Worst People of the 100 Richest People of 2018

You can find the2018 Forbes list of richest billionaires here: http://web.archive.org/web/20180930212956/https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/list/

The Top Ten

1 David Koch

The Koch brothers (David and Charles Koch) have made it their mission to personally control American politics. They've poured hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to support extreme right-wing and libertarian causes. They're against any regulation to address climate change. They've campaigned in support of eliminating Medicare and Medicaid, the government programs providing a basic healthcare safety net for poor and elderly people. They've supported voter repression, attacks on public workers, and elimination of all worker/consumer/environmental protections. Pure evil. - Y2K

Wow this person is putting people here because they are friends with trump or do stuff for trump this list is biased - Dvafan2

It's not "biased" to say that Trump and his friends have done incredible damage to this country. It's a fact. - Y2K

Now I can't wait to see Trump supporters get triggered like SJW's when they see this list.Anyways good list and I learned some stuff too. - DarkBoi-X

2 Rupert Murdoch

CEO of propaganda network Fox News. Implicated in countless corruption scandals, where he tried to buy off politicians using his media influence. Hacked private voicemails. Disgusting man knee deep in misogynistic and elitist culture. - Y2K

3 The Waltons

This group of siblings with inherited wealth are possibly the greediest family of Earth. Walmart workers are treated terribly, with very low pay. The Waltons own more wealth than 40% of the US combined, yet they give almost nothing to charity. - Y2K

4 Gina Rinehart

If you want to get a sense of this repulsive human being, just read this quote from her about poor people: " 'if you're jealous of those with more money...spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing, and more time working." What an elitist piece of trash. Predictably, she's campaigned in support of wage cuts for poor people and tax cuts for people like her, and she doesn't believe in climate change. - Y2K

5 Phil Knight

CEO of Nike during the sweatshop era, when Nike workers in poor countries were treated like slaves. - Y2K

6 Sheldon Adelson

This casino mogul and Trump supporter is also a major apologist for Israeli extremists. In general, he is another union crusher and corporate bankroller of radical Republicans. - Y2K

7 Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos

Treats his Amazon workers terribly, cutting their benefits and worsening their conditions. By far the richest man in the world, he decides to spend his money on space travel instead of helping poor, suffering people here on Earth. - Y2K

True that he is a terrible person, but its OK because he donates to liberal causes.

8 Gennady Timchenko

Putin buddy, corrupt oil baron. - Y2K

9 Leonid Mikhelson

Russian oligarch, controlling Russian politics through a corrupt alliance with Putin. - Y2K

10 Carl Icahn

He's friends with Trump and made it his personal mission to undermine environmental protections. - Y2K

The Contenders

11 George Soros George Soros

The guy is the scapegoat of many of the world's problems and somehow controls the deep state using his left-wing globalist lackeys according to alt-right "conspiracy theorists". - Bolshoy_Brat

George Soros is not one of the 100 richest people. Besides, he is one of the world's biggest philanthropists. - Y2K

King of the left wing lunatics, funds many of their disruptive activities.

12 Carlos Slim
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