Top Ten Worst Parts On the Human Body to Get Punched or Kicked In.

The Top Ten

1 Groin

You feel like you’re going to puke my sister always does this to me, I beat her up

I knew this was gonna be number one. - nintendofan126

Why did I know this would be number 1? - RockFashionista

It feels like you got punched in the stomach, and you're unable to walk. - ryanrimmel

2 Eyeball

I got kicked inside the eye thrice. I don't know whether the kick was in the eyeball or not. - Animefan12

Just thinking about getting punched in the eye make me cringe. - JAE29

Wow. That must really hurt. - cosmo

Sounds like it'd be worse than the groin, never experienced it.

3 Stomach

Got in a fight recently and it just took a few punches to make my abs go purple.

My little cousin punched me in the stomach once!

4 Forehead
5 Nose

I start sneezing uncontrollably when I take a shot to the nose - Mcgillacuddy

I've lost count of the times I've been hit there. - DogsUnleashed

Definitely worse than in the forehead

I had many nosebleeds

6 Teeth

Oh god! I cringe when I imagine that. - cosmo

That's just too painful...I can't imagine how much blood and pain that would take...

Once my sister hit my front tooth with an iPad! - SamuiNeko

Someone call a dentist

7 Neck

I would agree with the neck. Especially around the larynx by throat area. Even while playing around a tap to that area hurts like heck. Can be dangerous as well.

8 Ribs
9 Shin

Hitting your shin on the bar hurts like crap

I still have a dent in my shin from "attempting" parcor... - Cheese567

10 Leg

The Contenders

11 Genital

Also on the crotch.

12 Arm
13 Liver

You'll hit the ground not being able to breath

14 Boobs

I can't imagine how painful this would be for girls. I hope it does not give them breast cancer, though.

I got my boob hit with a ball. Ow.

15 Throat

Possible death

16 Solar Plexus

The part where all the nerves are connected. Even a touch will make it feel like you lost a bunch of energy. - SwagFlicks

17 Spine
18 Mouth
19 Funny Bone
20 Toe
21 Thigh
22 Elbow
23 Head

I got kicked in the head once at cheerleading. It bloody hurt. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

24 Knee
25 Armpit


26 Wrist
27 Jaw


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