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21 I Would

One Direction is a great band. I wish haters would stop putting them down! It's infuriating having to see and listen to all of these nasty comments. I have a message for all of the haters out there: One Direction has broken up. So, tell me, are you happy now?

This song is stupid

Terrible song

I am JUBILANT that 1D broken up. These racist, annoying, meaningless, uncatchy bastards need more hate and disrespect. Thank God Zayn went solo. - The Ultimate Daredevil

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22 Wonderwall

Wonderwall by Oasis is a favourite song. When I just read this and saw they made a copy of it, I was horrified. This has just ruined my holidays, I swear.

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23 Through the Dark

Dude can they even hear themselves? like I hate it

This song shouldn't be on this list! True, there are bad One Direction songs but this isn't one. Louis and Liam worked really hard on writing it. It's really sweet!

You had a silly comment this song is amazing

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24 Save You Tonight V 1 Comment
25 Nobody Compares
26 No Control V 1 Comment
27 A.M. V 1 Comment
28 You & I

Why is this only number 21? Make it higher!

29 Perfect

Its basically a rip-off of Style by Taylor Swift. I like that the boys are writing their own music, but the similarities are too similar between the two songs.

When I first heard this song, I absolutely despised it. That's all I have to say about this song.

But... I actually love this song... I will probably cry...

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