Top Ten Worst Phone Numbers to Mix Up With Each Other


The Top Ten

1 Your Spouse's and Your Ex's

You: I love you ex: I thought we are over! You: (cries so hard) you: but why?! Ex: you were late on our date remember! You: (confused)

Worse if it's your ex or spouse with your parents. - PositronWildhawk

Well this Could really suck... - Turkeyasylum

2 Life Alert's and A Far Away Restaurant's

Person: Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!
Restaurant Employee: Who are you? Where do you live?
Person: New York City, Evans Building, Floor 6, Suite 9! (I made that up by the way)
Restaurant Employee: We are in Dallas. Sorry. Goodbye! - Turkeyasylum

3 Your Boss's and Your Date's

Person: I love you Lindy!
Boss: Lindy? I'm Derek and You are fired! - Turkeyasylum

4 Your Parent's and Your Sibling's

That would be funny and a bit confusing. - Animefan12

Hi dad
Uhh dude what are you doing
Why did you say dude
Wow you're stupid
O. O - simpsondude

5 A Gym's and McDonald's
6 A School's and A Prostitute's
7 A Nutrition Store's and A Diner's
8 A Strip Club's and Your Date's
9 Your Doctor's and Your Therapist's
10 Your Friend's and Your Parent's

The Contenders

11 Your School and Your Bus Company

You: I'm Jackson I lost my jacket in room 13
Bus Company: We Don't Have A Room 13
You: But that's my classroom, are you trolling me
Bus Company: We are not a school we are a bus company
You: I hate you clown

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