Windows 8


Could be the end of Microsoft? Well look at it this way, why release an operating system that is make for tablets but make it mandatory on every new computer and notebook sold? Also the tablet market is saturated already with apple, and now Android which is now a viable OS. So, In summation Win 8 abandoned the PC and the Productivity market (which it had a monopoly on) and instead developed an OS to compete with apple and android (who own the tablet market) Utter stupidity!

Out of all the Windows I have ever tried, yes, that is including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, EVEN Windows 98, and out of all of those, Windows 8 gets the cake. It is probably the worst operating system ever. I wasn't even surprised that it was in 1st place, because it DESERVED to be in 1st place. The main annoying thing is that they removed the start menu, something that has been along with us Since Windows 95, helping us open our most used programs, quick access to games and files, have finally been removed and replaced with a dumb looking start screen. It is a "user friendly" interface that you can't even get stuff open quick. All these gestures and movements we have to do to get to a certain place is nearly impossible. Why does everything have to be tiles and colorful, I'm not 5. It is designed for tablets and touch laptops, but Microsoft treats it like an "upgrade of Windows 7". With a mouse that you scroll up and down with, SCROLLS SIDEWAYS! The desktop is ...more - SuperAlienGamer

Have been using computers since 1988. Learnt on DOS worked within its limitations. But Windows 8 for 2015 has got to be the worst ever. Can't even locate a URL when using laptop. Just horrible. Windows keep skipping around, have to manoeuvre the mouse cleverly so it doesn't open windows you don't want. What were the developers thinking? This is seriously bad. I think it even surpasses that horrible VISTA which I got rid off almost immediately. Windows 7 just worked fine. You might guess my frustration levels are high. WIndows 8 is a dinosaur not state of the art.

Window 8 is the worst OS ever. Gates is asleep at the wheel and the bus is driving over the cliff. What were they thinking? I bought an expensive Asus laptop and I use it a paper weight because this os is so bad. Thank goodness automakers didn't decide to do something like this; the equivalent would have been putting the steering wheel in the back seat facing the trunk and trying to turn your head around to front to see where the heck you are going. It would be great if you were always in reverse going backwards, which I guess is where Microsoft wants to go.

Everyone was very polite and specific. I on the other hand have lost my mind on a daily basis having to use this absolute piece of garbage OS. Please for the love of sanity let there be something resembling Vista in the near future. It's been close to a year that I have been using it, and yes I know a few more things about it now, but if I could hold it in my hands I would bash it with a sledge hammer.

Windows: a 64/32 bit extension and a graphical shell for a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit operating system originally coded for a 4 bit microprocessor, written by a 2 bit compony that can't stand 1 bit of competition.

People say if they play the Microsoft cd's backwards, you hear satanic things, but that's nothing, if you play it forwards, they install windows. - Harri666

Ah, Microsoft. Innovators. Dreamers. Geniuses. Guys so close to being gods it's not even funny. With enough money and resources to form their own country, and a keen R&D department, they were destined for greatness.

Then they went on the internet and saw that tablets exist. Immediately, they bought $80 million worth of crack and acid, grabbed their keys, and drove over to Best Buy to get their hands on some display models.

It is at this point, I imagine, that as they took a massive drug trip that by all biological and natural laws should have killed them all, one of them says "OMCHEEZITS! Stevie! What the ff#@$*'ยก is this?! " And Stevie's just like "We need tablets in our Windows! " And then Jeff is like "We'll call it Windows 8! Cause that's good, right?! "
Then they went back to the office and force fed everybody their leftover drugs, murdered their PA team, hid the bodies in the basement, and kidnapped a bunch of people to force them to be testers in the half of ...more

Windows 8 is the buggiest operating system in the history of all Windows computers! I have had more than 50 or so blue screens of death with this computer! It is a lovely operating system (figuratively speaking of course)! If you have Windows 7, stick with it! You won't regret it!

Windows 8 doesn't have windows. It has tiles. They should call it Microsoft Tiles. Where did the windows go. The windows are no longer a part of Windows.

Has sent me to Mac. That's how bad it is. 22 years on Windows, gone just like that. Oh MS, I will be getting a PS4 as well after being an XBOXer from the start. Why are you so terrified of your customers that you have to build a wall to separate you from civilisation. Sad, very sad.

After years of being left behind, Windows 8 was Microsoft's attempt to try and "one up" Google & Apple, and to show the mainstream consumer "Aha! You see, we're cool too. Look at this! We're relevant! ". That strategy and mind set clearly didn't work out for them. Windows 8's UI and UX were god awful. 8 was the antithesis to the power user and enthusiast. Microsoft thought they could unify their mobile and desktop into one UI. What is worse is they decided to even port that horrible mess into their Windows Server 2012 -- yes, Windows Server 2012 has the horrible tablet UI as well. Windows 8 ended up flopping hard and so fast, less than 2 years, Microsoft announced Windows 10 to immediately replace it. Just to remind you, Windows 8 was released in October 2012 Microsoft announced Windows 10 in 2014.

The fact is, Windows 8 was a big mistake that Microsoft really couldn't afford to take, even after the whole disaster with Vista.

This is the worse piece of garbage ever. I really can't think of any piece of software that's been worse. They removed any redeeming tools and capabilities from an already stripped down OS, to arrive at an unusable piece of crap. I want my money back.

No drivers... people should buy new laptops to run windows 8 and that's so bad! Microsoft always makes it obligatory about the users to renew their devices every year! Long live Open Source! Long live Linux! Linux Mint is a real operating system that made by community to the community... Linux Mint is secure, fast, easy, full packag, stable and FREE!

I'll not spend my time typing here what's so bad about it (almost everything). If you ever happens to find one laptop with it installed, just crash it with a hammer and the set it on fire if possible. It's the only way to win.

Worst OS EVER. Microsoft have outdone themselves with 8, Vista was bad but 8 is certainly the worst one they have ever produced. It's the first time I have ever experienced not one single person that I have ever spoken to has enjoyed any part of 8, it's terrible for a user. It's worse for support.

Nothing different from windows 7 except the stupid metro app thing.

And as a desktop OS, I can say that it's the worst OS I have used because the scrolling is so annoying for the start menu. I didn't even bother to give time to learn this

An operating system designed for multiple devices that limits you to the power of the least powerful platform regardless of your system specs

Windows 8 the worst version of Windows ever created. Whenever I'm in the middle of fighting a player on Minecraft if I move the mouse to the right at a certain speed it brings out a hot bar and takes Minecraft to the game menu getting you killed. Thanks a lot Microsoft.

Everything is confusing, or hidden so it's a tedious chore just to find it, and those damn mini screens that pop up evrytime you move the mouse is just plain annoying. What's worse is some of the "features" can't be closed or shut down once they open. worst OS ever. Rolled back to win 7 and will never use win 8 again

I don't like how they changed the original Windows 7 start menu by a bunch squares of apps that I don't even use, it's just too annoying. As the old proverb says: "If ain't broke, don't fix it". In this case Windows 8 actually broke it with that ugly user interface.

Windows 8 is the biggest POS ever. How is it possible for something to suck so bad? For the first time in my life (I started with windows 95) I'm contemplating the move to Mac.

8 rhymes with hate and it wont stop bragging as being better than everybody else most overrated os of all time that is it I'm gonna have to give ubuntu or OSX a chance

Its like Microsoft forgot about all the past improvements that finally got a seriously stable OS like 7, and rolled 8 into a ball of crap with a hidden and unfriendly interface, then hit it with a baseball bat and called it an OS for Tablet and PC users while alienating then both.

I don't think I've ever used an OS as bad as Windows 8/8.1. Poor game performance, buggy interface, an online account system and stupidly high RAM usage, there's simply nothing to like about it.

It's super hard to navigate, because of Microsoft's shoddy accusation that all computers in the working world would have tablet interfaces. Basically, it works better as a tablet interface instead of a desktop interface. - stinkyjaden