Worst People to Back You Up In a Fight

Imagine you're just going into a small fight on the street corner. How would the person affect the situation? Will they make it worse? How would he show what kind of person you are?

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1 Someone Who Secretly Hates You

I can see it now; you're standing up to the bully, and the guy backing you up will act like you insulted the bully's mother or something so you get crushed.

Alright, attack him. What are you doing, I said attack him! No don't come for me go to him! Nooo! - Songsta41

2 A Pacifist
3 A Paraplegic
4 A Cannibal

Might be good at fighting but he'll end up eating everyone and probably you. - RIDDLER2K15

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5 A Blind Guy
6 Your Nan

She might end up getting hurt :( - RIDDLER2K15

7 A Constant Trash Talker

He'll end up making the situation worse - RIDDLER2K15

8 A Nudist V 1 Comment
9 A Nun
10 A Child

Bad idea. The child getting hurt, is worse than you getting hurt. - nintendofan126

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11 A Rapist

He'll go up your back end. Not back you up

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12 A Serial Killer
13 A Zombie
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1. A Child
2. Someone Who Secretly Hates You
3. A Paraplegic
1. A Cannibal
2. A Pacifist
3. Someone Who Secretly Hates You
1. Someone Who Secretly Hates You
2. A Pacifist
3. A Paraplegic

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