Ten Worst People Who Choose to Target You to Sit Next to On Public Transport

Come on, we've all had them or are guilty of being at least one of these. But which is the worst? Add your own if you feel the need.

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1 Sniffers
2 Coughers
3 Loud Talkers

Oh yeah, loud talkers. You'd very very unfortunate if your sitting partner is one of them. And if they talk rubbish all the time... - Kiteretsunu

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4 Chavs

"Yeah. yeah, yeah, blud. I'm, like, gonna knock that fool out, innit? Smoke some weed and get, like, proper wasted man."

Do you have permission from your mummy to act like a total tool? Hmm? - Britgirl

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5 Chewing Gum Eaters
6 Moaners

I'm on the bus, and Mr. Frown is right near me, moaning with all his emotion, " Oh, why, why, did I choose to wear green socks to work? " - HezarioSeth

7 Fidgeters
8 Those Who Fall Asleep On You

The amount of times people have used my breasts as pillows. Honestly! I wouldn't rest my head on random mens laps (! ) - Britgirl

Random 80 year olds do this so much when I'm going to bball practice! - CityGuru

9 Hummers

I always try to guess the tune and get annoyed with myself when I can't! - Britgirl

10 People Playing Loud Music On Their Headsets That Everyone Can Hear

Now, I'm serious, this is very annoying. It makes you look such a moron. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 Teachers

You know when you have a teacher sitting next to you by their coffee and cigarette breath. - Britgirl

12 People that think they're so cool

I hate these kind of people with a few exceptions. - Therandom

13 Those People That Won't Stop Kicking Your Seat
14 Those People That Throw Things At You
15 Selfie Takers
16 Terrorists
17 Masturbating Jerks
18 People Who Kill As a Hobby
19 Those People That Play Music Ridiculously Loud
20 Gum Placers
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1. Those People That Won't Stop Kicking Your Seat
2. Those People That Throw Things At You
3. Those People That Play Music Ridiculously Loud
1. Sniffers
2. Coughers
3. Loud Talkers



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