Top Ten Worst Ores In Minecraft


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1 Lapis Lazuli

Great for enchanting! not much else though. now I've enchanted all of my useful items and armor with a bunch of lapis left over. I just don't know what to do with it

They should have just made a blue flower that makes blue dye. How come red and yellow dye comes from a flower

Lapis Lazuli sucks. It only makes dye, and that's it! Couldn't it be more useful? It sounds like Minecrafter creators needed more ore and decided to dump Lapis in and were too lazy to make a purpose to they made it into dye! - Asuna_Yuuki

But now it's used to enchant

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2 Redstone

Redstone can be REALLY useful when you know what to do. I mean you can make an mob grinder, or an automatic cactus farm. It's so fun to use. People who voted for this are noobs and they need to try it out and look for tutorials. Redstone DOES NOT deserve to be 2nd

Redstone is actually useful, haven't you all seen the Minecraft YouTube videos for redstone? You can make really cool stuff! - Asuna_Yuuki

Really? Number 2? Redstone is REALLY useful! - Minecraftcrazy530

Red stone is very useful. It is used to create redstone circuits to make machines.

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3 Gold

Gold tools and armor should be stronger than iron but weaker than diamond. That includes durability, mining speed, attack damage, and protection

Gold is just terrible. It sucks, it's worse than WOOD, that a problem. Other than making crappy tools and armor, it is useless! - Asuna_Yuuki

Gold is only helpful in Minecraft pe to make the nether reacter, plus the tools are like wooden tools.

More efficient, less durable

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4 Emerald

A lot of mods saw that and made emerald armor and tools. Problem solved!

Emerald sucks as well. It's purpose is for villager trading, kind of boring.. - Asuna_Yuuki

Emeralds are only used to trade with villagers They're not that useful

Easier to trade for it.

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5 Coal

COAL IS ACTUALLY USEFUL! No coal means no torches! What would you do if you were trapped in a cave with no light? What WOULD YOU DO? - Asuna_Yuuki

I think coal IS useful! WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT COAL! That would mean no more torches. WE NEED TORCHES TO SEE WHEN WE ARE MINING! Or whenever it's dark.

Coal is very useful. Without it you couldn't craft torches or smelt ores

You would not be able to smelt iron then

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6 Nether Quartz Ore

I don't even know what you can make with nether Quartz. It's useless

Emeralds can be used for Trading
Gold can be used to make Apples
Redstone can be used to make things easier
Coal can be used to smelt stuff
Iron is required to get Gold and Diamond
Diamonds can get you to the nether

But Nether Quartz and Lapiz Lazuli are USELESS IN SURVIVAL!

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7 Diamond Ore

WHO PUT DIAMOND AS USELESS? Diamond is the strongest! It build cool weapons and stuff! Plus, ITs cool to look at!

I have to agree once you have all the tools and armor and an enchanting table then there really is no point

This is very useful for so many reasons it would take me an essay to list them all!

Who would take away diamonds?

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8 Iron Ore

What are you talking about. Iron ore can be used to make iron tools, weapons, armor and so many other useful things. And it's so easy to find.

It's so hard to find then it gives you nothing

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9 Netherrack

It's an ore too nether brick is cool but really no other use

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10 Ruby Ore

Hard to tell what it would look like

There is no ruby ore in minecraft

Not in the game men, not in the game

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11 Stone

Stone and smooth stone is just for building and stone tools that barely will help only to get iron, and after that no other use it's THAT lame but still I like stone houses

First of all stone is not an ore. Second of all, stone is useful for building an for stone tools
Without stone, you could not get iron, which you need to get gold and diamonds

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12 Copper Ore

What would the point of Redstone be

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13 Wood Ore

Wood is lame and even in Exploding TNT when wood was rare why use diamonds!?

14 Icy Ore
15 Sapphire Ore
16 Grass Ore V 1 Comment
17 Glowstone

Yeah it sucks it looks so cool then you walk up to it and learn its FING USELESS

18 Nether Star

You beat the FING WITHER your prize A NETHER STAR! Ooh time to look up what this baby does ok it makes... BEACONS? WTFFF " player rage quits and never plays again because nether stars are useless"

19 Tin Ore
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