Jason Grace


Jason Grace is really not so much a person and more of just a character with a pretty much nonexistent personality. With the other characters we got to see their flaws and troubles which made their achievements shine so much more. With Jason everything he does is perfect, which substantially takes away from the allure of his character. He doesn't really impact the plot or the characters around him, with an exception to Piper and her unfounded love and appreciation of him. Sure, he's brave and that is perfectly fine, every character in this series show extreme courageousness in one way or another. But being brave cannot being a person's only character trait because if it is then that person just really isn't a person. The reason this series's characters work so well is that they all have flaws and and that make us love and root for them. There isn't much to discuss about Jason because, being quite honest, there isn't much there.

I honestly don't get the Jason hate. I like Jason:(. People hate him because he's too perfect. He's not. He can be a little insensitive and insecure at times. Those are flaws. People expect a lot from him, and he's worried that he can't deliver. And people also have doubt in him, and are suspicious of him. And his mother was a T.V. starlet, and his father is Zeus! Of course he's handsome! And it's not his fault that his annoying girlfriend constantly drools over him! And probably the reason that he's so good at combat and strategy is because he's been training since he was a two year old! Did everyone forget that or something? And being so hesitant to break rules isn't being perfect, it's just in his nature. People also hate him because they think he's a ripoff of Percy. No way is that true. Jason is a bit of a goody goody, and he's often serious. Percy is the opposite of that. They both have distinct personalities, and they are both awesome(though I love Percy a lot more)

I hate with all my heart. He is to perfect. I think when hera took his memory she forgot to leave his personality and he never got it back. Or maybe he never had one. He is supposed to be every girls perfect boy because of his looks. I hate so much.

What the hell Riordan. Jason is a complete copy of Percy. They are both great leaders, Powerful demi-gods, sons of the big three, and they have the exact same sense of humor. The only difference between the two is that jason is about as exciting as my big toe and Percy was here first!

I originally wasn't planning on hating him but after I discover about his arrogance, thinking he can kill Percy, I officially become a hater. Yup, you can be the son of the Gods' King but nobody said you are the strongest, Besides, he's nothing but a copy version of Percy but made to be perfect by Rick. Screw you, Jason!

No personality. 0 character whatsoever, yet is respected because of his powers and being the "son of Zeus" and all. His only flaw is his scar, and even that is sugar cited as 'rugged and handsome.' All-in-all, a very boring Mary Sue.

I know since Golden boy here takes my beloved Percy's fame. He is too perfect and a big ego. Really you think Jason can beat Percy? NYou would be like Percy has no water but he is connected to the sea so he can get water from ten miles away. Plus he is a better sword fighter so beat that Golden boy

GODS. Percy isn't the only powerful person! Heck, Leo could be considered extremely powerful. Hazel was introduced as another one of the Big 3. But NO. Jason is an exact copy with the exact same personality and the exact same power. Uhh, no. Both Jason and Percy have different personalities and flaws, and just because they have similar accomplishments doesn't mean that they are the same. Leo and Percy have similar personalities, back stories, and flaws. But we all love Leo, don't we(including myself)? Jason Grace is one of the heroes of the ages, he doesn't have to be perfect. He steps up to do what's right and shouldn't we consider that?

The only good one that came out of Jason, Piper, and Leo is Leo! Jason and Piper has ZERO flaws! He randomly knows everything at the start, is a son of Zeus, and defeats everyone in EVERY battle! The only reason I could stand the second series is because of Leo!

I'm sorry to vote for him. He's great and all but out of the 7 he's just...boring. I tried to like Jason. Honest I have. And I get most of his lack of personality seems to come from loosing his memory. But again honestly he kind of is my least favorite of the seven.

Riordan portrayed a son of Zeus/Jupiter in the perfect manner. Attention seeker and a big drama princess, because their daddy is the drama queen. - AkaTsuki

Percy is way better than Jason! I mainly don't like him because he follows the rules way to much, has hardly any sense of humor, and no personality!

Sure, Jason may not be that awesome, but what did he do to be so disliked? Throughout the last three books he's struggled over who he is, which side he belongs to. Sure he seems too perfect, but that's the problem! Everyone thinks he's awesome and has no flaws, but he doesn't think so and is always struggling over his loyalty! Get him off this list! - HappyCantaloupeJedi

Think of Percy Jackson and Jason Grace as horses. Jason is grey dull and boring and tame. Persassy is a ' rainbow unicorn that is high on sugar.

Blah, blah, everyone expects him to be great. WE DON'T CARE. If you could stop moaning about people thinking you're too perfect and did something that would change their minds like, I dunno, making a funny joke once in a while then people will be like, so he has a life, okay, he isn't just some kind of serious leader. He needs to take a leaf out of big sister Thalia's book and have a punk side.

He's too underdeveloped in my opinion. Piper can do a lot better. Jason's way too perfect and that thing about Thalia brig his sister seemed way too random. He hasn't seen her since age 3. And plenty of people have the last name Grace. If Jason had a bit more development, I think I'd like him. His only flaw is is scar.

I'm radiating hate right now, I mean yes Rick has tried to repeat Percy's success by using carter Kane, Magnus chase and Jason grace, but carter is like the PJO equivalent to Harry potter, Magnus chase spends more time developing the characters, but Jason grace... He's the Zeus equivalent to Percy Jackson, it also doesn't help that his adventure also features more Greek gods and monsters than Roman ones

Take Percy, remove the personality, give him blond hair and blue eyes, give him the worst girlfriend ever.. And you have a Jason now.

I realize a lot of people feel that he didn't have much personality. You guys have to remember, he DID get severe amnesia, so he's been through a lot too. Imagine waking up in a place you've been before without knowing these people who're hovering next to you, claiming they're your best friends, and all you remember is your name. At least Percy remembered Annabeth, he had a PURPOSE, to find her. He might be a little goody-two-shoes at times, but he was praetor of Camp Jupiter, so he kind of did have to set a good example. I'm not saying he's better than Percy, definitely not saying Jasper's better than Percabeth, all in saying is that some people should give him a chance...


Jason is to Percy as Superman is to Batman. Jason doesn't break any rules. He doesn't have any "flaws". There's absolutely nothing interesting about him at all. Percy has flaws that just make him a better charcacter. He has some actual personality to him. I think more than anything though, I hate when Jason starts talking about how he could've killed Percy. The demigod who walks through Tartarus. The demigod who beat Ares. The demigod who beat Kronos. Screw you Jason.

He toke main character from percy jackson I hate him so much

I hate Jason, he has no personality.

Basic basic basic with a side of basic sauce. Percy sans any character whatsoever.

He's just a shallow version of Percy, and he's only viewed as the strongest because he is the son of Zeus.

We hear all these great things about him, but he never really does anything awesome. He as no deeper meaning or anything. He's just so uninteresting and vanilla