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21 Dr. Doofinshmertz

Well he is an funny character in the later episodes and was not funny at all in the old episodes

Doofenshmirtz was better in earlier episodes.

He is so ugly and disgusting he deserves to be the first worst - kertenkele

A lame villain! - Weasltown

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22 Jonny

Jonny's okay but one thing I don't really like about him is that: he's a whiny, monkey-lizard hybrid (or, at least, he used to be one) who treats Vanessa as if she was the only thing that he needed to live.

Question: What do Princess Peach, Barbie Doll, Princess Rapunzel, Minnie Mouse, and Amy Rose have in common?
Answer: They have never made an appearance on Phineas and Ferb.
Question: So why are they on the list of worst Phineas and Ferb characters?

Forget Monty! Jonny is the real culprit ruining everyones ferbnessa dreams!

23 Mrs. Johnson (Jeremy's mom)
24 Albert Du Bois

He's annoying older brother archetype who's voice is so annoying and so cruel to the younger kids, I get that's what they do, but he's more annoying than Irving and I legitimately hate him, no likable qualities, no memorable appearances, he doesn't even show up in carpe diem

25 Major Monogram

Why does your pet being a secret agent have to be such a secret that if someone found out, your memory would have to be erased.

He never shows any appreciation to Carl in anyway

26 Jenny Brown

What the heck?! She's ALSO VOICED BY ALYSON STONER?!

27 Lawrence Fletcher

I think he knows Phineas and ferb is building stuff

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28 Rodney V 2 Comments
29 Jose Doofenshmirtz
30 Mr. Johnson (Jeremy's dad)
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