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1 Piper McLean

I hate that whining little brat! Thank you for putting her in her place. She is constantly drooling over Jason, gets jealous for no reason, fishes for compliments, constantly has to get her butt saved, but only appreciates her savior if it's Jason. And she whines about her life much more than other characters who have WAY more rite to. Percy had an abusive stepfather, Leo's mother died and his aunt Rosa turned his family against him, Hazel was born in segregation and lost her mother and SHE died as well, only to sacrifice Elysium so her mother wouldn't face punishment, Franks mother died in a war, Jason was taken from his family when he was two years old, Nicos mother died, his memory was wiped, and he was plopped out of time for many years, Reyna had to kill her father to protect her sister, Thalia's mother fell off the wagon and Thalia thought she lost her little brother, had to run away, then her mother died in a car accident. And what does Piper whine about? HER FAMOUS DAD doesn't ...more

Well too bad. None of the others got bullied huh? HAZEL GOT SEGREGATED for Petes sake! And tormented by Gaia and her mother at times. Percy got bullied by Nancy and his abusive stepfather in book one, and Matt in book two. Leo would've gotten bullied but he handled it himself. Frank got bullied by pretty much everyone but Hazel and Reyna in the Roman camp. Piper got bullied by a couple snobby girls. That's it. And yes I respect her being a tomboy daughter of Aphrodite, but if you want that title, Pipes, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO ACT LIKE A TOMBOY. She doesn't. And sometimes using your head is what's best, sometimes using your heart is. And that's kinda the problem with Piper. We don't need to know how pretty she is every other chapter. Jasper annoys the heck out of me, which is a shame because Jason is awesome. And are you nuts? Of course Piper can't defend herself, because she's a fictional character! Go slap YOURSELF. Then take a hike. A permanent one

All of you, shut the hell up about Piper McLean. Here are my reasons.
1. She does not draw attention to herself. It says so SPECIFICALLY in the Lost Hero. Jason says she's cute, but tries not to be. She treats others as equals, and that's why she's considered a breaker of the Aphrodite stereotype. She never even told anyone other than her closest friends that her dad is a famous actor.
2. She is not whiny. Sure, she complains. I ask all of you Piper-haters, how many of you had the boy you like (even if it was a fake memory) forget you? how many of your fathers your kidnapped? You haven't known what she's been through, you would all be whiny then. And furthermore, she is just one of the few characters who actually still has a parent, and loves and cares for him. Frank, Hazel, Jason, and Leo don't have to worry anymore, as sad as they are.
3. Charmspeak is not a bad power! It is far more useful than water, lightning, and death manipulation, more than shapeshifting or magic. She ...more

Compare book 1 Piper to book 5 Piper. In book 1, we saw the Piper we all imagine. In book 5, we saw the Piper with the same infuriating personality but also an obviously forced attempt to make her a better fighter and to fit the "Likeable" ideal we saw with Jason, which was worse. Shifting gears, focus on how books 3-4 were written. A series of predicaments that one of the seven or another uses their skills to solve. While many of these felt natural, the problems that Piper featured in met a very narrow set of circumstances to allow a reasonable way out for the gang. Riordan also develops her talents to broaden the situations and, while this is not exclusive to her (Hazel using the Mist) it does seem more obvious. One last thing to analyze is personality and her life. First we should touch on the issue of parentage. While this isn't her fault, her reaction to it is. In terms of godly parents, her and Jason clearly lucked out, compared to the difficulties Leo and Hazel faced-along with ...more

2 Rosa Valdez

She called Leo a DEMON child! How rude is that? It wasn't even the olden times like Hazel! It was MODERN TIME! How dare you?

Hate her. Made leo feel bad. Me kill her

She was just so mean to Leo, and he didn't do anything to deserve that.

Anyone who makes Leo suffer I hate

3 Octavian

As I read these comments, I face a dreadful decision about how this fan base reacts to Octavian. Nobody really understands that he may actually be calling for understanding from the beginning. His family was one the most highest and respected in the roman communities and imagine trying, to live up to that. Remember people judge and if your family was well respected and people were acting very strange or nicer than they usually are, or treating you better than every one else. It will makes you feel like an outcast and then trying to live up to his family's image

I believe there is more than meets the eye with this character.

Octavian only cares about power, and he tried to destroy camp half-blood! How is he not first?

I feel like most people just took him for the guy you can always hate right away. There's definitely a lot more to him and there's definitely worse characters. It was sad when he died because maybe if someone had reached out or helped him understand he wouldn't have been so crazy. I think Rick Riodan meant for his death to sad but a lot of people don't feel that way.

Er..he kills innocent teddy bears for fun. That is the definition of evil.

4 Drew Tanaka

See Number 4 for Piper Mclean. Also, I LIKE Piper, stop whining about her!

Drew is just rude, I have no idea why Piper is above her. I mean, seriously, why does everyone hate Piper? She isn't anything like person people describe her as. Piper saved everyone at some point, so I don't want to hear people saying that she's worse than Drew.

Nah, Drew is great. Unlike Piper, she has character. She's cool, stands up for herself and has her own opinions and will say it. Unlike Piper, who hides behind Jason and only cares about Jason. And her many insecurities, of course. Drew was the highlight of the Lost Hero.

Am I the only one wondering how Piper is more hated than Drew? I mean seriously. I LIKE Piper. Yeah, she's a bit of a Mary Sue, but not to much to get annoying. Compared to Drew she actually is pretty deep, and her complaining about her father is very normal. Don't compare her reasons to the others in the seven, actually think about why she's complaining. And who says tomboys can't be tomboyish on most occasions but act girly sometimes? She is the daughter of Aphrodite.

5 Jason Grace

Jason is honestly, to me at least, just Riordan trying to repeat his success with Percy. Except all those personality traits, and flaws, and goofs were just taken out and replaced with perfect golden-boy. His flaws are not really addressed, his relationships with other people is half hearted at best, he doesn't have anything that really makes him stand out and be worthy of the protagonist title. Even Piper said that he stuck to the rules to much and he never evolved past it- the reason why Percy is such a great leader is because he 1) new when to break the rules 2) understood imperfection/mistakes because he himself had a lot of flaws 3) he had a legitimate build up to why he was doing what he was doing. Jason was just raised by wolves, dropped off at camp, and became leader because of his daddy. You don't know why he wants to protect or fight for people because he doesn't make connections with any of them.

I despise Jason. That is simply because of Piper's unfounded adoration of him. How dare he force Percy Jackson out of the camp? How dare he assume he could beat Percy in a battle? Jason is a cold, flat character who understands duty, and that is it. He has no sense of humour, major character flaws or character development, and we are expected to love him, believe he is 'the bravest'. Percy offered to relinquish his praetorship for him, and he DID NOT DECLINE. Excuse me? Did you restore honour to the legion and defeat and army of Gaea's forces? Percy did more than you ever could, all in four days. My hatred is founded in the fact that he competes with Percy, and he does it with unabashed arrogance and expectation. If any hero had to die, I would rejoice if it was him. He offers no entertainment value, except when Percy finds an opportunity to prove how much greater he is.

The book makes him seem like he's an amazing leader but in all honesty, he doesn't seem very special other than the fact that he has strong powers. Piper says "He was the bravest person she knew" blah blah but in his point of view in the first book all he ever talked about was how scared he was and ugh. He didn't have a distinct personality or certain traits that made you like him

Jason Grace is really not so much a person and more of just a character with a pretty much nonexistent personality. With the other characters we got to see their flaws and troubles which made their achievements shine so much more. With Jason everything he does is perfect, which substantially takes away from the allure of his character. He doesn't really impact the plot or the characters around him, with an exception to Piper and her unfounded love and appreciation of him. Sure, he's brave and that is perfectly fine, every character in this series show extreme courageousness in one way or another. But being brave cannot being a person's only character trait because if it is then that person just really isn't a person. The reason this series's characters work so well is that they all have flaws and and that make us love and root for them. There isn't much to discuss about Jason because, being quite honest, there isn't much there.

6 Hera

Hera did what she had to, sure, but couldn't she have done something useful herself?

Ugh... nobody likes Hera. It's not the demigods' fault for EXISTING!

Ok, Hera in Percy Jackson time isn't so terrible.Annoying and kinda bad, yes. But not terrible. But in Greek myths she kills pregnant women because they had affair with her husband, sends snakes on little babies just because they dare to be her husband's kids and dare to live(now, it's time, you gasp at the horrible deeds this baby has done and realize that Hera had to try to kill this innocent child). She is constantly making lives horrible for every demigod child of Zeus, like it is their fault Zeus is their father. - PercyJacksonfan

Used to think she was the worse...until I read the myths about her husband.

7 Piper

Since the moment I heard of her, I kind of hated Piper. First of all, Piper is always called pretty. Like, we get it. And you can go on saying that it's her fault and stuff but actually, she just TRIES to draw attention to herself. Like she goes and tells everybody her father Tristan Mclean, like if you want to keep it a secret, ACTUALLY KEEP IT A SECRET. Plus she seems a bit narcissistic, don't you think? She also always plays the damsel in distress, like go ahead and actually solve your problems instead of just whining about it. She's literally so insecure, and not the type of insecure you can relate to, like weight issues or anything, she's always just so whiny about everything like everything has to go her way and then an "insecurity" about Jason is thrown in so you can feel sorry for her? No. Stop. The only thing she does is charm speak, I mean you could hire a middle age salesperson to replace her. Oh, and obsess over Jason. And get jealous. Other than that, I kind of just hate ...more

Anybody who is saying piper is bad cause she is whiny clearly just got the story from Wikipedia. Because she is not that whiny. Yes she complains because her dad was captured by Gaia who was trying to force piper to choose to betray and kill her friends, or let her own father die. Oh...yeah. I'm sure that is nothing to cry about. And it certainly doesn't help that her boyfriend forgot about her and she found out all her memories are fake. Yeah of course she has nothing to cry about. And she didn't broadcast her father being famous, it just slipped one time. The other times was with trusted friends. (what you cannot share secrets with your friends? )

And yes she is a bit of the jealous type but anybody who actually READ the series not just skimmed would know that is her fatal flaw and she is Aphrodite cabin so jealousy wouldn't surprise me.

And useless? She got rid of ghosts that possessed Jason and Leo to kill each other and even Percy. She put Hercules in line.

I LOVE Piper. She's strong, brave, she brought someone back from the dead! That was within weeks of finding out she was a demigod. And also, she's the first Aphrodite child we see that doesn't care about appearances. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look fabulous, but Riordan points out that you don't have to love makeup, Jewelry and clothes to be a child of Aphrodite. Piper shows us what it truly means to be a child of Aphrodite. It means to be loving, not breaking hearts. She realizes that Aphrodite is the most powerful god/goddess, that her power trumps ZEUS'. I'm pretty sure if you're more powerful than the so called "King of the Gods", you're pretty awesome. Also, why is she #1 and 10 on this list?

Yup, she's here twice. That's how bad she is

8 Gabe Ugliano

Oh my God he's literally an abusive deadbeat dad, how could anyone vote for Piper over Gabe.

Gabe was SO mean to Sally and Percy, he treated them like his servants. He should be #1.

Okay. This makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. Gabe and Octavion are apparently MORE KIND, WARMHEARTED, and a BETTER CHARACTER than Piper, Jason, and Frank. I don't get this list. Why are people hating on Piper. Yes, the other six have problems, but you're not Piper, and she might be more hurt than what meets the eye. And look. She's not whining. All the other characters are worried too. And Piper's doing the same, but classified as a WHINER. I don't believe this.

I feel like everyone here is thinking about whether a character is good or bad. But honestly I judge a character by their character development, not whether they are good or bad. Yes obviously Gabe was not one of the good characters but he was meant to be bad! Imagine every character being like a tree. They have branches coming out of them which show their personality. You can't hate them just because of one of the branches they have because they are meant to have that branch! But if you don't like a character BECAUSE of it's branches, their personality, then that's fine. Honestly, Gabe is alright for character development. Shame he's dead.

9 Tartarus

Tartarus is a land but he can take a human form.

How is Tartarus not number 1?!

That's a place not a person

No read House of Hades

10 Meg McCaffrey

The girl has to deal with a manipulative Nero who pretends to care about her but in reality just controls and uses her. And she still manages to stay on the right side and help Apollo. I get that she might be overpowered, but it's a nice change to see a powerful daughter of Demeter. (because in the previous series we only see children of Demeters growing plants) - EllenseaFornost

She is a child, who doesn't understand the difference between good and bad. Also, she had a tragic past (obviously), is a very good fighter (why? ), her stepfather is evil (because why not? ) and she is useless, but everyone worries about her. Really, Uncle Rick? She's a Mary Sue. Definitely a Mary Sue. And I won't say anything more about her.

I love Meg. She's more of a side character but I love her. She's a badass kind of like Ginny Weasley. Both are strong, got nerves, loyal and well Meg is really selfless but I'm not sure about Ginny

Meg's not that horrible to me. I mean, I can see why people (demigods) like Connor and Sherman would hate her, but I think she's no that bad.

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11 Gaea

In my opinion there is no worst character in Percy Jackson except Atlas and Annabeth Chase.Gaea is just trying to make life better for earth and the creatures on it.

She should be first, she is the main villain of the Heroes of Olympus series.

She is a villain, but as character she's pretty well thought - out. She has a personality (unlike, for example, Meg from Trials of Apollo) and she's not overpowered (powerful, yes, but remember, she's a primordial). Well, despite she is evil, in some way... I like her. I mean, not because she did those horrible things to The Seven, just because her personality. And this is a list of THE WORST CHARACTERS (Mary Sues, etc), not the most evil.

She is a primordial villain, and she wants to make earth a nicer place, I suppose, both of which I can respect. But I hate most of her followers, and the ways she got them (think Phineas) or tried. She literally offered to enslave Percy (unforgivable) if Calypso killed Leo (would have been unforgivable). How sick can you get? She also almost caused Leo's death ( yes, you guessed it, unforgivable).

12 Kronos

Kronos was the main villain in the first Percy Jackson series, he should be higher.

How is Atlas not on this list? Kronos is awesome when it comes to power, but Atlas is a straight-up monster. For God's sake, he effectively killed his own daughter, imprisoned Artemis and acted like an absolute brat

Why the heck isn't he number 1?

Kronos is spelt wrong.

13 Orion

Orion caused the death of too many hunters and amazons. He should be higher than this.

Orion is nothing but a sexist little twit nugget

I honestly can not believe he was not on this list. I also can't believe so many of my favorite characters are on this list.

Orion is a sexist jerk

14 Frank Zhang

Frank is sweet. Although he was mean to Leo, that just proves that he had flaws. And, the guy was hitting on his girlfriend. I don't know one guy who wouldn't be rude about that. Frank is sweet and he loves Hazel- that's all I would ask for. That, and although people are mean, that doesn't make them bad. Frank proved how good he was in SoN. And how could anyone say he's boring? He can turn into animals, he turned into a ' iguana to get out of Chinese handcuffs.

I TRY to respect people's opinions and all that, but... THIS IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Frank is higher up on the worst characters list than on the best characters list, like no! Frank is a sweet, caring, humble, demigod! People hate him just because he was rude to Leo in the Mark of Athena, but really, who can blame him (can I also mention that eventually he came to become great friends with the guy). Leo liked his girlfriend, and we all know how much Frank loves Hazel. I mean, show him some love already! His mom died in the war, and his father turned out to be the one God that he didn't want to claim him. Later, he watched his grandmothers house BURST INTO FLAMES! How can you say he is boring when he can take the form of any animal he pleases! Sorry... I'm giving up on this website. I can't stand that more people dislike Frank than Gaea, Atlas, Kronos... Octavian for sake! WELL BOI BYE

What's wrong with Frank? He's so sweet!

How can one hate Frank?
He is one of the best characters!
He is so humble and nice to everyone. He was kind of mean to Leo but he was jealous because of the Leo and Hazel thing. Let's be honest here. It is impossible for one to be nice to every single person. That is totally understandable and relatable! and he is SO sweet to Hazel!

15 Zeus

Dirty, rotten, paranoid king who will even close the doors to Olympus, go against the greater good to keep his own power. Disrespectful to the demigods - Aquaman101

The reason why this is so low on the list...nobody wants to anger him.

But in all seriousness I used to think that Zues was the meanest character in percy jackson (for gods I even put their mythology into consideration) but then I read about his son. :3 Hercules is an even bigger jerk than his own father.

Gees! He is such a retard! He refuses to listen to other people who know best! Like when Kronos was attacking Manhattan he went to fight the big monster instead of be smart and protect Olympus! Poseidon saved his butt!

Power-hungry control freak that's constantly paranoid about being overthrown by his own children so much that he EATS his wife and tries to kill his nieces and nephews.

16 Phoebe

Phoebe was a really minor character that was barely even in the series, so why is she on this list? She didn't do anything wrong and she gave up her life for Reyna and Hylla

Pheobe is artemis

The titan or demigod?

She didn't do anything, but I guess that's why she is on the list…

17 Luke Castellan

Why is he on this list at all? Luke was awesome. Not only was he a sympathetic character, he was the Hero of the Great Prophecy, he was an amazing swordsman, and, even set in the background of Ares, Daedalus, Atlas, Polyphemus and even Kronos, Luke was a far more compelling villain with true motivations and heroic qualities. Also, except for Percy and Dionysus, Luke was the only character in the films that actually worked!

The fact that he assumed he would be sent to Elysium for dying to destroy Kronos solidified my hatred for him. Without him, there would have been no Kronos in the first place. He exploited innocent characters' love and trust for him, and placed a need for love about the duty of demigods. Perhaps his father did not love him enough, BUT HE WAS A GOD. I imagine he is quite busy. He was a selfish character. He failed to look beyond his own needs and acknowledge the limitations or, I don't know, Ancient Laws, that bound Hermes. I have always hated him for what he did to Annabeth.

He had a terrifying past but that dos't mean that he would make other demigod's life sad too. In the end he did do the good thing by understanding his destiny but till then ha had destroyed many heroes lives like Selina, Ethan, etc.

Luke is not bad he is good. If you have read the series you would know he is great and that he is the hero!

18 Mallory Keen

For the people who do not know who Mallory Keen is, she is the Irish demigod on Magnus floor in Hotel Valhalla in the Magnus Chase series

Who is this character?

Literally just a discount, violet, uninteresting Rachel

Who again?

19 Hades

What's your problem! Hades is the bomb! He could kick Zeus's butt any day

You all do realize that Hades is the only god of the twelve Olympians that was faithful to his wife and didn't constantly throw his children into hazardous battles and hardships? Rather, he respected their boundaries and didn't try to invade their lives every paragraph. He didn't cheat on his wife like his two brothers until the diAngelo twins and Hazel came along (which was to be determined by the Fates), and he remained sane and chill for the entire series except for the Greek/Roman personality split, which occurred to every god except for the primordial gods and Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Nemesis. So if you ask me, he's a very important character who was crucial to the plot and the series.

WHAT? Why is he in this list? Hades is not that bad at all, I actually feel sorry for him. Remove him off this rediculous list

WHAT THE HELL? Why is Hades on this list. Hades is one of the strongest gods out there and could probably kick all off the other god's butts. Not only does he have amazing children,(Nico Di Angelo, Bianca Di Angelo, and me, I'm a daughter of Hades) he's just plain amazing himself. Remove Hades name off this list at once! This is CRAZY AND UNACCEPTABLE!

20 The Gigantes
21 Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Rachel is not the worst character! How can people say that? She is artistic, impulsive, and chooses to live a different life from what her parents wanted.
... I am surprise Jason is not the first one on the list...

Getting in the way of ships is NOT a legit reason to hate someone.

We shouldn't hate Rachel just because she liked Percy! I mean, what's wrong with that? Percy is so nice that liking him is perfectly understandable. She got in Percabeth's way, but how is that her fault? When she kissed Percy, Percabeth wasn't even completely official. It was pretty obvious but not official yet. Rachel just had feelings for Percy and expressed it. She didn't do anything wrong.
Rachel is amazing. She is artistic and talented. What's more, she is so BRAVE. She just got confirmed by Percy that monsters are real in Battle of the Labyrinth but in that VERY YEAR, she nailed a titan in the eye with a hairbrush! That took A LOT of courage.
Guys, please appreciate Rachel as a character with a personality and not just an obstacle for Percabeth!

This list is stupid. Rachel is A-MAZE-ING!

22 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

I am offended. Stupid gits. Without Annabeth everyone would be dead.

Annabeth is WAYY overrated. Someone said that telling is different than showing. I kinda liked her in the first series, but her actions in the second series made my disgust for her grow until I absolutely hated her.
Let's explore why, shall we?
Another person on here said that Heroes of Olympus ruined her, and the way she treats Percy isn't okay. I agree, wholeheartedly. It seems like he doesn't want to be in a relationship at all anymore, and I would understand why. She's way too possessive. In the first series, she was twelve and had a crush on Luke Castellan, who was nineteen at the time. He would be twenty-three at the end of the series, so that still would've been more than a bit of pedophilia if they'd gotten engaged in a relationship, and she probably, no DEFINITELY, knew that, but she still didn't even try not to crush on him.
All in all, there's a ton of reasons why I hate Annabeth now. That's why I ship her and Piper. Gotta ship those two worst female characters, ...more

Whoever hates her either hasn't read the books or is just stupid.

Annabeth is a typical and a cheap character. Her portrayal is basic; Riordan tells that she's smart etc without showing it. It's the epitome of a crap writing but I don't blame Riordan because in order to a writer's being capable of writing an actual smart character, he too needs to be smart. Riordan doesn't qualify that. For example, he qualifies a joke/sarcasm tone so his characters are funny when he wants to write them as that. Annabeth on the other hand, when she supposedly have to be smart, just isn't, it's poorly done.

Also, Annabeth's punching and seeing Percy as lesser is not funny by the way. This is not a crappy shounen anime where Tsundere acts like a trash but it's played for the laughs. I can say okay to some scenes at some degree, but there are many scenes where Annabeth's punching etc made no sense like judo-flip, Annabeth's punching Percy's stomach when he didn't invite her to dance etc. Riordan often goes too much that he doesn't realize it's getting started to ...more

23 Peaches

What the heck peaches is amazing. My friend and I cam up with a whole peaches fandom.

Why is peaches on the list what

Why the heck would peaches be put on the list?

Peach is so cute and loyal to Meg!

24 Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

I love this guy, but he's always just shoving pain in everyone's faces.

Why is he on this list. He lost everything he had, and yet did not turn to Kronos. He is one of the bravest.

Why Nico?! Bis sister died he Fell in love with Percy his mother died, too his father is quite unfriendly to him and many people hate him?! That's not fair! The poor boy! He's one of bravest people in Percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus! I like him

He should be on the best character list, not here!
He is so tough, he was just a kid when his sister died! And even though he hated Percy after Bianca died, he still cared about Percy so much in Battle of the Labyrinth! He is one of the saddest characters! Sister and mother died, stuck in casino for many years, scared that he wouldn't be accepted because he is gay and also because his dad is Hades. He convinced his dad to help Olympus! He played such a major role in Last Olympian. Then in HoO, he and Reyna were practically as important as the Seven. Without him, who knew what would've happened. He is such an awesome half-brother to Hazel! He didn't let hardships break him, they made him stronger. His fatal flaw is holding grudges but he got over Percy not being able to save Bianca. He got through Tartarus alone. Just think about that. His willpower is incredible. He is awesome, powerful but relatable all at the same time. - EllenseaFornost

25 Aphrodite

Ok I will admit Aphrodite was a harsh goddess. And she was about the most selfish goddess there was. But you know what? I found her the most interesting of the goddesses. She actually does care a lot for her children. She has a nice side. She just has a selfish side as well. But I wouldn't expect much more from the goddess of beauty and love. Selfishness comes with the territory.

Piper exists because of her

She is always talking about tragedy love in the first books and there’s like so much more pretty women Percy portrayed like Calypso.Or in actual Greek myth like Helen.

She is so rude to others and she's the worst one for revenge

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