Worst Passenger Airliners

The Top Ten

1 De Havilland comet

The first jet airliner that caused fatal crashes because of the square windows causing metal fatigue and explosive decompression - sprotz

2 Ilyushin IL-62

This soviet airliner was underpowered and could barely take-off. - sprotz

3 Convair 880

This early jet airliner was known to be smoky and polluting. - sprotz

4 Douglas DC-10

The Turkish 981 incident claimed the lives of over 346 people because the company refused to fix a major problem with the cargo doors that could separate in mid air. Not only that, it also had engine issues which caused the crash of United 232 killing 111 people. - Hellohi

A long serving airliner that had a terrible safety record. - sprotz

5 Martin 202

A propeller driven airliner that had a design flaw that caused constant crashes. - sprotz

6 Tupolev tu-144

A soviet supersonic airliner that often suffered multiple system failures. - sprotz

7 Concorde

This supersonic airliner was only affordable to the rich and business passengers, uneconomic used a lot of fuel, could only fly at supersonic speed over water because it caused a sonic boom that was noisy. One crash was enough to ground this airliner. - sprotz

8 Hawker Siddeley Trident

A British airliner that had quite a high number of crashes. - sprotz

9 Boeing 737 Max

This plane claimed the lives of 346 people. And why is Concorde on this list? - Hellohi

I think it has lots of technical problems. - Userguy44

It’s definitely flawed - Randomator

10 Yak-42

Yet another Soviet airliner. One famous crash wiped out an entire Hockey team. - sprotz

Don't blame this aircraft for the Hockey Team crash. It crashed because of the pilot who kept the brakes on during takeoff. - Hellohi

The Contenders

11 MD-80

This old, slow, ugly and inefficient American airliner is still in service. - sprotz

12 ATR 42
13 United 93
14 Xian m83
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