Worst Peppa Pig Episodes

Most of these ideas are daddy pig torture, daddy pig looks like my favourite brother :( also Peppa pig sucks

The Top Ten

1 Fun Run
2 Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue
3 My Cousin Chloe
4 Piggy In the Middle

This episode shows how childish peppa is

5 The Noisy Night
6 Biggest Muddy Puddle In the World

Well... no that wasn't even the plot

7 Mr. Skinny Legs

What kind of name is that? - Powerfulgirl10

Oops I meant Australia

This got banned in Austrilia

"spiders can't hurt you"
"everyone likes mr. skinny legs"
don't let kids hear those 2 wrong facts - BlueBobYT

8 Edwin's Birthday Party

Yet another episode which shows how childish peppa pig is

9 The Sleepover
10 The Quarrel

Dumb episode - Minecraftisawesone

Peppa and Suzy Sheep has low IQ.

The Contenders

11 The Thunderstorm
12 Picnic

At the end, as if he hasn't been tortured enough, they force him to give his piece of cake to ducks.

Daddy pig is tortured

13 Chatterbox
14 Edmond Elephant’s Birthday Party

It is not Edwin’s birthday party. The toddlers all cry like brats. Just watch it and you will see why

15 Daddy Gets Fit
16 Hiccups
17 Digging Up The Road
18 The Doll Hospital
19 Dens
20 Funfair
21 Muddy Puddles
22 Camping
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