Worst Parts On the Body to Have an Itch


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1 Crotch

So bad if you're in public. If you're alone at home alone however... - Britgirl

Sometimes it's so bad to the point where you can't sleep

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2 Soles of the Feet

I agree this SUCKS, but luckily at my house we have this textured carpet, so if I have an itch, I can just rub my foot on that! But if I'm at school or something, I'm screwed.

I hate this, as I can't scratch it without tickling myself... And the itch remains! - PetSounds

Really bad if you're wearing knee-length boots - Britgirl

When this happens to me I have to stump the floor and look like an idiot if I have a shoe on

3 The Middle of Your Back

Britgirl, I just wanna say I can reach that spot.

There is a certain point that we just canoot reach! Gah! - Britgirl

I cannot reach Time to look like a Gorilla! Um sorry Lady I'm trying to scratch the itch of a lifetime & no I don't want your help No stay away I want to feel successful in killing this itch myself! - Curti2594

4 Tongue

When this occurs it Tingles so bad - Curti2594

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5 The Palm of Your Hand
6 In Between Your Fingers

Its weird to have an itch there. I had a itch once. it was weird for me!

7 Lips

That little itch on my bottom lip drives me insane! - Britgirl

8 Eyeball

My parents constantly tell me not to scratch it. IT TAKES A LOT MORE DISCIPLINE THAN I ACTUALLY HAVE. And after you scratch your eye, you're tearing up and you look kind of high because you're eyes are so red... - keycha1n

Hate getting an itch in the eye, my long nails can get dangerously close to blinding me. At least the itch would have gone! - Britgirl

The eyeball is the 1st spot I hate itches at especially it feels like something is crawling on my eye and it makes me wanna cry how bad it itches

9 Bottom

Piles is a terrible thing. Not that I have the you understand. Ahem. - Britgirl

It sucks when your in public because you look nasty if you scratch it. - Popsicles

10 Scalp

This is especially bad if you have a bad case of dandruff.

I get this A LOT! And I hate it so much! Feels like I'm having my skull scraped open! - PositronWildhawk

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11 Head V 1 Comment
12 Inside the Ear

Now this just gets really annoying. - Minecraftcrazy530

13 Roof of Your Mouth

I hate when that happens!

It never stops itching!

Same here

14 Breasts

That would be BAD if you were in public. It mostly itches when you were a bra.

I agree.. My man boobs itch from the hair and sweat.

15 Armpits
16 Under the Skin
17 Elbows V 1 Comment
18 Under the Toe Nail V 1 Comment
19 The inside of your nose
20 Mouth

This hurts so much.

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1. Crotch
2. Soles of the Feet
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1. Crotch
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