Top 10 Worst People on 90 Day Fiancé

The Top Ten
1 Leida, Season 6

She literally told her fiancé to stop paying child support so she could have more things and was extremely rude to his daughter.

Self-centered, fake, and extremely rude.

2 Mohamed, Season 2
3 Luis, Season 5

Another person who obviously used an American for a green card. He never made an effort to do anything. Molly deserved so much better.

4 Azan, Season 4

He said that he loved her 55% on national TV. What a douche.

I honestly think he’s just scamming her for her money. THEY’RE NOT EVEN MARRIED YET.

5 Jay, Season 6

He used her for a green card. Plain and simple.

6 David, Season 5

Annie is so sweet and deserves better than David. He can barely provide for himself and he dragged her along to the US and married her without making proper arrangements first to make sure they’d be okay.

7 Larissa, Season 6

I’ve never seen someone complain so much on the show. She has an issue with everything.

8 Pedro, Season 4

Not understanding at all and always puts his family before his wife. He never seems to realize his own faults.

9 Mark, Season 3
10 Anfisa, Season 4
The Contenders
11 Nicole, Season 4

She’s beyond naive, not understanding, and she keeps dragging her daughter across the globe rather than seeing that Azan is stringing her along and doesn’t want her.

She always puts herself and her wants/needs first, never her daughter.

12 Steven, Season 6

He acted like a child when the mother of his child was going through labor pains and then recovering from a c-section. He was acting like an ass the minute he got to Russia.

13 Tania, Season 7

She left her fiancé in the US and went to Costa Rica in the middle of the 90 days. I can’t imagine moving across the world and then being left in an unfinished shed with no friends and barely hearing from my significant other. She sucks!

It’s always her way or not at all. It looks like she doesn’t want to give Syngin the room he needs to grow and find himself.

14 Jorge, Season 4

All he ever did was lie to Anfisa from the moment they met and blamed her for all of their problems. He never says it directly but it’s obvious he thinks that only money will fix their problems because he thinks she’s a gold digger.

15 Andrei, Season 5

He’s too controlling and even put his own feelings before providing for their new family when she got pregnant in “Happily Ever After.”

16 Chantel, Season 4

She never shuts up and lets Pedro talk. She’s as much of a hypocrite as him.

17 Mursel, Season 7
18 Colt, Season 6

One of the rudest people on the show hiding behind a “sweet mama’s boy” facade.

19 Ashley, Season 6

Held Jay’s green card over his head. He sucked, but you still don’t do that to a person. She should have divorced him and left him alone.

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