is all for now so tell me which was worse the 2012 refs, or the 2018 refs i'll leave that up to you.


I’d take the 2018 refs any day over the 2012 refs. But honestly they should just get refs who know what they are doing. The amount of controversies in the past few years has been ridiculous. And looking at what happened with the playoffs this year I think it’s time for the NFL to reconsider the rulings and getting better refs. As for overtime I think it needs to change. There’s been too many games decided by a simple coin flip which is absolutely ridiculous. If you have two of the best teams in a deadlock game you shouldn’t screw one team over just because the overtime rules. If anything you should just let them play an extra period just like any other quarter. Then if they are still tied maybe shorten the time limit and force teams to go for the 2 point conversion after touchdowns. Sudden death doesn’t work with the NFL because of the coin flip. Imagine sending the game to OT only to lose by not even getting a chance to possess the football. It’s Ridiculous they have not at least reconsidered the rules - Randomator