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Caveat that I am in no way a Heroes of Olympus fan; I honestly feel like the character developmen isn't there in those books and that all characters, even Percy and Annabeth, are one-dimensional. That being said, it's Piper who's character is the most simplistic. Read all her chapters. Everything is filled with either sarcasm, whining, or constant lamenting over how perfect over Jason is. She's constanlty getting lauded and praised for all her heroic deeds (which are just one or two at most in the entire series) while everyone (although Leo is probably the most prominent) is constantly risking his/her neck, working his/her butt off. She's spoiled and completely unlikable, but the most annoying part is how Riordan tries to make her into a character to generate our sympathies, seeing as she got bullied most of her life by other spoiled brats. News flash: that's how life works. Everyone else has much more tragic pasts, Leo accidently killed his mother for God's sake, and then I have to ...more


No. Just like, no please. Over 20 percent of people voting hate her. See, everyone agrees.

Oh, and by the way, daughter of Aphrodite doesn't mind getting dirty? Well I'm pretty sure that's only proper behaviour in a quest. Piper acts so pitiful like she's the worst of, but like someone else said, the rest are even worse off. So just understand that Piper sucks, build a bridge and get over it.

I think it's wrong people hate her, even though she IS my least favorite character. Pretend you had a crush. That crush you were trying to get ever since you met him/her. And then he kisses you. But then one day, he suddenly forgets all about your relationship, and forgets his name even! And you figure out that you're a half blood, that he might've been in a relationship that you guys didn't even know about, and have to live in constant worry of him breaking up with you. And on top of that, you can't tell your father whom you love dearly that you're a half blood. And he's an actress, and has little time for you. What matters more? Famous parents, or TIME with your parents. Come on, Riordan made her a character in the books for a reason. Rick created the characters based on the constant struggles that teens today are going through...so you have no reason to hate Piper. come on guys, show some empathy... Oh, and why is she my least favorite character? I don't think she should do ...more

The reason that I think that she is the worst character are:

1) She is too forced. Everyone all the time is implying that how strong and useful piper is. Well you don't make characters strong by discussing them, you show events. It is just like if everyone said that Percy was sassy and he never uttered sass (God forbid if that happens).


3) Her love to Jason is purely based on looks. She is always thinking how handsome he is.




To be honest, she's the worst. All of the other demigods have terrible pasts and REAL hardships. But Piper, oh no, her father doesn't pay attention to her. AT LEAST YOU HAVE A FATHER. Half of the seven are orphans! You have a nice life, and you're rich, and at least you have a father who loves you! Be grateful! Riordan tries to portray her as a tomboy, but she's really not. She's just a whiny brat who cries all the time and always plays the damsel in distress. 50% of the time she's crying or feeling sorry for herself or being jealous of someone who is talking to Jason, and the other half of the time she's winning a battle by seducing whatever god/monster she's fighting. The only time she ever won a battle without using her looks and charmspeak was when she was with another demigod. Give me a break! Just do us a favor, Rick, and kill her off.

Rick Riordan tries too hard to make her look like a good character. Like, after they got the magical cure in BoO and we're trying to decide who to give it to, Leo suggested piper. And I have to think he suggested that because she was THE LEAST LIKELY to cure someone and therefor the LEAST LIKELY to find out the potion was fake. Even Piper thinks the others are better then her, she says 'but Jason can fly, Frank can turn into animals, Hazel can go faster on Arion.'' And Annabeth says, "but you have heart". Like first, does only Piper have heart? Sorry, Percy, giving up immortality and going through Tartarus doesn't show heart, but being a cliche, ill-prepared useless person who everything you can do others LITERALLY CAN DO BETTER shows heart. annabeth, why?

And all piper does is solve problems too quickly. The story would have been WAY cooler if, in MoA, Leo, Jason and Percy were still struggling with those mind possessing monsters. But NO.

And what's with the "to storm ...more

You people don't know the true worth of piper. To you guys she may seem like a whiny brat, though that might be true sometimes. She totally saved Jason and Percy's asses multiple times. She is compassionate and a wonderful person. She shows both the good and bad side of love. She is a daughter of Aphrodite and she doesn't mind getting down and dirty and we should congratulate her on that. Also rather than that to me she is the most relatable person in the book to me. Yeah unlike the others she didn't have a sad past but she did get bullied a lot and if u don't know how bad bullying is you are the worlds biggest idiot. Another reason that makes piper awesome is that unlike everyone else on board the ship uses their head too much and yes including Percy and Leo. She lets her heart lead the way I mean who else is brave enough to follow their heart and just jump into a pit of fire (not including Leo because he doesn't count he's fire resistant) Also, if you ship jeyna you are a oblivious ...more

Totally and completely hate her since The Lost Hero and Blood of Olympus didn't make me change that fact. She's way too perfect, such a Mary Sue, and as much as Rick tries to give her some development I can't shake off the feeling that sometimes is very forced. He gives her moments to prove herself because otherwise she would always be behind Jason's back. Yeah, everybody got their moment of being in the spotlight but the other six where always useful. And she's always drooling over Jason.

And yeah, I ship Jeyna.

She is the worst character ever! She thinks shes so cool. I didn't like her in the blood of olympus at all! She was all like, "i'm so cool but I'm pretending to be modest! Annabeth and I are bonding tee hee! Look at my awesome powers I've changed and blossomed sooo much! " Uggg. Piper is the worst

Let me put down every reason that Piper should be on this list:

"Drooling over Jason" Of course she drools over Jason! First off, she's the daughter of love, so she's gonna be possessive! Second, she almost lost Jason forever, so that also justifies her being possessive.

"Gets jealous for no reason" Again, daughter of APHRODITE. We should EXPECT that.

"Fishes for compliments" I...haven't really noticed.

"Constantly has to get her butt saved" Um...she beat a goddess...all by herself...without any help whatsoever...and she saved Annabeth from getting clobbered by a giant...and did a bunch of other stuff...

"Only appreciates it if Jason saves her:" Again, HAVEN'T NOTICED. IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

"What does she have to whine about? " Did you NOTICE that whole shtick about her feeling useless compared to everyone else and wanting to help them? And her finally gaining confidence, after, AGAIN, beating a GODDESS with NO HELP AT ALL! (Btdubs, Khione ...more

Her belief in love is ridiculous, as she has fallen in love with someone she does not know. She is the inferior 'damsel in distress' who spends more time braiding her hair and moping after Jason than progressing the mission. She has no consideration for any other hero of the seven, and is willing to leave them to die if it could mean progressing her shallow, faithless and tedious relationship with Jason.

I think she's an annoying Mary Sue, and not because she doesn't have flaws. She has some flaws, but they're so fake and unnoticeable. And most of them are conquered within the first book. She's insecure? She's confident in the first book. Also I'm glad someone mentioned the fact she only wins fights because she's pretty and her enemies are jealous of her. That's kind of pathetic, in my opinion. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I really wanted Piper to die in this series, she is so annoying -_-

I really do not like Piper! She is very annoying, and is so cool because her dad is famous and whatever. She always tries to point out how Jason is better than Percy. Jason sucks as well! Stupid Romans! And why does she act like she is not a daughter of Aphrodite. Listen up Piper! I don't care if your pretty or ugly, you still are a whiny brat who is my least favorite of the seven!

I can't bear Piper. Seriously she was called a tomboy? She was obsessed with Jason, getting jealous for no reason, letting her 'heart rule'! What kind of a tomboy does that?

I have a mixed opinion. While I thought this could be a step in the right direction, Piper ended up being half Mary-Sue and half Badass I will destroy you with a single stare. I really think that Rick Riordan should have come up with a better way to show her. A way where she was introduced as the non-stereotypical Aphrodite child. But Rick decided that he was going to make her still seem like an Aphrodite child.

Piper is a Mary Sue. She's not even a real TOMBOY, and whines and complains about her insecurities.

As much as I hate Drew... At least she is her own person. Piper just thinks she's all tough and cool and tomboyish and strong when in reality she's exactly the opposite. What was wrong with Annabeth? Why did they replace her with Piper of all people?

She just sweet talks them into doing anything she wants. If she were a villain, she could take over the world.

Percy had to deal with a jerk stepfather for 12 years, Annabeth ran away from home and lost everyone she loved, Leo's mother died and he was rejected by everyone, and I could say more.
But Piper had a rich father that loved her. Yet she thinks she's had it so hard.

She just sucks. Honestly behaving like she doesn't care and still yearning for attention. She just pretends to be different so people's attention will be on her.

In the Lost Hero, I used to see her character as promising and full potential. Alhough she may have improved, however I don't think she has reached her full potential, in my own opinion. Call me 'Anti-Jasper' but it is disappointing how this character is mostly defined by her' love relationship'. Of course, we all know that being child of Aphrodite, love is something that is supposed to be 'ingrained' within her but I was hoping to see a child of Aphrodite who is a character distinctly her own.

She's the very definition of a Mary Sue. It's been awhile since I read the books so I don't remember, but I think her eyes change color, she can sing (I think, again I don't remember everything), she speaks a load of languages, she's perfect looking, and is WHINY

She's so hated that she's here twice in the top 10.

I think Rick needed to create an annoying character so we could know that not all demigods are reasonable! Piper's power is almost useless. Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Jason, Frank, Hazel, and Leo have saved people multiple times without using their looks. Piper has only saved the seven about once. In the FOURTH BOOK she finally figures out to use a sword, while Annabeth ha seven using a daggger sense she was seven. Now she is using a sword. Piper only cares about Jason and cares about Jason loving her more than Gaea taking over the world. She focuses on things that don't matter. She thinks she has a really hard life and is all "oh woe is me." Her life is pretty easy compared to the other demigods. She has a rich father while most of the demigods lost a parent. She is ungrateful and weak. And of course ANNOYING!