Top 10 Worst One Piece Devil Fruits

A list of the weakest, and least interesting devil fruits in One Piece.

If you didn't know, One Piece is an anime about pirates.
Devil Fruits are fruits that grant people various abilities if they eat one.

The Top Ten

Hito Hito no Mi (Human-Human Fruit)

That fruit can only be for animals - drakkhen91

Did we forget that Sengoku's fruit is the Human-Human Fruit?

This fruit sucks!

This Devil Fruit allows you to turn into a human.
Very good if you aren't human, but not so good if you are human.
If you're human and eat this fruit, you lose the ability to swim and gain nothing. - Kaiserness

Kin'emon's Unnamed Fruit

To use this Devil Fruit, put a rock or leaf on your head, say "Poof" and a disguise will be created.
Yes. You heard that right. You can turn rocks and leaves into disguises.

Useful. - Kaiserness

Nagi Nagi no Mi (Calm Calm Fruit)

This Devil Fruit makes everything in a certain vicinity completely silent.
Sounds great, until you realize that people in One Piece have this thing called "Haki"
And also eyesight.

So no. This is not a very good devil fruit. - Kaiserness

Beri Beri no Mi (Berry Berry Fruit)

It useless

This fruit lets you turn into 7 bouncy balls. Sounds great, until you realize that it is extremely weak to a sword swing and each ball can be cut in half easily. Not so great, considering every pirate ever seems to have a sword. - Kaiserness

Mushi Mushi no Mi (Bug Bug Fruit) Model: Hornet

This Devil Fruit would be great for a small creature. If you ate this as a caterpillar or something, it would be a severe upgrade.

But as a human, getting the ability to turn into a hornet is very, very not useful, and will probably get you killed in combat situations. - Kaiserness

Kanjuro's Unnamed Fruit

This Devil Fruit allows you to create drawings that come to life. Sounds cool in theory, until you realize none of the drawings are very strong.

If you drew a big, bad, scary dragon, it would hit about as hard as a wet noodle slapping you in the face. - Kaiserness

Jake Jake no Mi (Jacket Jacket Fruit)

This Devil Fruit allows the user to turn into a jacket that can be worn.
When this person-jacket hybrid is worn, the user takes over the body of the wearer and gains their strength.

Sounds kind of cool, until you realize you can't move in Jacket form.
This means someone has to willingly put you on.
Which is unlikely in a combat situation.
enough' said. - Kaiserness

Yomi Yomi no Mi (Revive Revive Fruit)

This Devil Fruit will revive you when you die. Sounds cool in theory, and it technically makes you immortal, but it isn't very good in combat, and overall is just kind of useless, dare I say.

Now, apparently Brook, the user of the Revive Revive Fruit, was able to use an ability called "Soul Solid" which lets him create Ice, but currently it isn't known if this is due to his devil fruit or a hidden ability. - Kaiserness

Hana Hana no Mi (Nico Robin)

This is useful?!

Kuku Kuku no Mi (Cook Cook Fruit)

Allows the user to turn objects into food.
that's right. Objects. Not humans. Objects.

So it's pretty much useless in combat, unless you want to throw slices of ham at people. - Kaiserness

The Contenders

SMILEs (Artifical Devil Fruit)

This one might not count, since it's artificial, and thus, weaker, but I thought I would put it here anyways.
SMILEs are Devil Fruits created in a lab. SMILEs allow the user to turn certain parts of their body into animal limbs, and not just arms into arms.

For example, I couldn't turn into a full Goat, but if I ate this fruit I could turn my hand into a goat horn.
Yes. I could turn my hand into a goat horn. And my leg into a goat's head. Etc. You get the idea. - Kaiserness

Memo memo no mi (Charlotte Pudding)
Goro Goro no Mi

this is op

Gomu Gomu no Mi
Suga Suga no Mi
Mera Mera no Mi
Magu Magu no Mi
Gura Gura no Mi
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