Worst Pink Floyd Albums

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1 Ummagumma

This list shouldn't exist.

This is good and extremely underrated, just like more. - PanagosBoi17

No Pink Floyd album is bad, but if I had to pick top 4 worst, it would be:
1. Ummagumma
2. More
3. A Momentary Lapse of Reason
4. Obscured by Clouds - SammySpore

If I had to choose the WORST PF album it would be this, I'm sorry but it's just a really meh album. Disc 1 is great but then we have disc 2 with 'Masterpieces' such as "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In a Cave and Grooving With a Pict" I honestly can't recommend this album to anyone.

2 A Momentary Lapse of Reason

If you got sick of Waters, fair enough. But to call this an improvement over The Final Cut (a very powerful record, if you give it a fair chance)... Does not compute.

This list is dumb, all of them are good.

An okay album. But besides learning to fly and sorrow it isn't anything too special

Dogs of War is by far the worst PF song. Sorry Dave, but lyrics aren't your strong point. Don't go around imitating Roger.

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3 More

Wasn't bad but I didn't like the songs after cymbaline accept quicksilver and the nile song sucked but other than that this was a good album

All the albums on this list don't belong here except this and ummagumma

Why is this numbah 3. - PanagosBoi17

4 Atom Heart Mother

Come on, this album is one of my favorites. Don't judge it by his cover! - ChameleonKing

The cover may be the best part about the album! - Beatlesboy9

5 Obscured by Clouds
6 The Final Cut

This album is boring and depressing!

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7 A Saucerful of Secrets

No no no, just no. This is the dumbest list ever! Saucerful is very underrated, I get it but underrated doesn't make it bad. Just listen to it and you will change your mind completely. Also, I'm not happy about Piper at the gates of dawn or Meddle being hear.

8 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

There is no such thing as a "bad" Pink Floyd album. They all rock!

9 The Endless River

Easy listening with a Division bell vibe. Nothing exceptional.

Voted this just because I had to comment. - PanagosBoi17

10 Meddle

Wait, WHAT? Meddle? Worst?

With songs like one of these days and echoes, this album should not be on this list by any means. - matty925

This is amazing. - PanagosBoi17

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11 Animals

Best album of all time, what

What, this is PF's best album!

12 The Dark Side Of The Moon

Horribly overrated. Some great songs but the people who hail it as their best either listened to it while stoned or have never listened to Pink Floyd and they only know the cover art.

Money and Time are awesome, but I don't like the rest that much. - PanagosBoi17

13 The Wall

Only SwagFlicks would vote this as number 1.

The Wall is on this list. Everybody is probably like, why is this amazing album on hear? Well to me this is GREAT! The Wall is probably the worst album Pink Floyd ever did. Too deppressing. Some of the songs on hear are really good actually but this is how this list should be:

1: The Wall
2: Animals
3: Obscured by clouds

14 Wish You Were Here
15 The Divison Bell
16 Relics
17 A Nice Pair

Ok, now as bad as Umaguma is, this is a million times worse! Piper at the Gates of Dawn and a Saucerful of Secrets are both of their best albums but I just don't see the point in it. It was very poorly mixed so if you have the vinyl, you won't get the warmth it's suppose to have. So if you want to buy Piper or Saucerful, then buy them separately, they sound so much better.

18 Pink Floyd: The Wall
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