Top Ten Worst Peppa Pig Characters


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1 Peppa Pig Peppa Pig

She's a pathetic, spoiled, snobby hog. She teases her own family, and neglects her brother. - Catacorn

She is a bratty, fat pig that gets away with all the bad things she does. She deserves this spot. - Powerfulgirl10

Peppa is disgusting idiotic pig. Peppa and her family are more disgusting than realistic pigs because Peppa and her family have their minds.

SHE'S THE WORST - JerryTheBest

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2 George Pig George Pig

George is mediocre but his crying causes stress in myself. Otherwise he's alright.

He's such a crybaby. - Powerfulgirl10

I hate George Pig's crying. I hope one of MGM Lions can eat him.


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3 Suzy Sheep

She is terrible

She says "baaah" every 3 seconds. - Catacorn

Oh gosh peppas lame friend


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4 Mummy Pig

She is so ugly and she never shows discipline to the kids. Plus if I hear that pathetic snort once more...

SHE'S BORING - JerryTheBest

This bitch is so horrible to her husband in the adults series. She constantly prays that daddy pig dies and that is horribld - Gurrtastic

5 Grandpa Pig

He snorts way too much, he's stressful and he's over 60! Pigs can't live up to that age! He should be dead by now.

He is so angry because his wife's poultry ate his lettuce.

I CAN'T STAND HIM - JerryTheBest

6 Rebecca Rabbit

All she talks about are carrots. Can't stand this squeaking hare.

She has one million jobs like a...


7 Daddy Pig

His stomach is gigantic. - Catacorn

If he doesn't lose weight soon he'll end up on 600 Pound Life.

He can,t get fit

FATTY - JerryTheBest

8 Pedro Pony

When he's older, he'll get detentions every day. - Catacorn

He's a doofus. Why is he always late to school. He needs a detention slip someday.

The most DUMB, STUPID, SLOW character. I hate Pedro so much.

HE'S DUMB - JerryTheBest

9 Baby Alexander

Can't stand this insult to newborn piglets...


10 Chloe Pig

I have a big sister named Chloe, and when I see this character, I think that she's insulting my sister's name. My sister was also born in 2000, so yeah.

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11 Grandma Pig

Better than Grandpa Pig, and I can't find anything to say about her, except that her snorting is annoying! She still is a bad character though.

She's evil! She has a male rooster and female chickens, that means the eggs are fertilized but she still eats them

12 Mr. Fox

I have a question. Every item Mr. Fox sees, why does he always take it to his shop? I think he should die!

I wanna slit his throat

He Only Cares About His Shop I Bet He Doesn't Have A Dead Person.
On The Episode "The Children's Fete He Took Everything Without Paying.

He Should Die

Die, die, die, die, die, die, die, Mr. Fox, go to hell forever! Stupid retarded fox.

13 Emily Elephant

I write PP parodies with the title of Pepper Pag where Emily (named Enemy Elifunk) is her rival.

14 Danny Dog

God his voice is annoying. I absolutely hated him on Dens. He was an obnoxious jerk. And his woof-woof, ugh!

15 Edmond Elephant

At least he is the only toddler who can say more than 3 words. Probably the smarter than any character in the series. - Yona_db

It is hard to see him sad all by just himself.

16 Mummy Sheep

Never a strict mother and has autism.

I hate her but let's not call things we hate autistic ok. It's not nice

17 Mr. Wolf

I love wolves but hate Mr. Wolf. He always is trying to "eat" the pigs and they're all people so it's creepy.
He should be taken out

18 Candy Cat

I hated it when she said Baby Alexander was much sweeter than George. That's from The Baby Piggy.

19 The Narrator

I hate it when he has to state the obvious. Like when someone in the show is doing something, he has to point out that they're doing it. Just stop him...

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