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21 Windows 98 First Edition

Decent, but it has problems.

This one is pretty decent. - CerealGuy

One of the best operating systems out there. Easy to install. Capable of playing everGirl on CD-ROM. - playstationfan66

22 Asian OS

This OS I might think it might only run in Asian languages

Me I see the discription

23 Windows 2.0

Not worst OS ever.

24 Ubuntu

The best OS ever!

Said no one ever

Worst os ever crashes! But never used before


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25 GNU Hurd

STILL after more than 25 years in development, GNU remains incomplete: Its kernel, Hurd, has never really made it out of the starting blocks. (I'll refer to the complete OS as "GNU Hurd" to avoid confusion with other GNU software.) Almost no one has actually been able to use the OS; it's really more a set of ideas than an operating system. Its still has a webpage saying its in development I ain't gonna wait another 2 century's for a thing that doesn't even exist

26 Incompatible Timesharing System

Is the most unsafety os of all time. Anybody can hack it. If you scare of hacker NEVER use that wastebacket.

This is a pieceb of dog turd! Bad secruity.Anyone can hack this.

27 Windows Phone 8.1

Its asking for a code that Microsoft sent me to my email, and my email doesn't work because AOL messed it up (i have no idea why my family used aol until 2013 but at least the browser was faster than internet explorer) - Harri666

I really like the tiles display. but I don't agree with the menu list vertically which is a stupid thing MS made.

I like tiles display. Also, it works perfectly, without any bugs etc.
Very good OS for cheap money.
I don't know why some people don't like it?

28 Apple SOS
29 Firefox OS

The worst ever from Firefox.

ZTE did a terrible job of making the first Firefox phone, it's just bad

30 Corel Linux
31 JavaOS

Almost no one has heard of the one. JavaOS is, as the name suggests, written in Java. This was in the late nineties, though, so Java was slow. Oh and javaOS was pointless.

32 Windows 95

This OS shaped what Windows look like now. - CerealGuy

Nothing too bad except for crashing issues.

This was horrible. It was basically a layer on top of MS DOS and crashed constantly. When a program misbehaved, it could easily take down the whole computer... and a lot of programs misbehaved.

95 is the reason we have OS like XP and 7. - njalabi63989

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33 Solaris

I think you should give beta friendly system

Nobody uses it anymore, stop making new versions.

34 Windows Whistler

Whistler is a beta. And not just any beta. The XP BETA. So it's almost as good as XP.

Windows Whistler is not the worst OS ever made

Whistler was hated. Many people wanted Microsoft to shut down Whistler, the XP beta.

Yes, Whistler is beta but I HATE IT SO MUCH! It wont let me to run Firefox and it have too many glitches.When I open "Firefox", boom! Blue Screen appears... What a weird -_- - ARandomGuy

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35 macOS Sierra
36 CentOS

It's a weird linux

37 Kali Linux

Never used. Always underpowered.

Underpowered? what? KALI IS A hackers wet teenage Dream. This os will tear apart android or iOS. If you don't know what Kali is capable of then I suggest you look it up

38 Tizen OS

It's a worst thing I had been ever used

Well, what do you expect, Tizen OS is a budget operating system and is not a main competitor to operating systems like Android, iOS (Crap OS), and Windows 8 (including RT).

The most bad os I have evrer used. It is because it has very less app in its store. It is better than android in one case that it is linux based os so, it doen,nt get infected by virus.

39 iOS 8

Absolutely nothing for 5gb of storage, plus, it breaks your ipad mini if you try to install it - Harri666

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40 Steam OS

NUT.'s a joke

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