Worst Parts On the Body to Have an Itch

The Top Ten Worst Parts On the Body to Have an Itch

1 Crotch

Including The Genetials Including The Mens And Girls Private Parts It Is Embarrasing And I Always Hate That Crap

Uncomfortable and embarrassing - blackflower

So bad if you're in public. If you're alone at home alone however... - Britgirl

Sometimes it's so bad to the point where you can't sleep

2 Soles of the Feet

Especially when you have shoes on - blackflower

I agree this SUCKS, but luckily at my house we have this textured carpet, so if I have an itch, I can just rub my foot on that! But if I'm at school or something, I'm screwed.

I hate this, as I can't scratch it without tickling myself... And the itch remains! - PetSounds

Really bad if you're wearing knee-length boots - Britgirl

3 The Middle of Your Back

Britgirl, I just wanna say I can reach that spot.

Can’t reach it - blackflower

Unless you have a backscratcher.

There is a certain point that we just canoot reach! Gah! - Britgirl

4 Tongue

This is very common in Asians...

When this occurs it Tingles so bad - Curti2594

Or is this just me who soetimes has this? - Britgirl

5 The Palm of Your Hand

It lingers for a long time. - blackflower


6 In Between Your Fingers

Its weird to have an itch there. I had a itch once. it was weird for me!

7 Bottom

Piles is a terrible thing. Not that I have the you understand. Ahem. - Britgirl

It sucks when your in public because you look nasty if you scratch it. - Popsicles

8 Eyeball

It just burns

My parents constantly tell me not to scratch it. IT TAKES A LOT MORE DISCIPLINE THAN I ACTUALLY HAVE. And after you scratch your eye, you're tearing up and you look kind of high because you're eyes are so red... - keycha1n

Hate getting an itch in the eye, my long nails can get dangerously close to blinding me. At least the itch would have gone! - Britgirl

The eyeball is the 1st spot I hate itches at especially it feels like something is crawling on my eye and it makes me wanna cry how bad it itches

9 Lips

That little itch on my bottom lip drives me insane! - Britgirl

10 Scalp

This is especially bad if you have a bad case of dandruff.

I get this A LOT! And I hate it so much! Feels like I'm having my skull scraped open! - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 Head

Sometimws it seems to happen way to much - Curti2594

12 Inside the Ear

It lasts too long - blackflower

Now this just gets really annoying. - Minecraftcrazy530

13 Roof of Your Mouth

I hate when that happens!

It never stops itching!

Same here

14 Armpits

You know...when you just shave sometimes.

15 Scrotum

Once had jocks itch here, white flakes were coming off it was so gross and hurt so bad but itching it felt good. Until it BLED

16 Breasts

That would be BAD if you were in public. It mostly itches when you were a bra.

I agree.. My man boobs itch from the hair and sweat.

17 Under the Skin

This should be number one - blackflower

18 Elbows

In the vergina

19 Under the Toe Nail

Itches like crazy

20 Inside Nose
21 Mouth

This hurts so much.

22 Between Your Toes

It just never goes away!

23 Belly

I keep having this 'tickling sensation' here especially after my classmates poke me there..it's so ticklish lol haha

24 Arms
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