Top 10 Worst Paper Mario Games

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1 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Crappiest game ever! So unoriginal, we have to suffer Princess Peach & such a bad story, the game is weak & the game itself is too modern!

The only way of attacking in battle is by using stickers, which go away once they're used. You get no star points or level ups for for winning a fight, which makes it pointless in doing battles. There are no badges, items, special moves, or partners if not counting that floating crown thing. All the friendly characters are all Toads and all the enemies and designs come from the main non-paper series. There is also no story, Bowser doesn't talk at all, and Luigi only makes small cameo appearances. After playing this game, I never wanted to play it again. I think they should remake Paper Mario N64 and Paper Mario TTYD onto the Nintendo 3DS, because I want to play a Paper Mario game on the 3DS that is actually worth playing.

You can't level up at all when battling which makes it useless to battle. There is no unique characters other than that crown and they all look how they would in the main series. This game is nothing like the previous games! Also why is TTYD ranked 2 on this list? It should be on the bottom or not on here at all!

The only game that belongs on this list in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

2 Paper Mario 64
3 Paper Mega Man

Paper Mega Man? - BigTree

4 Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Thousand year door gets boring QUICK! It's the easiest out of all Paper Mario games and it loses it's charm fast.

So uncreative! I never want to play this game! EVER! Super Paper Mario is much better than this, and so is the OG Paper Mario.

At least this game is no worse than Sticker Star.

This game is nothing but bull! AUGGH! Why are people liking this game so much?! This game is supremely confusing & never makes sense. Also, this game is pointless. Why do people like this game so much even if the graphics are too terrible?!

So unoriginal, Super Paper Mario is much better. Honestly, this game is about the quality of the 1st and 5th.

5 Super Paper Mario

There is no constancy on this website. I hate this game because it started the trend of horrible paper Mario games. And anyone who says thousand year door or the original are the worst are a complete disgrace to gaming

I think I see why Super Paper Mario gets some flack. But like the original Mario RPGs, this is traditionally underrated and awesome. I still prefer Super Paper Mario over Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, which is great since it actually feels like the Paper Mario games in the 2000s. Paper Mario: Sticker Star gets too much credit.

6 Paper Mario: Color Splash

Fun game

Man, this game is horrible. This list os 1000000000% wrong

7 Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles

Wasn't on here yet. It is a fan game...

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