Worst People at Punk Rock and Metal Shows/Gigs/Concerts/Festivals


The Top Ten

1 Nazis, White Power People

D- bags. Circling the pits doing their stupid "salute". Cowardly will find guys with their girlfriends or in low numbers and jump them. By the end of the night though, people would get fed up and they would usually get beaten down badly. Even though their mainly associated with punk rock, There's way more of them at metal shows (here in So.Cal). - THC13

2 Gangstas

Mainly cholos here where I'm from. They're everywhere and I don't know why. They're at things their not even into. At punk shows, metal shows, reggae shows, raves, clubs, there's no escaping them here. - THC13

3 Guys Who Grope Girls Crowd-Surfing Or Pitting, Moshing

Not cool man. - THC13

4 Bouncers, Security

A lot of places hire these roided out, emotionally unstable, alpha male jocks and thugs for security. They're too quick to put hands on people. Actually, a lot of the times, its more then "putting hands on you". They will straight slug you in your face. They're usually even rougher with scrawny young little kids. It's pathetic. - THC13

5 People Who Come Looking For A Fight

Always a couple of these tough guy idiots at most shows. At least they're not looking to shoot or stab you like the cholos. - THC13

6 People Who Get Mad In The Pit

Come on man. Your going to get pushed, shoved, elbowed, hit, slapped, possibly bloody and everything else. If you can't handle it, don't get in - THC13

7 People Who Trample And Kick You When You Fall In The Pit

Pit etiquette 101 - When your in the pit and someone is on the floor struggling to get up, HELP THEM UP. - THC13

8 Groupies

Have some self respect. - THC13

9 The Person Standing Next To You Who Scream Every Word To Every Song At The Top Of Their Lungs During The Whole Show

Had this guy next to me at a Pixies show. Look, I know your stoked and I do appreciate your enthusiasm. But come on, knock it off, it's annoying. I paid to hear them not you. - THC13

10 Hecklers

Attention seeking self important idiots. Why are you there? You paid money to heckle and harass the band? I love it when band members get fed up and jump down to beat that ass. Seen it a couple of times. - THC13

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