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21 The Gigantes
22 Peaches

Why is peaches on the list what - pjo

23 Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan.He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trails of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

Why Nico?! Bis sister died he Fell in love with Percy his mother died, too his father is quite unfriendly to him and many people hate him?! That's not fair! The poor boy! He's one of bravest people in Percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus! I like him

Why is he on this list. He lost everything he had, and yet did not turn to Kronos. He is one of the bravest.

Why is Nico on this list?!?! Dude, he is one of the BEST characters in the series. He is the strongest and most powerful demigod (in my opinion, more than Percy). He shouldn't be on the worst characters list at all. Nico is amazing.

Nico is the best Demi God in this series novo x hazel

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24 Aphrodite

Ok I will admit Aphrodite was a harsh goddess. And she was about the most selfish goddess there was. But you know what? I found her the most interesting of the goddesses. She actually does care a lot for her children. She has a nice side. She just has a selfish side as well. But I wouldn't expect much more from the goddess of beauty and love. Selfishness comes with the territory.

Piper exists because of her

In the "Greek Heroes" Aphrodite is mean to Pshych, so no wonder why she's on the list.

Hate her

25 Hyperion
26 Calypso

I hate that she gets hate for dating leo, that's totally unfair. let's be real here, none of us are going to date leo and if you'd rather leo was alone forever just because you can't date him, then you aren't much of a fan. I don't see any other reason here why she's a bad person, so clearly she isn't and you're being biased and unfair towards calypso - pjo

She's two thousand years old but she had to date the boy I love. Stupid girl in her stupid island!

She's two thousand years old but she had to date the boy I love. Stupid girl in her stupid in her stupid island!

Listen up idiota if it wasnt for calypso guess What would happen to Leo he would be Alone and have no one cause don't forget humor is a good way to the pain and also percy was really injured when he landed on her island and probaly would have died if she didn't heal him and another thing is It's the gods and fates fault she fell in love With the men and another thing Caleo is the best cause there both broken and they Both can mend each other!

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27 Hercules

He obviously likes piper, but if that was a ship I would kill myself

Overall just a huge jerk I h he

He betrayed zoë:(


OH MY GODS! If you think Rick Roidan's version of Hercules, wait scratch that ancient Greece's version of Hercules was this sweet clumsy awkward boy who can "go the distance" your in for a shock. This guy is NOTHING like that Disney sweet heart. He's almost as bad as Hera...and that's an achievement in itself. Then again Disney didn't do Hera much justice either...

He polluted a poor water nymph's river wasn't enough leaving the poor girl sick, he screwed over poor Zoe, he also cheated on his wife...and really didn't treat woman right. I guess that also is a trait he inherited from his father. It wasn't just his way with woman. What got me to say he was a horrible person was his encounter with Jason and Piper. So first he starts off complaining a bunch about how the gods mistreated him. So he stated he normally gives demigods simple tasks right? Well sadly when he finds out Hera was the one who sent them on the mission his heart changed. ...more

28 Arachne

She was annoying and was boastful. Plus she was going to kill Annabeth and ruin Percy's life. She tried to go up against a ATHENA'S daughter and expected to win.

I feel sorry. Sure, she was prideful, but so was Annabeth. Athena turned her in into a spider after she WON the contest. Athena. Really? Arachne was the best weaver, but Athena tore up her works. It's just not FAIR.


29 Atlas

He's a bum

One name: Zoë. We will never forgive you - PineconeFace

30 Ouranos
31 Bacchus

He made the demigods fight two giants alone before finally helping at the end, even after they gave him a huge sacrifice.

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32 Prometheus

Huh? For a titan he is still friendly to Percy

33 Mr D

He's funny sometimes, but he is that charactet that,hets on my nerves.

Actually Mr D gets in my nervs sometimes when he is so unfriendy but then I must laugh ab out his jokes :) I don't understand why he is on this list! He is a god! And they are sometimes linke that!

34 Khione

That incredibly awkward moment when you realize that Khione is technically a Disney princess...:0

WHY the heck is Khione even on this list? Sure, she can be considered Elsa's evil twin from another dimension, but STILL! She's probably one of the best villains in the franchise (besides Luke, but that's debatable) because she does such a good job at being a nemesis. She's a jerk! She puts Piper down a lot! And that climactic battle? Easily my favorite set of chapters in the series. I just love both Khione and Piper, and that fact that people don't like them pisses me off!

Love Khione, hate Piper

Love her - natalily

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35 Ares

Oh come on Ares was halarious. Yes he was cocky and arrogant but what do you expect from the god of war? Do you want him to be joyful and always breaking into poetry like Apollo does? Kind gentle would never hurt a fly?

Besides he was halarious. When Clarisse was pretty much kick butt on the battle field he was there yelling through the crowd bragging about his daughter (and embarrassing the poor girl). When he was in Mars for not only did he embrace poor Frank by announcing how proud he was in front of the camp ( nothing like having your godly parent put you in the spotlight) he gave out what is the most lung bursting hilarious prophecies there was.

How could anybody put this god on the list? He was just kick butt funny.

Nah, Ares was fine I loved his cocky attitude he was actually OKAY

Ares hates percy

LOL he was such a weak excuse for a god! He made demigods do his
work and he also runs away from wars he started

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36 Minerva

Minerva's bad. Athena's swag. Gods I'm turning into Apollo...

Minerva (not Athena) sucks. Anyone who hates bae must die.

37 Ethan Nakamura

Ethan is the best

Stg ethan is amazing - pjo

38 Chione

Actually I don't like Piper but I don't understand why Chione is so unfriendly to her and the others! She want to destroy her father!

It's Khione - natalily

39 Medea

She is a psychopath!

She was a cool villain though

40 Kellie V 2 Comments
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