Worst Owl City Songs

I'm an Owl City fan, but I have to admit these songs are not very good haha. You should try to look at the list of best Owl City songs.

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1 The Airway

I don't think any Owl City song is bad enough to be classified as "bad." I love all of his songs, and while I'm talking Adam Young, I met him at his concert yesterday!

Laugh out loud, I thought you loved all of Owl City, Keyson! - HezarioSeth

It's amost unhearable. The harmonics are wrong and it's noise! Owl City's style in a single terrible song. It certainly sucks! - keyson

2 Fuzzy Blue Lights

It's lovely, but monotone. You'll sleep if you listen to it! - keyson

3 Hello Seattle

This song disn't deserve to be in two albums. It practically ruined Ocean Eyes but Adam loves this song to the point he made a remix to the B side! And well, the remix is much better! - keyson

4 Dear Vienna
5 Designer Skyline

The title even sounds boring! - funnyuser

6 Shy Violet
7 Live It Up

What? I love this song! The only reason I liked Smurfs 2 was for this song, (I did not really like the movie). The lyrics are uplifting and positive, they make me happy. The beat is awesome! The vocals are some of Adams best. - AnimeDrawer

Why did Adam even WRITE a song for The Smurfs 2? The song is just ok but the movie is stupid. One of the worst of Owl City.

8 Take It All Away
9 All My Friends

This song is trash. This sounds like something from High School Musical or R5 if you put it in a blender with bro country, and you get this. The southern rapping is cringeworthy, Adam cannot rap. And the background vocals make this annoying, they sound like a bunch of fangirls in a concert singing along to a song. The lyrics are cheesy and look like they were written for a My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic song since it has a lot of friendship cliches. This sucks. - AnimeDrawer

Sounds like a disney channel intro song - DarthPhasey

Newest song or his and by far true worst

This "song" (if you can even call it that) is such an atrocity and it blows my mind how horrifyingly disgraceful it is. Whenever I have the displeasure of hearing this I get so infuriated. Why did Owl City, my FAVOURITE ARTIST EVER have to resort to such a terrible song with some of THE WORST lyrics I've ever heard. The Caillou theme song is genuinely more beautiful and meaningful than this, and I MEAN IT. It sounds way better as well. This deserves to be #1 on this list by a long shot and I highly suggest you, reading this right now, vote for this song so we can put it where it belongs. Ever since this song came out, Owl City just hasn't been the same and as much as I hate to admit it, Owl City seems to have ended. The magic was fun while it lasted.

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10 Shine Your Way

Another just ok song for a stupid movie, (The Croods) Cave Men REALLY?! Adam you can pick better animated movies than that. (like Wreck-It Ralph and Legend of the Guardians).

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11 Good Time

It had Carly Rae Jepsen to make it worse. Plus, I think there was some copyright infringement in here.

This isn't what Owl City is at all, and it was ruined by Carly Rae Jepsen. Owl city never should have done this. :(

12 Beautiful Mystery
13 Fireflies


14 Bombshell Blonde

It's not a bad song in general but it's definitely a bad Owl City songs because Adam could've done so much better and this whole Dubstep thing doesn't really fit him.

15 Verge

This song was just horrible. No other words, just horrible. Not like Owl City at all

16 The Saltwater Room

Why is it on the list, this song is great, its on the fourth rank on the best owl city songs list

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17 Gold
18 Alligator Sky


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