Ht's Analysis: NFL 2018 Week 17 Recap

htoutlaws2012 How did this all end up to be, and who went on to make a last minute effort with great helping assists if any let's find out on the final week of the NFL season.

Pointless Games 1:00

Miami Dolphins Vs Buffalo Bills: Our first contest is voiced by Beth Mowins oh my shades of week 1 all over again. The story is that Kiko Alonso once again delivering a cheap shot to Josh Allen ejected, but you can't take away the great way to end a perhaps promising young quarterback whose got himself some pretty impressive wins for an odd 6 win team. Meanwhile Miami is finally clean up on some of the messes they did wrong from the previous off season question is will they get the right head coach this time?

Detroit Lions Vs Green Bay Packers: Our next game was a completely unwatchable hatred for Both fanbases. Aaron Rodgers, and David Bakhtiari go out, and the game is already over. Please don't tell me Matthew Stafford is in anyway good just because he swept an awful Packers team its unjustified even with unknown wide receivers beating Green Bay's secondary who had no spirit at all in this game. I'll tell you what whoever takes over next season it will decide Green Bay's fate for years down the road. Crowd boo's than gets creative in the 2nd half and do the wave kudos to them for doing something with their time.

New York Jets Vs New England Patriots: A game that had some merit, but not really you knew Patriots would handle a exiting Jets team. Jets had no care for this game where with New England it was just target practice for Tom Brady who hasn't had that great of year in the passing game one thing they still didn't get out of it is where is Rob Gronkowski still? Better yet will Jim Harbuagh trade from Blue and maze to the gang green and white of the NFL?

Carolina Panthers Vs New Orleans Saints: In a game that could of been something really feels lifeless in the superdome, but can anybody go in and stop them in the playoffs remains to be seen. Meanwhile Kyle Allen made a good impression to win the backup role next season behind Cam Newton showing off what he can do, and while the Saints didn't play their hardest out there still not a bad showing I guess.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Houston Texans: A game where Houston needed to lock up a home game hosting in which they do, and while they were getting hammered up front. DeAndre Hopkins was big, and out bested Jalen Ramsey which led to their win, but which AFC South opponent would they face as the 6th seed?

Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants: For a game that meant nothing to Dallas meant a lot to Dak Prescott who some have said sucked, and what does he do plays his final regular season game on a high note to the playoffs thanks to finding B.W. Webb and the big trust connection with Blake Jarwin talk about a one man army not named zeke. Can that continue when they face a much more tighter defense in the playoffs?

Atlanta Falcons Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: High scoring frenzy trading thread needles between Matty ice and Jameis Winston, in the end management favored Atlanta with the game winning kick and put the Bucs last place forevermore as Dirk is out to be the Bucs head coach nevermore.

Meaningful Hour 4:15

Oakland Raiders Vs Kansas City Chiefs: All Chiefs had to do is win, and the bye goes to you, and it was more of Raiders turnovers that seemed a bit too intentional don't you think? Otherwise good win, but can they overcome the haunting posts season drought in two no matter who they face?

Arizona Cardinals Vs Seattle Seahawks: A battle of the worst team vs a team many fought was going to be bad end up having another goo stability like season in Seattle, and Cardinals gave the 12th man all they had, but came up short in the end, and already clinched the 1st overall draft pick good luck in finding the talent because frankly they need it the most. Seattle how far could this team go with the experience factor of Russell Wilson leading the way.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Los Angeles Rams: In a battle of keeping the bye intact Rams got up and quick, and fast enough for the niners to be way too late to get back in the thick of things. Question is can the 49ers ever rebound because their one season away from finding a new head coach, and need defense and more depth at O-Line more less guards are horrible.

Los Angeles Chargers Vs Denver Broncos: A pointless game now after Chiefs pretty much cleaned Oakland's cloak wide open Chargers's defensive stand was shown, and was good showing before the big showoff against either Baltimore or Pittsburgh. Vance Joseph gone, and whose next to fix this mess John Elway you win this round.

Chicago Bears Vs Minnesota Vikings: In a must win for Minnesota they immediately collapse on the sideline you can see the expression on Kirk Cousins absolutely frustrated with the same result. Vikings offense put up less than 200 yards, and thus Chicago even without their top wide outs still found a way to win even in the ugliest looking way to eliminate their NFC North rival.

Cleveland Browns Vs Baltimore Ravens: Here's my favorite game to end the season honestly this was the on I knew would be a good one the two Heisman winner Mayfield, and Jackson go one on one, and both of them had their share of flashing moments, but it was Ravens's defense redeeming itself from lasts season stunner at home. Thrilling emotional game to get to the playoffs, and lookout the rest of the AFC this could be the game changing dark horse.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Washington Redskins: This was all Philly, and I gotta be honest the defense is starting to come up alive now, and just in time for the playoffs Eagles look revived, and revamped thanks to St. Nick back at quarterback. Nothing taken away from Carson Wentz, but Nick Foles there's just something about a a switch this team makes that's unreal. If that D-Line did what it did to Washington Can Chicago's O-Line keep up with quick short passes?

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Marvin Lewis Vs Mike Tomlin for the last time, and Lewis gave it all he had, but without some of his starters there's no chance of coming out the victor. They celebrated with their very fortunate field goal victory from Matthew McCrane field goal who was just picked up for this one game thanks to leaving Chris Boswell out which ended up a heart breaker in Pittsburgh when they found out Baltimore would survive. Yet once again nobody has beaten the madden Curse as it lives like the Undertaker's streak once was.

Win or Go Home Sunday Night Football

Indianapolis Colts Vs Tennessee Titans: Our final regular season game was competitive, but it ended up in Colts control of the whole game handled as Frank Reich and his guys will have a fight night round 3 with a team they have already beaten at their home well this is gonna be interesting to see. Meanwhile where will the Titans go from just coming up short?

There's the regulars season of this season a lot of highlights you had the down and lows, but ultimately an exciting really competitive like season for the majority of the teams this 2018 regular season. Good luck to those who are out of the playoff, and for those teams still alive that's where this road does not end next time we will look at the playoff picture, and who I think is gonna be in the super bowl, and the victor for now goodbye!