Misconceptions about Linux

Many people hate linux, with claims that it isn't "user friendly", and "to use it even a bit, you need to learn C and java"

Well guess what, you don't!

using shell scripts and java is optional, the OS is free, and can play Minecraft,"YOU CAN"T PLAY WINDOWS GAMES!" there is a program called WINE, if you run a .exe with it, you can play one.

Also, if you don't want to code and all that, you can surf the internet and download files fine, but if it is .jar, and it is a game, right click the file, click properties, and click the checkbox that says "allow executing file ans program."

".jar?.zip?.exe?? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????!!" a .jar is a Java archive, some games use the format, like Minecraft, you don't see the file type on windows, but Minecraft on Windows is .exe, which means executable, you usually won't work on linux without software called WINE, but it is free. and .zip, means compressed archive, you can open it like a folder, and read or open what is inside.

"b...but. what linux is the right one?" there are many distros, I am using Ubuntu, which I reccomend, there is Suse, which you can customize on susestudio.com, there is also *takes a breath* Mint,Fedora,Redhat, and many others, still not convinced? there are more reasons on whylinuxisbetter.net