Worst Picks of the 2014 NFL Draft


The Top Ten

1 Pick 249 Michael Sam

To make this even worst they show him kissing he's boyfriend gross - thegamingcritic

Only time someone's wver celebrated getting picked by the Rams - CityGuru

2 Pick 10 Eric Ebron

Everyone keeps comaparing him to Jimmy Graham stop - thegamingcritic

3 Pick 23 Dee Ford

Nothing against the player but not the right choice by the chiefs, chiefs needed more help on offense - thegamingcritic

4 Pick 34 Demarcus Lawrence

The stats they show for this guy really shows how much of a bad pick this was by jerry jones - thegamingcritic

5 Pick 183 David Fales

A short guy being Cutler's backup that's more of entertainment than a player - thegamingcritic

6 Pick 189 TJ Jones

The lions were already stacked on WR so why get another one stupid - thegamingcritic

7 Pick 94 Terrance West

The browns were under a lot of pressure after the Josh Gordon suspension and Bureson destroying he's forarm, so you would expect them to take a WR but no they pick a RB with there last pick that was disappointing to a great first round drafting - thegamingcritic

8 Pick 120 Logan Thomas

I understand getting a replacement but the stats tell me he's throws more INT'S than TD's if anything that's not a good pick that's stupid - thegamingcritic

9 Pick 186 Lance Seastrunk
10 Pick 60 Kony Ealy

The Contenders

11 Pick 22 Johnny Manziel
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