Donald Trump

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Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.


Now just to be clear - I HATE HIS GUTS! HE IS A PATHETIC EXCUSE OF A MAN, HE'S SEXIST, RACIST AND OVERALL PLAIN STUPID- but this needs to be heard: even though he has said some bad things and done some bad things, he actually hasn't started any of his evil plans and although we all don't want him as the president it's not fair to put him on this list! I think he needs a chance to prove just how bad he is before we compare him to people like Hitler who have torched innocent people for no good reason. Once again I repeat: I HATE HIS GUTS! HE IS A PATHETIC EXCUSE OF A MAN, HE'S SEXIST, RACIST AND OVERALL PLAIN STUPID!

What the hell is going up with this list? Okay, he's not the candidate we want, Clinton is not the candidate we want, some people don't want Sanders. You can put him on the worst candidates or republicans, but (in history) way too far. He may be a bad president, but if he kills some people, he's not a dictator. If he's racist, that does not mean he is evil. He does not need to be president, but he does not kill thousands of people (like dictators do).

Trump is one of the top Presidents America has ever had. The ultra crazy left hate him because they are lol sheep blindly following all the lies the news tells. His rants on social media are a little out of control sometimes but not all the time. As for his policies he is doing an amazing job, insert here liberal outrage and lies about this great President. The economy is booming, foreign policies and America’s respect have been restored and he is pressing issues that need to be dealt with. Keep terrorist out, keep illegals out, grow the economy, strengthen our military, stand by the greatest system ever that makes America flourish capitalism, he is what America needs. He is not racist, he is not a bigot or fascist or all the little turd liberals protesting would be put in jail or shot the only negative thing about him in office are his tweets. He should be removed from this list Barrack Hussein Osama bin laudin Obama should be number 1

I think Donald Trump might say stupid things but he's not stupid. With people like Hillary Clinton the complete idiot and Bernie sanders the self hating Jew I can see how people are voting for Trump. I mean I would just because I'm a religious Jew from a wealthy family and I think that the rich shouldn't have to give money to people 2 lazy 2 work,

How is Donald trump bad? The media is corrupt! He will say "some illegal immigrants must be deported back to mexico" and then a bunch of stupid idiots go around saying DONALD TRUMP HATES MEXICANS! And abortion? How is it bad to ban murdering babies? Athe least he is not a corrupt criminal like hillary Clinton.

Thank you. These people who hate Donald Trump are driving me nuts. - Untildawn8

I don't even know where to start with him. First of all he's a racist jerk that wants to put a wall along the border of Mexico. Mexico! Just to keep immigrants from coming into the US! If he becomes president we're screwed.

He may be arrogant but it is foolish to say that he is worse than Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and the likes.

Complete jerk only cares about money. Also heard if he is elected he gonna slow and cripple wind and solar power and bring back jobs by starting coal mining again, I have had enough of rich greedy jerks destroying the planet just for money

What tf, are you people serious? There's a lot to say about Donald J. Trump, but he's from from being one of the worst men in history, or currently. Why is he bad? He's a racist you say, why? Because he want people to follow the law and immigrate legally? Is it because "he's literally Hitler", even though Hitler was an antisemite and Trump actually seen to be a great ally of Israel. Is it because he banned all Muslims from entering the US on January 27 2017? Well it can't be that because he never did that, what he did was to put a temporary visa ban on 7 countries that the Obama Administration had chosen to be a danger to the United States. Is it because he's against free trade? Well, that one makes zero sense, he's a business man and know the importance of free trade and the only two he have opposed is NAFTA and the TPP, which is terrible agreements. Is it because he don't believe in climate change? Well there's a big debate that man made climate change is far from the same ...more

There are people more villainous than him! Just because he's a bad president doesn't exactly mean he's the worst.
Then again, because he is doing a horrible job at presidency, I might just listen to the people considering him a villain.
(I do not support Trump.) - MaxAurelius

Laugh out loud, why do people even vote this? I also find it hard to believe that he is above Kim jong-un. He killed many people in his country while Trump absolutely killed or purged no one. - Call

The Trump is so hated (and I hate him too) but if he is so hated how is he still running for president? Maybe because some people are curious about what he will do or just because he'll probaly make everyone laugh at his stupidity. But what is worse about him? His personality or his comb over? - Helloworld

GUYS, I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS LIST! How is Pol Pot, a guy who tried to kill a ton of people, lower than Donald Trump, a below average president but still harmless guy? - Extractinator04

He did it! Building a wall at the borders of Mexico, banning several countries for any kind of access in the USA, cuting taxes for big US companies ( but not for the working people! ), taxing import products ( soon Americans will be forced to buy only American products without any choise and which will make American products more expensive ) etc... But think about it. After he will not be a president anymore all foreign countries will react by imposing taxes to import their wanting and needed products again, import/export equilibrium will lose its value for American products... in other words, America will fall into a economic crisis. And don't forget all the social dammage he will causing for all foreign people living in the USA, the socio-economic dammage in the relationships with foreign countries. Believe me, Americans elected a irrational lunatic and they will pay the price for their mistake in the future.

If he becomes president I'm actually planning on moving to Europe

You have 4 years, Trump. 4 years to prove me wrong. 4 years to prove that you will make America great again. Don't fail us. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He's an awful person and one of the worst presidents, but think, is he really the FIFTH worst person of ALL TIME? - PeeledBanana

He could be the next Adolf Hitler. I hope Trump never becomes president! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well, now Trump won and is going to be the 45th president of the United States. I swear, he better be good like Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, because if he doesn't, he could screw up big time and leave our entire nation in flames with his blatant personality being unbecoming of a president and the many outright idiotic policies he plans to put into place. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

WHY is Trump ahead of Columbus? Number 8? Really? He is BAD but not THAT BAD

I am one of those people who used to fear Trump becoming president of the US. However, he doesn't seem to be so bad now. - LemonComputer

He is one of the worst people fist of all he discriminates people who would like to be discriminated by there apperceive not me for sure and why does he want to send immagrant if we are all somehow immagrants we are all conceded somehow instead of going against each other wich is something Donald Trump wants to start let's just have peace and talk about our differences and similarities we are all human being so let's start by having peace with each other if we don't there is always some type of consequence he is going to start war that may not destroy him but many people are going to die why let that happen if the only thing we need to do is socialize by one another and come with a agremant and not discriminate one another

Let's put him in jail AND BUILD A WALL AROUND IT so he can't get out!

He is flat out a horrible human being. He has made racist, sexist and hateful comments of all kinds. He is also an idiot who knows nothing about being president.

Not the worst ever, but one of the worst. Still, I'd take him over Kim Jong Loon any day.

He's has a bad dream for the people, his plans are unknown.