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21 Westcoastcontrol

Aww him changed his nick... Well flossie changing your nick doesn't change your failure... Try harder... Remember you can run but you can't hide

Derhuh look at me I am a room owner... Derhuh I look like the stay puff marshmallow man

Her der I made a room for men to cam in I'm special

You're banned... He seems to like that even though he professes to dislike "Nazi" modding

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22 chrishansen

Creeper and feeds off others work..

Mod in winning, takes ICHC too seriously, pedophile and general creep

Great mod, probably why his room always has the best cammers

23 Cookie

We get it u vape

24 Trichan
25 Hellokitty
26 Applefastapple
27 Natcake

She is very sweet and amazingly hot! One of the best good looking girls on that site!

28 Zombiebuffet

If I was sitting in a room with Hitler and Zombiebuffet and two bullets I would shoot Zombiebuffet twice. Thanks for reading. Yes, twice.

She left and that makes me happy. She deserves every bad thing happening to her. I just hope life treat her as bad as she did with us.

Most disappointing person you will find there. Don't trust her she will use you and then betray you

29 Baconbitarded

Floods the chat too much with his "humor" and long name

30 April
31 lizzylicious

Huge slut but also bipolar and rude for no apparent reason

32 Hummingbird
33 Moartits
34 capnhook
35 BigBootyBitch

Will get condescending with you and even ban without good reason. Lets the mod power go to her head. Horrible person.

36 lightsaber_nipples
37 Wrath

Has a personality disorder which makes him unpredictable and unbearable

Use to be called Wickerheart.. Same lame ass bipolar guy

38 kameradphuhrenzix

Thinks too highly of himself, rude 24/7

Alpha-sheep in a herd. Watch your antlers tiny goat.

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39 hennessy

Pretends like he knows what he's talking about. Doesn't actually know what he's talking about.

Has a massive and unwarranted sense of self importance.

Debates you based on what he thinks you're saying rather than asking to clarify.

Terrible human being, no redeeming qualities.

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40 Black_Catz

Makes alts in order to obtain dick pictures of men in room.

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