Worst One Direction Songs

If you're a "Directioner" please don't give me crap and complaints. Just stop reading from here if you have a problem.

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1 What Makes You Beautiful What Makes You Beautiful

Is there an option here that allows me to vote for all of these songs?

This song was their FIRST EVER song! They didn't write their own music back then and they were really fake, but people always judge them for it. They have changed. This song was made for the radio.

How can it be the best and worst song I don't really understand

Different people with different opinions vote on and create different lists. Most site users and visitors only vote on a small percentage of lists - Billyv

Don't be a fake remember 1D? I'm 11. I thought I told you not to be auto tune people.

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2 Best Song Ever Best Song Ever

Should be called the worst song ever. - funnyuser

Its title is misleading... - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

This song is cheesy and a little fake - but it's a funny song. They're making fun of themselves.

This garbage was ripped off of "The Who's", Baba O'Riley. - Powerfultekin

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3 Little Things Little Things

Oh. My. Gosh. This song is terrible. It talks about how he'll love her even with her "back dimples, fat thighs, freckles, etc" It's basically putting her down but at the same time saying how he'll love her anyway. "I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth. But if I do, if I do, it's about what they add up to" So basically you're telling her you won't say anything about her fat ass thighs or freckles but you'll say it in a song? What the hell is wrong with you? Everybody has insequrites but we don't need to express them in a song about a girl you "love" And the fact that they're singing about no girl in particular is really stupid. - nadiamarie0014

Why put the guys down they are just doing what they love... Singing and yes everybody has insecurity and this song says it but its also a beautiful song and I know every direction agrees with me that this song and the boys has helped in many ways as for their other songs little things is a song to every girl showing/telling them that even though they are insecure they still love us... And that is all I have to say and don't go judging one direction for making songs like this one all it means is they have hearts unlike other people in this world

Oh my god! What is wrong with you all?! This song talks about being perfect just the way you are! I don't understand how you can not receive that message! I am a huge fan of 1D and I don't think this list should even exist, but Little Things? This is a beautiful song that makes girls feel good about themselves. The boys sing about how even if you have flaws, you are amazing just the way you are. I think this song should come off of the list right now!

I LOVE THIS SONG. This gives so much emotion I can't Believe this is even on here. Stupid people.

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4 One Thing One Thing

What the hell! This is a good song - 0744rose

Why are you liking this song? It's so boooring!

Hey this song is good so better remove it from this list...

This is the best sing if theirs. Its not supposed to be here

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5 Rock Me Rock Me

This song is cheesy and overrated in the fanbase, but it's fine. Just overrated.

This crap is ripped off from We Will Rock You by Queen, and the Worst Song Ever is poorly ripped off from Baba O' Riley by The Who. - malamJONES

Really? This is their only decent song in my opinion.

Rips off Queen.

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6 Kiss You Kiss You

SECOND WORST SONG IN HISTORY! Only Rebecca Black's Friday is ahead of it. - greatesttop10s

I don't know why people hate this song! It's not a very deep or meaningful song, it's just a fun song about youth and love! Who really cares? It was catchy and sweet.

This song is awesome. As soon as I heard about one direction and this was the first song I listened to I absolutely fell in love with them and who ever put this song on here is tuuupppiiiddd and needs mental help "thank u whirlpool" the truth be told

How can this song be on the list it the best

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7 One Way or Another One Way or Another

What the heck is wrong with you people? They did it to make money for charity.

Why would they think they have the right to cover this song?

The original was one of the greatest songs of all time. This version is just...No. - RiverClanRocks

Blondie's version of this song was one of my favourites. Then I heard this, and I felt sick. They ruined one of my favourite songs!

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8 Live While We're Young Live While We're Young

This song is about sex. Tonight lets get some. Really guys 10-12 year old or listening to your music.

This song was made to be popular, and it was. It's unfair when people judge them for this song, when they have many songs that they write for themselves and not the charts.

I used to be a 1D fan. This song is so bad I can't even stand it. Just because you are mature does not mean that all your fans are. And can you make a song which is not based on girls? A song to which ANYONE can relate to?

I hate this song but I love 1D

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9 Story of My Life Story of My Life

This song isn't too bad. At first it was good then I actually understood the lyrics and it has NO point to it what so ever. Harry explains how he takes home a girl and is chasing her and blah blah blah. Same old story all over again. - nadiamarie0014

I love this song so much! Who the hell put it on this list?!

All of you people should shut up! One Direction is awesome!

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10 Midnight Memories Midnight Memories

How is this not higher! They ripped off definitely Leppard, and when the blonde, Irish one ( I forget his name) played a guitar solo on the X factor. But his guitar wasn't plugged in. Fail.

It's a very god song! I listen to this minimum 5 times in 24 Hrs

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11 Up All Night Up All Night V 2 Comments
12 Drag Me Down Drag Me Down

Hey, you should see America's Got Talent Judge Cuts 2016, one episode had Zayn as the special judge. I know the history of One Direction such as how they got along. You should learn it.

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13 Gotta Be You Gotta Be You

This song is so good how can it be in the list!

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14 Night Changes Night Changes

This song is really sweet and lovely and all the boys wrote it, however, I wish it hadn't been a single. There were way better songs on the album that would have been better singles. The reason people don't like One Direction is because their best music isn't being represented on the charts.

Did you see the video it is hilarious

This is the best song of my mom's
It is also funny
Louis gets arrested,niall has jumper burnt,liam vomits,zayn gets punished,harry hurts him while he's ice skating

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15 Forever Young V 1 Comment
16 They Don't Know About Us They Don't Know About Us V 2 Comments
17 18 18

Okay, um, yeah, you can shut your mouth. I don't care if you like them or not, that's your opinion, your choice. But they are some of the humblest, most generous people you will ever see. What is wrong with you--giving death threats to people because you don't like their music? Maybe you need help? Besides, they didn't even WRITE this song, so if you want to blame someone blame Ed Sheeran, who, by the way, is an amazing songwriter.

I can write a better song LIKE I'm ALREADY DONE! Twinkle twinkle little star, imma hit you with my car,throw you off a tree so high, hope you break neck and DIE,twinkle twinkle star,PLEASE STOP SINGING CAUSE YOU STINK!

Ed Sheeran wrote this song. You can't write a song because you stole that off the internet, please be original - ZaeeJM

18 Na Na Na Na Na Na

Can we please acknowledge that the chorus of this song is "First we're like Na, Na, Na, and then we're like, yeah, yeah, yeah."

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19 Steal My Girl Steal My Girl

I don't hate the song itself, I don't find it THAT bad, what I hate about it are the lyrics, I mean: steal my girl? Girls are not some possession that can be "stolen", nobody is, everybody is free to make their own decisions! - sofiav

Say how creepily pushy What Makes You Beautiful was, or how painfully hard the band was trying on Perfect, THIS is atrocious. - WonkeyDude98

20 I Would I Would

One Direction is a great band. I wish haters would stop putting them down! It's infuriating having to see and listen to all of these nasty comments. I have a message for all of the haters out there: One Direction has broken up. So, tell me, are you happy now?

I am JUBILANT that 1D broken up. These racist, annoying, meaningless, uncatchy bastards need more hate and disrespect. Thank God Zayn went solo. - The Ultimate Daredevil

I hate this song it is stupid. why doesn't one direction just take a hint everyone hates them! twinkle twinkle little star, I will hit u with my car, thow u off a tree so high, hope u break your neck and DIE!
please take a long walk off a short pier

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