Worst Parts of Pokemon X and Y

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1 Wonder Trade

Wonder Trade is just an excuse to get rid of your crap

The first time I tried this, I thought that people would sent each other decent Pokémon. Haha, NOPE. I sent out my Amaura, and I got a Zubat. I sent out Bulbasaur, and I got a Bidoof. It annoyed me so much I wonder traded the Zubat and Bidoof back, only to get even worse Pokémon. Don't even try wonder trade, it's just full of stupid people trying to get cool Pokémon for their rubbish ones.

2 Fairy Type

I liked it just how it was. And how on earth would dragons and dark types be weak to fairies. I mean, think about it. It should be immune or do normal damage to dragons and weak to dark

I use lots of fairy But this isn't offensive. Dragon versus fairy? I thought dragon was the best Pokemon type. But maybe its steel. The fairy type Pokemon are nice, in my opinion.

The reason why fairy is weak to dragons is because in japanese it's called the "magic" type so... yeah I guess magic beats dragons - ass23

These things do not faint!

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3 The new Pokemon

What new Pokemon? Kalos might as well have not had any new Pokemon, as Xerneas, Yveltal, and Greninja themselves make up like 30% of the new Pokemon count.

No Yveltal isn't the only good Kalos Pokemon Xerneas and Greninja are AWESOME Pokemon - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

Sylveon? Scatterbug? BUNNELBY? The only GOOD Gen. 6 Pokémon is Yveltal

4 Team Flare

Complete idiots. After Team Rocket from the game, and STILL waiting for a villainous team that looks cool

I don't get why some people like them! Why are they so pale? It's really strange. - Kevie16

The dumbest outfits, the dumbest people.


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5 People asking for mythicals on the GTS

I can't have Internet, but my friend does. And when he tried to find Houndoom, everyone asked for MEW'S!

It is actually illegal to sell mythicals.

6 Super Training

You must not know anything about competitive battles or winning battles if you think this is a waste of time. - TheStupidHobo

Well, it's kind of fun, but I prefer Pokemon Amie.

It's just a waste of time.

I like it, it lets me train my Pokémon easier

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7 Using Rock Smash and finding wild Pokemon

A wild Dwebble appeared.

2 seconds later... A wild Dwebble appeared.

And so forth

I accidentally found a shiny onix doing, and had no Pokèballs...

8 The Ghost House

This thing is such a waste of your time. I don't want to listen to your "scary" Bunnelby story, old liar.

Meh, not as much of a mystery

There isn't anything to see. U see it all when u come in, then your asked to PAY.

9 It's a long way from the 1st gym to the 2nd

You go through like 6 different routes before getting there

10 Lumiose Badlands

The wind makes BICYCLES slow! How? It's just... Such an ugly place...

Trapinchs are are everywhere,ThE WIND!

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11 Mega Evolution

Yeah still don't like this. It's supposably to make weak Pokemon balence with other but supre strong Pokemon get them too

12 Walking in caves

Wild Pokémon come out of NOWHERE

13 Limited Number of New Pokemon
14 Tierno

Literally, I don't need to say anything else.

Why did he exist?

15 Everyone has Talonflames in the Pokemon Amie

It just gets boring

I have a talomflame but I have never used it in Pokemon Amie.

16 Training
17 HM Moves
18 Fanservice
19 Watching fireworks with Shauna

It felt like she wanted to kiss me! It was horrible! It was by far the crappiest moment EVER in Pokémon! - Pikapop123

Why couldn't it have been with Calem or at the very least Trevor? WHY! I like Shauna and all but I like Calem and Trevor better. Tierno sucks though. - RiverClanRocks

20 Rollerskates

I want them off

21 Cheating

There's a new cheat that lets people use QR codes and the Internet to get amazing, hacked Pokémon that really frustrates me. Can't people just be bothered enough to EARN their Pokémon on the game instead of completely cheating?

22 Professor Sycamore

I Hated Looking For This Guy Throughout The Game. Seriously Stay In One Place Or Something. I Got Lost AsIt Is In Lumiose City

23 Too many Normal-types.

They take up a good chunk of the first three areas so its really hard to make a balanced team aside from the two Pokémon given to you.

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