Worst Owners in Pro Sports

The Top Ten
1 William Ford - Lions

If anybody else owned the lions Matt Millen would be bleeding out in some dark alley right now.

Somebody needs to tell this guy he has a losing team.

2 Al Davis - Raiders

He reminds me of those seniors on the south park episode "grey dawn" he should sell the team if they ever want to win.

I'll say this instead, don't like him.

3 Jerry Jones - Cowboys

Jerry won 3 Super Bowls and Al Davis won 3 and went to 2 more, I'd say these guys are the most hated owners in Pro Sports rather than worst.

Hands-down the most disliked, most conceited owner in all sports. The only winner he's ever picked came out of his own nose!

How can he not be #1?

4 Jeff Loria - Miami Marlins
5 Bill Bidwell - Arizona Cardinals
6 Michael Jordan - Bobcats Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials, MJ, is an American retired professional basketball player.
7 George Shinn - Hornets
8 Donald Sterling - Clippers

He also made racist comments, among other things...

9 David Glass - Royals

Wal-mart mentality/practives have turn a oncr respectable franchise into a laughing stock. Sometimes I believe I hear takity-sax from the stadium speakers when the Royals take the field. Oh how we all miss Ewing Kauffman

10 Ralph Wilson - Bills
The Contenders
11 Tom Benson - Saints
12 James Dolan - Knicks

He's at #13? This is as much of a joke as the Knicks will ever be.

13 George Steinbrenner - Yankees
14 Robert Nutting - Pittsburgh Pirates

Almost as cheap as Mr. Krabs in terms of spending.

15 Dan Snyder - Washington Redskins

How is he not in the top three?

How is he not top 5?

16 Roman Ambromovich - Chelsea
17 Stan Kroenke - Rams, Avalanche, Arsenal, Nuggets

He doesn't invest

18 Dean Spanos - Chargers
19 Harold Ballard - Toronto Maple Leafs

I can't tell for certain but I don't think Leafs fans liked him very much

20 Peter Angelos - Orioles

Although the Orioles are now on a upswing, Peter is on this list because of 2005, the year he tried to assemble an all-star team featuring Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Javy Lopez, Miguel Soto, Brian Roberts, Luis Matos and Larry Bigbie. But after a 42-28 start injuries and too much soap opera stuff led the orioles to self destruction and into a 74-88 record. In the years followed Peter tried to do it again with more quality players but the result we're always the same and it even led to the suicide death of Orioles Mike Flanagan in 2011.
Its Joeysworld

21 Malcom Glazer - Manchester United, Tampa Bay Rays

From being the world's richest club to being nearly £800million in debt with one swift leveraged buyout, Glazer and his trogladyte offspring haven't put a penny into the club (the buyout was funded by huge bank loans, the interest on which currently runs to about £80 million a year) and pay themselves a £10million salary. Tickets have risen 50 percent in the five years since their takeover and thousands of staff have lost there jobs along with dozens of players being sold. Puts the rest of the list in perspective really

22 Mark Attanasio - Milwaukee Brewers
23 Anthony Precourt - Columbus Crew
24 Mike Ashley - Newcastle United
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