Worst Percy Jackson Character Deaths

Which was the saddest character death, whether they came back or not?

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1 Jason Grace Jason Grace

I shipped him with percy and he was a good character so rick just HAS to bring him back in the tyrant's tomb

I don't know why I have a gut-feeling that Rick MIGHT resurrect him...He doesn't deserve his fate. Sadly, he was one of my favorite characters...

Sorry people that like Jason. But this is not the saddest. - Riverstix5555

Lemme just say, biggest of OOFs when this happened. Also, the death is very adult if that makes sense? Just a very dark and intense scene afterwards with the body that really reminds me that Rick is now writing for an older audience.

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2 Zoe Nightshade

I cried so much and my mom came in to my bedroom looking at me like an idiot

I balled my eyes out when she died

AGHHH! I think my heart and soul went to the stars with her

I just can't believe such a store character to just die

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3 Bob

"Bob says hello"

Bob is the best character ever it was so sad when he died in the Kane Chronicles when Hedge killed him

so sad

I WUV BOB! He is the best character ever. He even has the beat name!

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4 Luke Castellan

Let’s just say, there were tears. Lots. Of. Tears

What Luke did was wrong but I understand why he did it. How many half bloods died at the streets because the gods did not help. How many kids died because the gods were screwing around but not taking responsibility. How many kids died because the gods were too prideful to give the minor gods, their cabins. What Luke did was wrong, he tried to stop killing with killing. He did the wrong thing for the right reason.

He gets killed by a Triton that Percy held in the movie. Then in the sequel, get eaten by giants. Ouch! Get's two deaths in one franchise.

Zoe's and his were sad as hell.

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5 Bianca di Angelo

"You've grown."

Bianca--she was my favourite character for a while. Her sisterly overprotectiveness, her desire to please--they reminded me of myself. Yet, the true travesty of her death was not it in itself but the impact in had on Nico. It's somewhat challenging to imagine Nico as the little bean of wonder he was after he lost the second mother-figure in his life--even more devastating as she chose rebirth. I hope Bianca finds peace.

It was so sad I almost died inside! It turned Nico into this sad depressed little boy and he just hated everything and he didn't deserve it.

When she died I was so sad. Why, Rick Riordan, Why.

Oh Bianca, we all miss you! When I read this I gasped and the waterworks came like a roaring river. You had so much potential! You were so young too! Why Rick? Why not kill someone else? (*-*) :'( :'( :'( :'(

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6 Charles Beckendorf

Very abrupt death. Made me tear up

Left me sobbing in my sister's lap like whyy - lbelle0527

This proves rick is pure evil
yet I still read him in hopes that he comes back

I literally started crying. I love Hephaestus children. They’re so underrated. I shopped Beckendirf and Silena so much and now they’re both dead. Way to go Rick. Ruining people’s lives. Thanks very much.

7 Silena Beauregard

So sad...

All these other deaths were heart wrenching and well written. But this character should have survived! She was what a real strong Aphrodite girl is, not Piper. Silena owns the beauty and girliness, and that's part of what makes her such a wonderful, feminist character. Imagine if she was one of the seven! How interesting that would've been! A sweet daughter of Aphrodite who was a former spy(and people would probably still be whispering about it) who wants redemption. And she lost her boyfriend. Though this death was well written and served as great development for Clarisse, it was a waste of potential - PineconeFace

She should not have died! Cried so much, especially when she tried to make up for spying.

8 Pan

Alright kids let me teach you something, so as it states throughout multiple series by Rick Riordan; If people start not worshiping/believing in a god the god will "fade away" or die. This is exactly what happened to Pan.
Have I educated you? Good, now goodbye.

Pan can't Die he is a God

You can't just die you are a god you do not die if your a god. It unfair to Grover to find and be excited then you just die and break his heart. YYOURR A GGGOOD.

Seriously Grover spent almost all his life looking for Pan, and when he finds him, Pans all like "Oh, hey Grover. If you don't mind I'm gonna die right now. Go tell the others.

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9 Tyson

A sad death indeed. Hoping for a comeback in the coming series.

He doesn't die

He survives! The water heals his wounds! He didn’t die!

10 Ethan Nakamura

Ethan died in a noble way. I'm glad he's in Elysium now.

At least he received Elysium - Camaro6

Why did he have to die. I'm happy he's in Elysium, though.

I am so happy he is in Elysium. Yay!

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11 Hazel Levesque Hazel Levesque

She died in the past dumbbells. - Riverstix5555

She died then came back through the doors of death idiots

I don't think hazel dies

How did hazel die?

12 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase

She didn't die did she?

I am thanatos annebeth is next

No she' can't be dead.

She isn't dead y do people think she is - chubbypanda394

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13 Festus

My FAVORITE character. I'm a big fan of of dragon's, reptiles, machines, etc.. WHY RICK!?

His death was so sad but heroic

When Festus died I cried for hours and hpurs. It may seem weird that Leo thinks a machine is his friend but... IMAGINE YOUR PET DIES!

I cried WHY

14 Thalia Grace Thalia Grace

She came back to life thanks to the golden fleece.

She died so Annabeth, Grover, and Luke could get back to camp half blood safely. Thalia didn't have the saddest death but it is forgotten. Thalia was thrown by a cyclops. Zeus saved her by making her a tree. She came back to life by the golden fleece

15 Octavian

That A-hole deserved to die. Hope he ended up in the fields of punishment.

Be honest, who could actually be sad that Octavian died? What a terrible character.

Leo should have cursed him that he has to live in tartarus and when he dies he just comes back to tartarus and dies again.

How is this bad this death everyone should have had a party - lbelle0527

16 Castor

Castor was one of the twins. Imagine losing a friend that haven't been separated from you since you were born. Just imagine, just imagine how hard it would be for his twin, Pollux. Losing a twin was unimaginable, unbearable. I was stunned when Castor was killed. Remember that they were named after the constellation, Gemini. In the mythology, Castor died, and Pollux, being the son of Zeus, was heartbroken, and asked his father to turn them into constellations, which he did. But, sadly, in real life, their father, Dionysus was not able to do that. Pollux was forced to accept the disturbing fact of his twin's death. I just wished that Castor could go in Elysium.

17 Grandma Zhang

We barely knew her but she was such an amazing character

Seriously,Frank only has her left

18 Frank Zhang

Not dead - Camaro6

Frank... didn't die - chubbypanda394

Since when did frank die? - lx4198

Errr... Frank's not dead ovo

19 Magnus Chase

Yeah, he did. It was basically the first thing that happened in the whole book...

He is not dead

20 Hera

Really don't care even though she doesn't die... I hope

I think annabeth agrees that nobody likes Hera

21 Damasen

I cried so much when he and Bob died in Tartarus

He is liy

22 Crest

He saved the day. Hopefully Apollo will make him a Music God too.

23 Coach Hedge

It was so sad when Coach Hedge died he died a heroes death I still cry weeks after he died in the Lightning Thief

He was mentioned in the Last Olympian

Ummm wait I don't think that he died. Plus he didn't even come out until the Hero's of Olympus series.

24 Lee Fletcher

Why does nobody care about him? He was crushed by a giant for gods sake.

25 Esperanza Valdez
26 Calypso Calypso

She did not die

She died protecting Leo

27 Uncle Randolph

He is alive but he trying to see his family who are dead - lbelle0527

28 Daedalus/Quintus

Ya sooo sad
but how do they use the laberinth in The Burning Maze

He died as a hero sacrificing himself to save camp half blood. Destroying the labrinth and the monsters with it

29 Heloise

I was so had Lester/Apollo should do some godly thing for her

She was Jo and Emmie's beautiful griffin, one of a pair of the only breeding griffins left. I was honestly so sad when she died:(

30 Leneus

He was a great satyr at the very end, when Grover turned him into a sapling and gave it a blessing, that was just sad ;-;

31 Sammy Valdez

The potentials on what he and Hazel might have been leaves me bawling. Rest in peace, Valdez 1.0.

32 Michael Yew

He sacrificed his life to buy Percy more time.

33 Agamethus

They are so underrated, even though troph was a kinda bad person, they didn't deserve their fats :(

34 Percy Jackson Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.
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