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41 Thalia Grace

Who's the dumbass that put Thalia on here!?!

Who put the one and only Thalia on here?

You kidding me? Thalia is awesome and a total badass. She f-ing sacrificed herself for her friends and you're calling her an obnoxious brat? She could knock you on your butt using nothing but her pinkie finger

Who put Thalia in here? She's a badass hunter Of Artemis. Thalia is an awesome character. One of my favorites. She sacrificed herself for her friends.

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42 Hazel Levesque

I honestly liked her. She and Leo are the only interesting ones out of the new characters. She undergoes many changes, she literally went from the shy one to awesome! - AnnaOfArendelle332

GUYS! She SACRIFICED HERSELF to stop a giant from being reborn! That's almost as selfless as Leo! Everyone LOVES him for doing that, but it seems you idiots (just the Hazel haters, the rest of you're all awesome) forgot that Hazel did almost the same thing!

At least no one has voted Hazel as worst. She is sweet and innocent and badass in her own way.

She's like the only good character that first appeared in HoO

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43 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase

Whoever hates her either hasn't read the books or is just stupid.

I am offended. Stupid gits. Without Annabeth everyone would be dead.

Which dumbass put her on here? Probably some blind Piper fan

Piper fans should also like Annabeth though because they are friends. Obviously, I prefer Annabeth to Piper but I don't hate Piper. - Disneylover

Overrated as crap - Spino

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44 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez

This is so stupid for him to be here. For that person who said he didn't take things to seriously, OBVIOUSLY you didn't read the series. He's possibly the deepest person in the series. You think people who try to hide their pain, their anguish with a smile are stupid? Shallow? Well, news flash, that's insulting. I do that too.

Leo's gone through a lot. He accidentally killed his own mother when he was EIGHT, and didn't get over the guilt for another eight years. That's gotta do something to someone. Then later, everyone is taking him for granted when he builds the Argo II? Jeez, with haters like you around, no wonder his fatal flaw is insecurity!

I really don't give a damn if you're on Team Leo or not, but if all you're gonna do is flame him, then lemme say this. Keep your complaints to yourself.

On that happy note, may I just say to all my fellow Team Leo members
you ROCK

Why Leo?! He is the reason for reading the first book of heroes of Olympus (for me anyway) he is so funny With bis jokes and I don't understand why you Guys are so unfriendly to him! There are not many people who are Nice To him! He's much Better than Piper or Jason! His mother died he had a cruel Baby sitter (Hera) his aunt rosa hate him and most of all guys are so unfriendly to him

Leo Valdez is one of the bravest characters in the entire series. He literally sacrificed his life for the sake of his friends, he worked to get Calypso back, something Percy never could do. His aunt literally turned his entire family against him and left him in foster care. He despised himself and was self conscious of himself being the seventh wheel. He might even be Rick's best character. He does take things seriously, he just uses humor to hide the pain

Best - Orlemley

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45 Percy Jackson Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Why is he on this list? He's a beautiful character and he's incredibly to his friends. (Duh, it's his fatal flaw) He gave up immortality for his friends, went on a quest to save a camp he wasn't even apart of, fell into Tartarus to be with Annabeth and so many other things. Many people get jealous and want Jason to defeat him, but admit it, Percy's better. We understand his motives and his character actually develops. We've known him the longest and he's downright hilarious. He defends his friends from the Roman camp and he gave up praetorship to be respectful. He's a better character than Jason, get over it.

Why do people even read the books if they don't like the main character?

WHAT? Percy's so great!

Really - Orlemley

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