Worst Online Games

This is a simple list of the Top 10 WORST Online games, and I have quite a few.

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21 Happy Wheels

Sad wheels - Officialpen

22 Baby Hazel

So annoying.. I HATE her! - RaccoonCartoon

The second character ever to be abused too many times
the first being barbie

23 Tomodachi Life

Three words. Worst. Game. Ever. I tried and in the first 5 minutes I deleted the island. TRASH!

Tomodachi life isn't an online game, it's a DS game. You can use a feature to upload your images to FaceBook, but that's the only ''online'' thing about it. - RaccoonCartoon

More like Tomotrashy Life. Worst Game Ever. - Kryofreeze


24 Tomodachi Life

First of all, it's not an online game, and second of all, it's on this list twice. - RaccoonCartoon

Worst. Game. Ever

25 Realtoothfairies

This is the worst game!

26 Habbo

Search urban dictionary, then go Habbo Hotel. It saves me hours of having to type up what a crappy website it is

27 Defiance
28 Webkinz

You have to buy all these stuffed animals you don't even want to get a new avatar. - RaccoonCartoon

29 TDP5 Arena
30 Minecraft

Since when is Minecraft online?

31 Fantage

Terrible clothes, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ODs, and you have to be a premium member to do everything, even collect coins. The clothes are pretty good, but the animals/pets are the worst, and the parties are really lame. They're still trying to stay relevant even though it died out in 2008-2009. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This game sucks. It's basically just a version of Club Penguin-a game where you need to pay real money to do anything.

This game hasn't even updated since 2007, I bet. It's so outdated. - RaccoonCartoon

No... Why is this on the list listen " children " this is my childhood and it was amazing!

32 Bearville

I'm glad it shut down! - RaccoonCartoon

It's closed down

33 League of Legends

Horrible game people are too obsessed

34 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


35 Dizzywood

It's so stupid

36 Poptropica

kill me

37 Fable: The Lost Chapters
38 Moviestarplanet

These people are 6 and already looking like drunk hookers. - RaccoonCartoon

Everyone on their dresses like a slut.

39 Grand Theft Auto Online

They ban random people for no reason, or just because they picked up involuntarily money from a modder!

40 Chit Chat City

I'd like to tell you guys the pros and cons of Chit Chat City, or CCC for short.

You can design your own avatar or draw it.
There's multiple ways to chat with others.
No membership!

Most people are REALLY rude and judgemental.
You will be notified when someone blocks you, which is annoying.
You can still pretty much see people you've blocked, and they can see you.
People backstab way too much.
Everyone wears inappropriate outfits.
You can get away with swearing or talking about gross stuff.
Reports NEVER work!
Mods will ban people for dumb reasons.
TONS and TONS of racist, sexist people.
Report system is crap.
It says it's a kids game, but it's the complete opposite!
Dumb 20 year olds living in their parent's basement play it.
Too many weird fandoms like furries or bronies.
The graphics hadn't properly updated since it's release date in 2010.

There are way more cons than pros. - RaccoonCartoon

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