Top Ten Worst Paw Patrol Characters

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21 Princess of Barkingburg



22 Earl of Barkingburg
23 Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is funny

What is the point of Mr. Porter?


24 Wally

He was a good character until they gave him a wife and a child.

Um he is actually ADORABLE!

I aggre with the adorable one


25 Farmer Umi

No point always like help me with the farm

She really is a meaningless character.

Farmer Al is a lot more boring.

She is so STUPID

26 Farmer Al

Farmer Al is boring and unfunny

So boring

27 Smiley

Smiley is just a stupid frog who steals Skye's helicopter. I wish he stole Chase's police car instead. He is stupid and annoying, and deserves to jump into a volcano

I h8 smiley

28 Robo Dog

He's a robo dog that's rlly only drives and that's the only thing he dose except in the first episode robo dog was seen in he malfunctioned like u would think he would do much more than just drive the paw patroller an the air patroller an I think its called the mini patroller but he may be getting another new thing to drive rumors are there will be a sea patroller I know this because I saw that it will be a new paw patrol toy

29 Dimensional Ryder (Dark Mode)
30 Mandy the Monkey

Mandy is so annoying

31 Carlos

I like Katie better than Carlos

32 Wasp Queen
33 Cat Skye
34 Jake

He is no point he just jokes and takes care of everest

So so but go Everest!

35 Petina

Petina told Yumi a snowstorm was coming. If she wasn't there the crops would have frozen!

Petina is the cow. And she is not arrogant!

Petina is arrogant and smelly and possesses all of the other qualities that you hate about barnyard animals

Who is Petina?

36 Mer-Pup

What the hell is WRONG with you? Mer Pups are magical! They are incredible! What are you thinking? Are you a liar? ENOUGH!

I love Mer Pups I am mad at whoever posted this

Whoever put this on the list is stuck in a syrup container. Merpups are beautiful!

Merpups are so cute whoever put them on the list I want you to get drunk whilst locked inside a loo.

37 Spider King

What an evil monster -DragonsRule

38 The Sea Slug

It is so annoying!

39 Mandy

She is just a retarded moron that literally has no potential to the series at all, I'm glad that monkey is just a side character, it's really ugly and braindead, I actually like Chase More than that thing

40 Meow-Meow
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