Worst Pee Colors

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1 Red

I like the color red, but not in pee because blood is red.

Yup definitely the worst color because red pee is bloody. - andrewteel

What the heck is with this list the only pee I know of is yellow, clear, and red... Who pees blue pee? Or even turquoise and green, I mean seriously people! - Floridagal777

Yeah pretty much any color but yellow or clear! Is not a good combination, but I go with red because that is like really bad!

2 Blue

To the person recommending a doctor: there's no need to call the doctor if you're a girl and on your period. That's when pee is usually bloody.

I thought pee is only--

um really? - andrewteel

This list=what what what. There is no such thing as green, blue, or black pee. Seriously, whoever made this list is either really high or really stupid.

3 Yellow

This is the normal color of pee. All the others (except red) are complete crap.

Just imagine that yellow pee! I wouldn't be able to live with myself anymore!

Shouldn't be yellow. Not unique enough. - ashwinganesan


4 Black

There is no such thing as black pee. - andrewteel


Black? How the hell do you get black pee? Laugh out loud - dragonguy144

Maybe if you ate undissolved Kool-Aid you could get this color of pee. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 Indigo

Indigo is a beautiful color, but if you pee that color then you need to see a doctor.

This list is hilarious! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Green

Don't panic if you have green, it most likely means you have eaten green food dye - pupcatdog

7 White

This is CLEAR PEE!

Clear isn't the same as white. White isn't transparent, also clear pee means drinking too much water (I think). - Qryzx

They say a white pee appears when you pee with your mouse instead of your ass

8 Orange

Pee with a little bit of blood in it

It hapoens

9 Purple

um really? - andrewteel

10 Gray

The Contenders

11 Pink

This is probably bloody pee.

Pink lemonade, made freshly from the animal body! - Powerfulgirl10


12 Turquoise
13 Olive

That's crazy

14 Bordeaux

Dark bloody pee

What color is this? Someone please tell me. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Just look it up.

It's brown.

15 Gold

1 million dollar pee! lol! - andrewteel

This is bright yellow pee

1 Million Dollar Pee!

16 Lilac
17 Silver

Can you sell it alol! :)f..

18 Lime
19 Bronze
20 Magenta
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