Worst People On ICanHazChat


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1 t***orgtfo

Lame naked fat girl room dictated by a tranny that lives in aus named bumping.

2 Randommm
3 MeloraMolly

Sucks, uses the room for her own. Get some confidence and be a real camwhore (acknowledge is impossible). Also looks 12.

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4 Supervisor
5 GirlRacer

Pretty cool cat to be honest.

Don't know if she will be around soon.

Looks like a longboard and faps like an old lady on crack. Seriously I can't stop thinking about how ugly she is. Am I in love?

6 Bambi

She kind of reminds me of a turtle. That is the only thing going for her, other than... Vomit

7 Chormondor

She sucks. I wish she would go away and not come back. She's really annoying.

No way, hands down sexiest thing on that whole site! I would gladly lick every, and I do mean part of her body! She seems damaged and like she'd enjoy being abused, way hott!

8 Heroin

The hottest one of the girls... I love her.

Haha I was def the hottest!

9 SailorJessica

She kind of looks like a boy. It confuses my boner. Also she has too much of a harry potter fetish for my tastes

10 Bank

The Contenders

11 KarmaKing
12 BigPoop
13 Tsimf***is
14 Imadick

Trolliest troll mod in all of ichc, trufax, he's a cool guy. He kicks people without reason and doesn't afraid of anything. , I heard he's super sexy IRL. Js. , he also goes by the name kingdick or lordofalldicks, he was born on mars and piloted the U.S.S Enterprise, he was voted worst actor of the year consecutively, 2001-2012, he has an average sized penis. I don't like average sized penises. , he wangspun. - imadick

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15 Grasshopper

He has such a I know more than you attitude... Far too suave and sophisticated to be on ICHC

I am so smart... I am going to run another room in the ground

Telling so many lies on people trying to make himself look more important

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16 ElSancho
17 apenguin

Ass like a pugs face. Always wants attention and will use guys to hate on a particular person by making out she is the victim.

Snobby fat bitch wearing a perpetually smug expression. Ass full of cellulite does not equal sexy, sweetheart.

She has lost a lot of weight actually, and gained a lot of Kink.

She's the absolute worst. A classic example of nasty bitch with an over inflated ego because of all the thirsty dudes on there.

18 FredSavagee
19 charchar
20 foggy

This guy should be put to death

What a lame ass guy

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