Worst Phineas and Ferb Episodes

One of the best children's cartoons of the 21st century so far, this show wouldn't afraid to aim this for every age. Although these episodes aren't "bad", they are the worst of the bunch.

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1 Candace Gets Busted

At first, I was excited about this episode because its not usual to see Candace being a bad girl, which I thought would be funny. But as I watched the episode, it turns out that Candace got in trouble for something she didn't even do! All she wanted was a night at home with her friends, but then the guests start inviting others and it all turns into a party, which she tries to stop... And Phineas and Ferb don't do anything to help her stop it, they just sit around eating chips! The parents come home and the party is still going on, and Candace is grounded and sent to her room for something she didn't even do, and tried to stop! This was a very poor season finale episode.

I can't believe this episode is at #40. This is the worst episode by far in the show, and he majority of the episodes above this on the list are ones I like. Several reasons why this episode sucks.
1. STOP MAKING CANDACE THE CENTER OF EPISODES! IT NEVER, EVER WORKS! (Except for Traffic Cam Caper) Candace is always trying to get her brothers in trouble for things that are fun. She's loud, annoying, and all she does is scream and really not treat her younger brothers, who she should kind of be a role model to, and their friends very well.
3. Don't use the word "intimate" in a cartoon for kids. Just don't.
4. I HATE extreme exaggeration. And oh, boy, does this episode love extreme exaggeration. Nobody will leave the party, which they weren't even invited to. The parents missing their plane to check on Candace. Doofenshmirtz's building only having one electrical outlet. It all doesn't fit.
5. This episode I didn't even like as a kid. Usually kids can like dumb ...more

This is bad because Candace is innocent. It is for sure, the worst.

I don't understand why people say this is the worst episode. It's a pretty good one with the song, " Candace Party". Also there's nothing really bad about this episode.

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2 What Do It Do?

Nothing happens! The entire episode is just lame. They find a robot. Then what do they do? Build it again. That is all that happens!

Boring episode, with ugly song. I always watching episodes with fascinating but this one is horrible!

You're right, this episode sucks

It's actually called "What DOES it do? ". It's called "grammar". Look it up.

3 She's the Mayor

I don't like this episode! Candace was so close to finally bust her brothers but thank you, Agent P for ruining everything!

The most frustating ending of the show

I hate it for a different reason because I f~ucking hate Candace

4 Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

Disney owns Marvel, so by the executive logic, they put their Marvel on their Disney. From what I saw, it went as well as putting tofu into chocolate. It seemed as if it was made just for the fun and entertainment of it than the quality as a whole. In other words, this entire episode was just meant for kids, and anyone who knows Marvel will not sit well with it.

This is bad for kids. They didn't put Captain America in this episode! I mean, what?!?!? Captain America is part of the Avangers and they even put him in this episode! I'm okay that they put Spiderman in this episode, although it' pretty clear that the whole episode wasn't that epic, to me, I think they were insulting the marvel heroes including the marvel villains. And did the avengers just got save by Perry the Platypus? They made The Avengers look stupid by getting saved by a semi-aquatic mammal! This episode is just a waste of time. Watch instead The Avangers Earth Mightiest Heroes on Disney, at least they did't put Phineas and Ferb in the series.

Bad mix of villains, I mean Red Skull, MODOK, Whiplash & Venom against The Avengers & Spider-Man? Should've been Loki, General Ross, Dr. Octopus & Mandarin! They made the heroes look like idiots! Hulk "dressing" up as Iron Man, Iron Man being more useless than a tin can without can openers, Spider-Man being Candace on the title screen, Hulk not reverting to Bruce Banner, Doof becoming something like MODOK & Baljeet getting Hulk's powers and ripping off one of the best scenes in The Avengers film are NOT cool! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and must be erased from everyone's minds and taken out of broadcast! - Raono19

I want to hit MODOK over the head with a baseball bat, Captain America isn’t in it, Phineas is a jerk to Candace (my favorite character, and for the millionth time...Candace doesn’t bust her bros (shocker)

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5 Canderemy

Did anyone realized that they copied off squidbob tentaclepants? (SpongeBob fans you know what I am talking about.) The worst part was the ENDING.

The ending was ugly.

No that ending though

I liked the ending "the best part was when you used him as a table" 😂

6 What'd I Miss?

This is, hands down, one of the worst episodes I have ever watched. I mean seriously. Isabella was all "Aww.. They're so cute and tiny, a squirrel would surf on them. " WHAT?! Isabella thinks the teeny weeny surfboards are "so cute and tiny". WHAT THE CRAP?! Also, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Isabella showing the cute squirrels her big eyes. I was all "Agh! Like, to me, that's just really creepy".

7 Ferb Latin

This episode gives me a headache... I wonder if they use this ferb latin on unknown country (example Iraq) could causes world war 3 cause the ferb latin word is insulting

Anyway this is the worst! ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE US STUPID!? FERB-LATIN!? Wht is that!? You can't make a new word just like that you stupid twat! There's already enough new language for us to learn but ferb latin!? Its just the worst!

In the episode they said when you want to say goodbye you " blow raspberries"!

I agree with doof, just speak normal, don't start to speak stupid things


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8 Robot Rodeo

Admit it. When we all finished watching this one, we were like, "what was this? "

I don't know why Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh created this episode. They should definitely remove this episode.

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9 Tri-Stone Area

I hate this

Tough for me to find a worst P and F episode, but this one takes the cake. I don't understand a word they're saying as cave people. - truespongebobfan

I did not get it it was so stupid and dumb I mean you can, t understand what they are singing and Zubada is a rip off of Gitchi Gitchi Goo which was much wonderful than that

Why the heck make them talk like a cave man!?. shouldn't be easier if they make it like flinstone!? The remix of gitchy gitchy goo song are just horrible. No seriously... Have they loose their ideas now!?

I get it they wanted to make a cave man episode but IF THEY GONNA MAKE THE CAVE MAN EPISDOE MAKE THEM TALK so WE CAN UNDERSTAND!

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10 Atlantis

This episode was such a letdown. It could have been a lot better. For starts, take out IRVING!

The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean; Amelia Earhart's plane crashed in the Pacific. The show appears to take place near the Great Lakes, so how are these 2 things even in this episode

All those who want Irving to get banned say " Aye "

This episode is bad because of IVRING. The whole "I got in the car when your mom stopped for gas" And the IMAGINARY CAMRA. This episode would've Ben fine without Ivring. - puglover2008

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11 Phineas and Ferb Get Busted

The Top 5 Things Wrong With This Episode:

5: Phineas and Ferb being treated horribly throughout the episode. In this episode, it seems that as soon as Phineas and Ferb are busted, everyone treats them horribly. During the episode, they are yelled at, shaved, sprayed with cold water multiple times, forced to clean a bathroom, forced to do prison work, and worst of all: up until they are broken of their happiness, they stay happy throuh the whole episode! IT IS JUST UNBEARABLE TO WATCH!

4: Neither of the parents realizing that their kids are at a boot camp. I mean really? They show it on T.V. , but it's only Candace who realizes that they are at a horrible boot camp. Then the parents go to the boot camp, but don't react at all to the fact that their own children are at a horrible torture place instead of a nice summer camp! IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE AT ALL!

3: Candace being the main character in this episode. Most of the time on the show Candace is just UNBEARABLE, so ...more

This episode is just stupid it should at least be in the top 5 worst episodes I mean Phineas and Ferb are the main characters there the stars of the show why should they finally be busted? Besides I don't even like Candace... At all. This episode is no doubt the worst I've ever seen! I just wish it was never aired and I hope Phineas and ferb never get busted in the future episodes

Agree.. I was thought candace would learn her lesson by now if she busted phineas and ferb but in the twist she wasnt! Instead! It was perry the one who dreaming this whole time! Why!? Because since its his dream candace dreaming about phineas and ferb get busted never NEVER ACTUALLY happen!

This Episode is Good

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12 The Remains of the Platypus

This was truly a bad one, and you can already tell because they tell the plot mostly backwards, not to mention cheesy "no pun intended" and unfunny humor, to much weirdness to explain, and downright lame conflict.

When I watched this, I thought this was one of the worst episodes of this cartoon, I'm glad I'm not alone on this thought. Just boring, the backwards plot is just stupid in my opinion (Although no offense to people who like the idea such as StratThinker). Just... worst episode of this cartoon in my opinion, somewhere tie with Phineas and Ferb Get Busted and Mission Marvel (How many writers they had on this one, none came up with a good and no cliched plot?! ) - BMEG

Very crude and creepy, I like the backwards plot idea though, as it is a good fit for the wacky humour of the series, but it something that can only be done once, so it is a pity it is wasted on such an episode. - StratThinker

So stupid

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13 Blackout!

Oh come on! This was one of the creepiest things I've seen on Phineas and Ferb. There's a guy with only one green eye opened, their invention is just so creepy and there was nothing to make this episode funny neither understandable! What happened to Candace's phone afterwards? Why didn't she use her phone to search for the lantern? What was the use of the invention, and why the heck did the rocket group throw the invention on top of Heinz Doofenshmirtz? Even Perry's trap was said to lead to death!

That was horrible and the eyes were very creepy. Plus horrible song

Phineas and Ferb can't do an invention in the BLACKOUT.

What the hell is this episode?... Serisouly blackout episode?! Who wanna watch that!? Is this teaching kids this day that if blackout happen you can do something you want in the darkness!?

And why the technichian I sooo stupid in this!? You can't even make a damn repair so fast but in the end a platipus can make it!?

And ohh doof yeah sure... He wanted everything just making a cute eyes sureee... Are you stupid!? No wonder his wife leave him!

14 Isabella and the Temple of Sap

This episode focused on isabella and not phineas stupid fire side girls phineas and ferb rocks it should be number one due to not fighting of perry and dr doof instead its pinkie and I forgot and the fight was really boring I mean going on a quest to search on a sap and riding a hippies van? That's it! Its boring and as lame as the citie boring. Boring. BORING!

The villain in this episode was unbelievably lame. I'm not surprised she never appeared in another one

Phineas land? More like Isabella disappear land!

It boring an worst

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15 Hide and Seek

This episode is really gross! Seriously, the guy lives inside a bloody dead fly. This is not really to the theme of the show

This is just not right! They shrink themselves down to play hide and seek. Shrinking themselves down to play hide and seek?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, PHINEAS AND FERB? Ugh! Disney Channel, I wish you would just cancel Phineas and Ferb and take it off the air forever! If you do that, we'll all be happy.

The guy below me is the reason why they retired it

16 The Beak

The Beak... I would Say Is THE WORST Episode There is... I Mean, Phineas and Ferb are the a super hero, they Fight a Stupid Villan ( Ka-Ka Pew pew? Cheap Joke) but you don't even REALLY See Phineas And Ferb Much, Just their costume. And, Phineas Would not seem like one to lie.

Stupidest episode yet, I fell asleep a couple of times. It wasn't even funny Candace was annoying as usual along with Isabella, Doof was just as big of a failure as he always is! Phineas and Ferb is just stupid!

17 Rollercoaster: The Musical

This is the worst idea and plot of an episode, besides Phineas and Ferb building the same Rollercoaster because of the things that happen that shouldn't happen: The screw in the exact same place, Perry being trapped the same way, the helicopter in the same spot. Everything happening in this episode that happened in the episode Rollercoaster, but just changed so it takes place after that episode.

Worst! Episode! Ever! This is just absolutely retarded. It's not funny at all, it is my least favorite episode in the whole entire world. The song I loathe the most was "Whatcha doing'? ". It was horrible!

There is no point to this episode. It's just the first episode with changes that make the episode unwatchable. The songs are lame and just pointless. Why fix what isn't broken.

The plot of this episode is just stupid, and I wouldn't even count this as an episode. It's more of just a remake.

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18 Bully Bromance Breakup

I didn't really like this episode but I didn't vote for it

All I'll say is it sucks

I should have voted for this episode

Apparently in the world of Phineas and Ferb being a bully's victim is like a career, like Baljeet being bullied by Buford is part of the natural order of things

"I'm not your nerd anymore"

What the hell does that mean!?! So in this world if you're someone who gets bullied, the bully owns you like a pet? I just don't get it

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19 Nerds of a Feather

This is a big in-joke that only "nerds" that go to these collectible shows would get. It may be funny for those in the know, but I didn't quite understand it.

Episode about nothing, or maybe the main topic was just that illuminati pyramid

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20 Act Your Age

It was a good episode, but Phineas and Ferb has a knack for balancing comedy with heart, and though this episode had a lot of heart, it didn't really carry the balance.

Heterosexual propaganda

The grown-up cast bears no resemblance to the goofy kids we know and love.

Who the hell added this on the list! This is my favorite episode! ;( - DCfnaf

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