Worst Pee Colors


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1 Red

I like the color red, but not in pee because blood is red.

Yup definitely the worst color because red pee is bloody. - andrewteel

What the heck is with this list the only pee I know of is yellow, clear, and red... Who pees blue pee? Or even turquoise and green, I mean seriously people! - Floridagal777

Yeah pretty much any color but yellow or clear! Is not a good combination, but I go with red because that is like really bad!

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2 Blue

I thought pee is only--

um really? - andrewteel

This list=what what what. There is no such thing as green, blue, or black pee. Seriously, whoever made this list is either really high or really stupid.

If your pee comes out in any color other than yellow or clear, consult a doctor immediately.

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3 Yellow

This is the normal color of pee. All the others (except red) are complete crap.

Just imagine that yellow pee! I wouldn't be able to live with myself anymore!

Shouldn't be yellow. Not unique enough. - ashwinganesan

4 Black


There is no such thing as black pee. - andrewteel

Black? How the hell do you get black pee? Laugh out loud - dragonguy144

Maybe if you ate undissolved Kool-Aid you could get this color of pee. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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5 Indigo

Indigo is a beautiful color, but if you pee that color then you need to see a doctor.

This list is hilarious! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Green

Don't panic if you have green, it most likely means you have eaten green food dye - pupcatdog

7 White

This is CLEAR PEE!

Clear isn't the same as white. White isn't transparent, also clear pee means drinking too much water (I think). - Qryzx

They say a white pee appears when you pee with your mouse instead of your ass

8 Orange

It hapoens

9 Purple

um really? - andrewteel

10 Gray

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11 Pink

This is probably bloody pee.

Pink lemonade, made freshly from the animal body! - Powerfulgirl10


12 Turquoise
13 Olive

That's crazy

14 Bordeaux

Dark bloody pee

What color is this? Someone please tell me. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Just look it up.

It's brown.

15 Gold

1 million dollar pee! lol! - andrewteel

This is bright yellow pee

1 Million Dollar Pee!

16 Lilac
17 Silver

Can you sell it alol! :)f..

18 Lime
19 Bronze
20 Magenta
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